Many of us now have our antennae tuned to America but patriots the world over are telling us there’s a lot going on in many places.

Please see Simon Parkes blog now for the latest updates… like this one:

Oh—and this one. Remember, we’re expecting a “scare event” to get the attention of those who can’t grasp what has been unfolding. We’re watching a “movie”. It’s not real. It’s a psychological operation to de-programme Humanity so they understand the peril and this can never happen again.

Please read carefully and don’t jump to conclusions. Simon says exactly what he means according to the intel he’s given.

Executive order 13959 kicks in 9.30 AM DC time

I had originally begun my post here, until the above came in. First off, people probably want to hear what Simon says… 28 min. video. Of course because he stated he spoke with “the Q”, Q fans are all over it. He says the Q team is based right here in Scottsdale. He reports that Themtube is removing some of his videos and that is why I am posting the Bitchute versions.

Sorry folks,either this new NING SEVER IS CRAP and or nanobatsorbig brother is stopping me fromposting this blog. Your gonna have to do it the old fashion way and hit the links!!

Simon Parkes has mentioned RDS and done interviews with him. I will not feature anything with Robert David Steele on this website. He claims to be “former” CIA and I  have witnessed him engaging in very nasty behaviour since infiltrating the independent/truther community, including verbally attacking two women who did excellent videos about child trafficking, and threatening me for sharing info about him. If he’s a good guy posing as a bad guy, he’s doing a great job because his energy and behaviour is terrible.

Simon also featured this update on his blog.

Full combat US military units move into place – Under the cover of darkness…

The left is getting really ugly.

Hold The Line, Trap Set, Tick Tock, Who Controls The NG? – Ep. 2375



Hold The Line, Trap Set, Tick Tock, Who Controls The NG?Click On Picture To See Larger Picture

Trump and the patriots are now allowing the [CB]/[DS] to show what they have planned for the economy. This plan is not just for the US but for the world. They are not looking to improve the economy they are looking to destroy it. The patriots have coordinated the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. The DC Mayor is doing exactly what the patriots want them to do. They are barricading DC and bringing in the NG. Who controls the NG? When can Trump take control. The clock is ticking down, NP pushes for impeachment, GOP shoots down 25th amendment. Hold the line patriots, false flag coming. No revolution, no armed battle, clean and swift.


Watch The X22 Report On Video

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