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Hi dearest ones i know all is well here.... I have been goin through some transformation and reevaluation the past several months and for the better.  

Somehow i got out of my heart and the heart is what makes us human, we are supposed to love one another and if they seem unlovely because there are times we ourselves are unlovely.  We arent supposed to knock eachother down no matter how upset they make us but help them rise help them see a better way. 

See i see it not only as a physical war we are in but a spiritual war, we are so busy fighting eachother thats whats wanted because then we are to busy to notice our spirits the very thing that gives us life is being drained, leaving us a lifeless shell just going thru the motions.

Everyone is so worried about past lives theres a reason we cant remember them its because we forget to live this human life to experience it to the fullest, forget the pain of the past and live for today breathe in the air and breathe the essence of our beauty our humaness...

Trust me the past of whonyou are will catch up to you when you are ready till then enjoy this amazing experience learn from it be humbled by it love it, forgive yourself and forgive others, let others into your heart dont be in fear of heartbreak its a tough muscle it can handle more than you give it credit for, dont fight one another but band together in a common goal the future of humanity.  If we continue fighting one another there is no future we will destroy ourselves but if we banned as a unit there is hope.

Remember you are love in its purest form live it show it be it

Much love 


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Comment by amparo alvarez on June 27, 2016 at 12:10am

Hi Lisa!! The past is not important, really...It is only the now that really matters...How you enjoy yourself to the fullest of your soul, being playful, accepting yourself as you are and others as well...I don't take myself too seriously, my attention is more on being creative, sharing with others and finding ways to make my life and others more fulfilling and joyful...Not an easy task dough...Much Love to you always... I am so glad you are back... 

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on June 26, 2016 at 5:55pm


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