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  • I find his messages are just made of bits and pieces of his past channels that have been recycled. 

    I think we should learn the lesson from Greg's channels and channels in general, which is that we need to use discernment and our inner voices. To be honest I'm done with channelings.

  • Communication is never about what it seems on the surface.  ALL communication is about the exchange of energy.  This blog isn't about Giles, it is about releasing the energy of expectation, which is of the future and not the NOW moment that you need to be in, in order to manifest what you want to create.  Release and relax, You are the creator, contemplate that :)

  • the only reason why we know so many things about the Galactics is because People like Greg helped us understand. If you don't, it means that you didn't hear him well, or you're on a different level of vibration. No offence but you should look for another blog with more common issues instead of dismissing what you don't understand. I know we need freedom of speech but as well we need discernment. Much love


    LL and Laughter

  • Who died and made you his boss?

    And who are you to decide what we should read? and what makes you know any better?

    Normally, those who quote and speak of evil are the ones themselves.

  • Thank you, Deb.
  • Plus, I'd feel like I'd owe it to the people...who believed in me...who put their faith in me...who were becoming disheartened and disillusioned with me...because of what this person was saying about me....I'd feel like I'd owe it to them to let them know that.....look, this person is not telling the truth. They're mistaken, or they're manipulating you...something....but I don't think I could just sit back and let it happen. I don't know that's just me. Maybe the GF is more wiser than that...I don't know lol But I really don't understand why they let that happen.

  • Well I don't know what's going on. All I know is....Giles has turned alot of people against the GF with his messages. That's a problem...that's a big detriment to the cause....and should we just let it be and not do anything about it? I don't know.

    I know if it was me, and someone was claiming to represent me...and was putting out false messages attributed to me...that ended up turning people against me.....I'd probably end up doing something about it. At the least, I'd put out a rebuttal...and say this person does not represent me. And I don't know why they don't do that. Lessen for discernment...err....I think it's possible to be a little too passive lol

  • No John......Greg is entirely responsible for his own "channelings," and he is also responsible for claiming that he speaks for the real GFL...

    Thirteen hours ago, on this very thread I did clarify these points and here is an extract from my comment, if you have not already read it...


    If you feel uncomfortable reading Greg's posts, then why do you read them....?? Don't blame him, he just writes what he writes...and you can read it or not...You each have freewill.....So if you read his posts in the same manner as watching TV....that is by habit....Then reflect on your own lifestyles, rather than his.

    I will let you into a little secret that I have mostly sat on, up till now....... but I suspect that the time has come to reveal it and that is...Greg Giles does not actually channel the GFL, but creates these stories from his own mind....All his imaginative "sea defense" material, et al....All from his own mind and nothing from us....Not a jot or tittle is from the real GFL....the real ;-)

    We allow it though, because we are not dictators as some believe....

    But Giles' material allows you each to experience the art of discernment....which the real GFL will not take from you...and unlike the messianic "Raheem" I have not needed to challenge Greg Giles up to this point, so said very little to challenge his posts......But did leave friendly hints, from time to time, if you had open eyes to see...

    But the GFL will not take away your right to decide, on the matter of Greg Giles...You each have the right to be grown ups on earth, as you will be grown ups in cosmos....You're in charge of how you get there....

    Read more:
  • For those of us who have been active members of the Ground-Crew far longer than Greg has been 'Channeling', or sites like this even existed for that matter; questioning Giles overall motives & agenda is certainly more than valid given the way he has slandered the 'True Mission' of the Galactic Federation of Light. Nonetheless, it IS the dialogue surrounding these type of issues that ultimately adds depth & weight to the subject of Ascension & First Contact. & Yes, even when things get heated... it is seriously engaging these type of ideas that is a critically important aspect of Humanities Awakening. That Greg has decided not to respond to reasonable questions about his 'channelings' is of course his choice... but only adds to the idea that he is somehow being picked on. Unlike for Quinsey & Nidle for example, who do not post on this site, the situation is different.... Giles logs onto ACC every day, but chooses to ignore the thread that follows his postings. Again, his choice. To those who would suggest questioning is somehow hateful... of course the same logic of simply not reading members questions & responses to his posts applies as well. Logic that applies to ALL the discourse here at ACC. Take what resonates & leave the rest. Yes, absolutely. But 'Spiritual Awakening' isn't about everyone agreeing all the time. Frankly that's one of the primary shadows that often corrupts New Agey circles... the absurd notion of Spiritual 'One'-upmanship. If you don't agree with the way I 'see' you're out! So lastly, to those calling for Giles to be banned... open your eyes! You should know that is NOT what Ben is about. He has set up a Lightstation where we can exchange ideas (hopefully with respect) without the fear of being banned. Despite our differences... Learning to coexist... and perhaps ultimately 'real'eyes, that when ALL is said and done, we have to work together. We are biophysical extensions of the Gaian Mind... we agreed to 'play' out these 'roles' behind the veils of duality. Remeber? Not an easy task by any means... but well worth the work it's taken to get to this exact point in Time.

    ~In Lak'ech Ala K'in 555  



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