Israel Ridiculous History

Israel was a war monger right at the start. In the womb, he bit his brother's leg. In other words, even while still in the womb, he was already at war with his twin brother! The very name 'Israel' mean 'to wrestle with God'. So wrestling is hard wired into the very nature of Israel. He fights with children, women, animals and even with God!

The story begins somewhere in Iraq. An old man is promised the land of Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites and Cannanites as a reward for his willingness to kill his own son as a sacrifice. They would latter storm into that land via a genocide commanded by Yahweh! They killed everything on their way, from children to animals. They boast about this as a great triumph of Yahweh! Latter, they would be vacated off the land all the way back to Iraq by the Assyrians.

Israel's god  (Yahweh) is often depicted as a biased, war mongering authoritarian. I guessed Israel curved out this god in his own image. Remember that he was actually wrestling with a stranger whom he presumed to be Yahweh. Yahweh is depicted to love others and hate others of his own creation. Right at the start, he loves abel and hated cain.Then the same depiction is made of the patriarchs. We have these pattern of fathers and mothers who love some of their children more than others. Noah blesses some of his children and curses others. Abraham blesses Isaach and chases Ismael to the desert. Isaac loves Esau more than Jacob. Rebecca loves Jacob more than Essau. Rebecca colludes with the latter to robe the former his birth right. Jacob loves Joseph more than the rest. On and on, we see the fruits of this today: Palestinian-Israeli apartheid 

Israel latter had an ambition of rulling 'the whole world' like the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians etc. This would constitude 'kingdom of God'. By this time, they had forgotten that Yahweh had never, at the start, endorsed 'Israel's King'. So 'kingdom of Yahweh' (as lead by worldly messiah) is actually an oxymoron. It means 'a denial of Yahweh where in Yahweh is the king'. Despite this, the Jews are still waiting for 'kingdom of Yahweh'.

The reason why, unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism theocracy did not take of is that though Israel peddled monotheism, their god who was supposed to be the one and only creater still nevertheless was fashioned like any other tribal God. Yahweh was just an highly esteemed baal- type tribal god. Such a god, unlike Allah, could not reasonate with anyone else except a Jew. Hence Judaism remained just a local, tribal religion. Same went the 'kingdom of Yahweh' which was supposed to be a worldwide theocracy. Others like Persians succeed because they were polytheists, respecting all other 'gods' as equally valid.

Israel actually went into the dustbin of history. The illusion that Israel is still alife and kicking is entirely due to Islam and Christianity. It is these latter religions that refused to bury the corpse. Were it not for Christianity and Islam, no one would know of Judaism and Israel! The ancient Jewish kingdom was infact a tiny cocoon of semiautonomies. Their kings were often mere puppets rulling nothing significantly bigger than a village. Ancient Israel is nothing like the big name we have today. Their tiny kingdom, together with their ridiculous, temple religion was eventually flattened to the ground, never to rise again!

The modern Zionist nation has nothing to do with the ancient Israel. Infact by the time Jesus came, they could not call the land 'Israel'. They knew better. This word 'Israel' did not have any meaning any more. Assyrians had utterly destroyed it. The word that captures the then Palestinians is 'Jews', not 'Israelites'. Jews did not leave in one area that could be called 'Israel'. Instead, the land was divided into Judea, Samaria and Galilee. There was no 'land of Israel' any more. The concept 'Israel' differs from 'jew' in that the latter is more like a religion than a lineage. Anyone can 'become a Jew' , by learning and adopting the language, the culture and the religion.

Same thing goes to the modern Palestinians. They ceased being 'Jews' and then became 'Arabs'. These labels, 'Palestinians' vs 'Jews' has nothing to do with ones lineage or genetics, contrary to how the ignorant people tend to believe. Infact a native Palestinian's resembles the gene of an ancient Israelite than the gene of a Russian Jewish immigrant!

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