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Question: I found out I am a star seed of the orion system....All they have done is be viscious, and hatefull towards me...All I want to do is to tell them to go to hell....I don't want any part of them.....The way I feel right now, and many other people also feel that all aliens are liars, and do not want their help....If aliens from any star system said they were here for me, and my kids I am going to tell them go away, and leave us alone...I don't want any help from any aliens.....

Why should I accept any alien when all they have done is be nasty to me, and my kids....The people they hired are being paid to do so....Why would I want anything to do with any extraterrestrial.......

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The internet is a great tool for disseminating information. Unfortunately, it is an equally “great” tool for disseminating disinformation, and I assume you have realized that not everything that is available on the internet is true or useful. As I explain throughout this website, everything on earth is subject to the free will of human beings. As an ascended master I do not have the authority to override people’s free will, and thus I have no way of controlling what information deceitful or naive people put on the internet.

The main reason I am commenting on this letter is that it gives me the opportunity to make some clear statements about aliens and UFOs. You have already used your discernment to see the obvious flaw in any teaching who links a spiritual master to beings who have to use technology – however “advanced” – in order to attain their goals. What you need to do now is to rise above the discouragement and get on with your spiritual path.

Let me make some statements that are hopefully so clear that they cannot be misinterpreted:

• The true spiritual teachers of humankind – the ascended masters – have risen above the human ego, the duality consciousness and the material universe. Thus, we can accomplish our goals by using the power of God within us, meaning that we need no technology that is available in the material universe.

ANY teaching that links spiritual teachers to beings in UFOs, flying saucers, space-crafts, star-ships or whatever you want to call them should – by the wise student – be considered a false teaching that is given deliberately to deceive you and leave you feeling confused and discouraged.

The ascended masters do NOT – in any way – work with beings from star-ships or from Orion or the Pleiades. Neither do we work with beings who belong to the space brothers, the Galactic Federation or the Galactic Council. Any teaching that links the names of known ascended masters to such beings is a false teaching. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The entire idea that alien beings in UFOs play a beneficial role in the spiritual growth or salvation of humankind is a false idea. It is designed to play on the minds of people who have not accepted responsibility for their own salvation. These people are always looking for an easy way out, for an external savior who will do all the work for them. And since many people in the modern world can no longer – for good reason – believe in the Christian claim that I will appear in the sky and do all the work for them, they are looking for another savior. Thus, they can easily be ensnared by ideas that claim an advanced civilization will fly to earth in space-ships and will solve all of humankind’s problems through their superior wisdom and advanced technology.

Even if – and note the “if” – such a civilization did come to earth, any civilization that is using space-ships and technology will still be very primitive in terms of spiritual wisdom. If you have wisdom, you transcend the need for physical technology. Thus, such a civilization simply would not have the wisdom to solve humankind’s problems—even if it existed.

I, the ascended Jesus Christ, did come to earth from Venus, but that does not mean that I originated on Venus. I was born in a higher realm, and that is where I returned after my ascension. Thus, I am indeed in God’s kingdom, and if you have not seen me, you have not looked high enough. Stop studying false teachings, take responsibility for raising your consciousness, and you will find me. Consequently, the idea that I live on a star-ship called Capricorn near the planet Venus is completely false.

The concept of starseeds is not a concept given by the ascended masters, and thus I encourage you to use discernment when you come across any teaching or channeling that uses this term. The term originated in the mental realm, and it is used by beings who are not necessarily malicious but are certainly not beyond duality.

I strongly suggest that all people who think they are in contact with what they see as aliens break off this contact by an act of will and by invoking the spiritual protection of Archangel Michael, preferably by giving the Archangel Michael Rosary.

Let me mention that there are people on earth who have come here from other galaxies. However, this does not mean that these beings are here to save the earth or had a particularly high spiritual attainment before they took embodiment here. When the earth started going into a downward spiral, beings from other systems were allowed to embody here. Yet most of them were beings who had not been able to ascend when their native planets ascended. Thus, they were allowed to come to earth because their consciousness was so low that it corresponded to the consciousness of the lowest people on earth.

It is not correct to say that a person is an incarnation of an ascended master. Most human beings are out of the beings of ascended masters, but you are still unascended, or you would not still be in embodiment. When you realize – and you can only know through genuine Christ discernment – that you are out of the being of an ascended master, you will be able to see through any disinformation. You will not let anything discourage you but will get on with your mission of helping other people.

Finally, you ask where you can find the real God’s kingdom. My friend, it can be found today in the same place where I told you to look for it 2,000 years ago:

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)

So forget all the false teachings about aliens and starships and use the real teachings on my website to find the inner kingdom!

Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels

Source: http://www.ascendedmasteranswers.com/spiritual-realm/ascended-masters/57-the-ascended-masters-do-not-work-with-ufos

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  • Dear Suiris,  I wish you will find the true path of your spiritual path. You may be working further study on it. But, time is not right now allowed sufficient to you. So Please Hurry up for your beneficial point! Seban.

  • Dear gavin, as you know Saint Germain was Merlin in Arthur King times (Kings was at that time El Moriya) and Merlin was Saint Germain, and Francis Bacon, and also Shakepear. Anyway, I wish God Bless you and Scotland as Joshep Arimathea visited your country, I wish you will find true Holy Grail, i.e., in your within, your personal Christ mind. Seban.  

  • ty sabanyoth, i needed that my friend, sometimes i fail to see myself and visions are only visions if i cannot share them , now i know why . ty the link has given me another bit of hope sabanyoth , ill take my jacket off now i think ...

    god bless you

    love & light

  • It's a transition between the realms of Physicality and Light, higher frequencies of vibration within the same Source of energy, known as matter. Frequency works on Light's density, as temperature degrees do on "matter" It's the same.

    Your Light body is not ready to sustain our speed of frequency, within the higher realms. Your singularity would cease to exist by standing close to our presence, going back into Mother Earth womb.

    It's warm in nature for us. But for an earthly child, it would be like staying close to the Sun.

    Portals of Creation.

    Within this blending realms of physicality, there are still "angels" in between the path of evolution, as branches from the very Source, known as the Tree of Light. Children of Light, aided by life-infused technology, since they haven't mastered the higher frequencies yet.

    Now back into my conflicted human avatar.

    This post contains negativity, you got it all wrong because "technology" has being used against you, here on Earth.

    By the way, Jesus was a character, M'ka was never killed.


  • Dear lisa jaggie, thanks for good parable that God works via men or hierarchical beings, such as ascended masters, and even then material beings such as ETs. But, claiming an ascended master to humanity by any ET being, such as Astar and Sananda would be questionable and avoided, if this message would be truthful.

    Dear Acute Observer, thanks! This is the first time I've heard positive comment from you. LOL.

    Dear Barry, thank you for express your feeling! If you did not read other messages, please try to visit the site. That site is claimed by Jesus Christ as "his website."

    Dear hellen, thanks a lot. If you search the website, you can find deep levels of various messages regarding ego, duality, black and white thinking and gray thinging, and escaping from epic dramas.

    Dear Moanna, thank a lot for your good comment.

    Dear gavin, thanks for your remarks. I'd like to recommend you to read the newly posting for aiding your spiriual path.
    Jesus Christ ~ Taking the long view on how your spiritual work helps change the world
    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/jesus-christ-taking... 


    Everyone Blessings! Seban.

  • yes this is a great discusion with many doors indeed, i have had a lot happen over the years good and bad and jesus and spaceships work for me, thats the reason im here not to judge or belittle anyone for i dont have the rite. .ive been in service of others for 28 year on and off, the last five year 24-7 the first 2 and a half year i was actively out working with people and on call with a helpline, The last 2 and a half year ive been available but found myself being drawn down a familiar path i thought was left behind not a nice place to be but i also found myself being drawn to stuff like crystals and energy work , you can guess how confused i was doing something i didnt want to do and learning things i took to be basics in gods world,over time i found myself distancing from everyone and everything this isnt rite lol.  this last year i found myself up the bathgate hills banging a drum i have never learnt or played before, walking around cairnpaple hill  chanting something i couldnt understand but knew it was rite .......an ancient monument 5500 yr old at least and a multidimentional portal, i didnt know this at the time.i seen angels and others that night , it was brill , but come on i should be out there helping others in the real world i should be consoling families and saving people from hell but no im up there banging a drum and seeing and talking to things in my minds eye. a lot has happened on that hill for me but ill jump to another hill this one is named the knock hill where i saw lights and fine mists of ether i had been seeing things and hearing things before this not giving it a second thought.the next night walking up the gypsy hill,i had like a buzzing pressure on top of my head at the same time as i felt like there was a thousand people walking on my grave all at once this lasted for at least 2 min, the next night im back up the gypsy hill where i seen faeries and here it comes a space ship or ufo whatever it led me to this site ,,, the spaceship aint god or god aint in it, but i do beleive god used it as a tool to get me here it was there doing its thing and god used it to prove to myself i aint going nuts this was real i got the video to prove it, not to anyone else but to give me proof and guide me in to the ascention programme and meet like minded people.i have no doubt im in the rite place, most of this is way out of charecter for me if you asked me a yr and a half ago about this stuff aliens spaceships and so on i would have listened and then went on about my search , now i know different, this is where i should be just now, i will continue to be of service to others for i am due my life to them, but i now have the beginings of my god back. this in full is all i seek the oneness of my higher power and my higher self to kick ego to the side and let god direct my higher self in all i do and say i have a lot to learn and a lot to give and all i can give is my experiance which is my truth ... if this helps anyone great if it doesnt it has helped me just to share this small area of my life thanx guys.

    all i am is my exsperiance i suppose.

    now its an inside job boxing up whats still lingering of the old me and opening the the door to a new and more experianced me a stronger person to do the will of the great creator thing god light whatever lol all is the same in one and one is the same in all.for me anyway

                                         love is the whole of the law     

                                                  love under will                      

                love & light


  • I've wondered about this at times...

    Jesus as the only way to God was said in Sahaja Yoga to mean that it's only through his teachings that we can find God. Jesus was all about forgiveness, so it's only through forgiveness that we can find God.

  • Good post. This is the first time I've seen you post something that I feel to be close to the truth. :)

    Drekx is not gonna like this though. Watch out, he may even try to get you banned now. Be mindful ;)

  • My gram use to tell me be careful how you treat others because you never know when your entertaining angels. No matter how it ends there's a reason for it. You both have much to learn from eachother. The story goes...

    A woman alone was having a hard time about to lose everything and she prayed all day everyday.
    A knock came to the door it was a young man. He said man im a weary traveler may I ask you for a place to rest.
    She said no im a woman alone go away.

    Well for several days she prayed and again she heard a knock it was storming and cold.
    It was a homeless person. He said mama im homeless may I stay with you.
    She said no its not my fault you are hhomeless get a job and closed the door.

    She prayed for months and again a knock at the door. She opened it to an increadible sunset and this beautiful being stood before her. He said dear one im an angel from the lord come to depraved your burden to show you God's listening. She looked at him puzzled and said I don't believe you get out and he turned and walked.

    Well she started praying why God do you not answer and from nowhere she heard a voice. Gods voice....
    He said I heard your prayers and tried to answer them three times. The first time I came to you as a weary traveller you and you denied me rest or food. The second time I came to you as a homeless man you refused me shelter from the storm. That nite I brought him home to Paradise with me he says he forgives you. That's when I said I will try again I came to you thru my messanger Gabriel again you called me a liar and told me to leave. You denied me three times. Now that you denied me when I came to you thru my servants you still pray asking me why I don't answer you I did answer your the one to refuse. I done more than enough to prove who I am and my love that day on Calvary but your unbelief and unfaithfulness stops you from my blessing so againvi tried with my servents and still you Denied me. But as much love I have for you I will try to once again help you. Remember this lesson and my words... do unto the least of you as I have done unto you. Love as I have loved keep eachother safe feed the hungry offer respite when needed because when you do this you will see life transformed because you never know when you will entertain an angel.
    Love peace and light
  • Dear gavin, thanks a lot for your valuable opinion. Maybe Jesus as an ascended master hopes to give a discernment ruler to the readers, although the beings from the mental realm (ETs and/or UFOs) have some good intention to humanity, but they still have some duality, so their messages would not completely in line with the messages from ascended masters. So, we should just consider this point and have discernment power, not accepting every messages by wholesale. Blessings! Seban.

This reply was deleted.

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