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Interdimensional Geography

The term "space people" means beings coming from a different planet or
another geographical point outside the Earth, in such a manner that
they must traverse space. There are several beings on the Earth
standing higher on the ladder of development than the humans. These
being are on parallel planes on the Earth, but the nature of these
planes are often invisible to each other. To see the most of the
nature on Earth, one must in addition to the 4 dimensions of the
orthodox science (height, length, width and time), add another 2
dimensions, namely the energy dimension and the microidic density.
Microidic density (prubunsic) means the unatomic particle the,
microid which is the smallest particle in the universe and of which
there are 7 main groups in our universe. Because of this there are 7
parallel physical planes in the same geographical position. Some of
these planes are directly or indirectly connected, tied to the same
time dimension as ours. On the chemical or nuclear level there is no
interaction between the different prubunsic planes. They are
therefore invisible to each other. Considering the fifth dimension
(the energy dimension), it also constitutes a coordinate for parallel
natures (engonic). If one gets up high enough on the energy dimension,
the particles (which really are wave patterns) contain other types of
polytrons (basic particles) than those constituting objects as seen
from our physical plane (the humpnap plane). They will therefor not
normally register on our present measuring instruments. On the energy
dimension above the physical plane we find what is called the etheric
plane. On this plane, the physical plane may be dimly perceived, but
the physical objects are transparent as seen from the etheric plane.
The etheric plane is the one that is most easily contacted from
humpnap as it is closest to the physical plane. Above the etheric
plane we have the astral plane, which is even higher on the energy
dimension. The higher an object is in the energy dimension, the higher
is its total frequency (or rate of vibration). The astral plane is
also slightly displaced in relation to the prubunsic dimension, so
that communication between this and the physical plane becomes even
more difficult. Both the astral plane and the etheric plane are just
as "physical" as the physical plane as seen from hyper space. Hyper
space is space as seen including all the dimensions. By using certain
methods it is possible for beings from the invisible part of the
nature to become visible. This is the origin of certain legends and
myths about other beings. These beings are just as real as we are and
are not imagination as many psychologists claim. The only difference
to us is that they consist of different elemental particles with a
different frequency and possibly microidic density. Even the humans
on Earth consist of several more types of basic engonic particles than
the physical. The human being has a body on each engonic nature plane,
that is, one etheric body, one astral body, etc. When the physical
body dies, the consciousness is automatically transferred to the body
that person has on the engonic nature plane above. Even if the
physical body is intact and in full order, the consciousness can under
certain circumstances be transferred to the engonic nature plane
above. That person will then see and hear this nature which is
different from the physical. This is called hallucination by the
orthodox psychology. On can compare the energy dimension with the
scale of a radio, where the physical nature covers one area on the
scale defined as a "station". Above and below this station there are
other stations. Stations higher up on the scale are clearer than
stations further down because the stations higher up on the scale
contain much more information, due to the higher frequency. If you get
higher up in the radio specter, it becomes possible to transfer stereo
programs and even higher up it is possible to transfer television
pictures, which is not possible on longwave, as this has a too low
frequency. In the same way one can say that the nature becomes more
varied and diversified the higher up on the energy dimension it is. In
the highest energy dimensions there are phenomena that do not appear
in the nature of the lower energy dimensions. Beings that may be
living in a nature plane below us will therefore be more coarse and
primitive than beings on our nature plane and beings living in the
plane above may be more sophisticated and finer (better looking) than
beings on our nature plane. We have one more scale, namely the one
that constitutes the dimension of microidic density (prubunsic
dimension). On this scale there are also nature planes, but these are
on a line out from our plane on the same engonic level. If you view
these nature planes from humpnap, the variety in elements is the same
as on humpnap, but the forms of the nature may be quite different. If
we go up in regard to the engonic level, we will at 90 degrees out
from the higher nature here, have a corresponding scale, with a
corresponding multiplicity factor, but with a different content of
forms along the prubunsic axis. There will also be nature planes in
intervals on these scales via crossing coordinates. The full overview
of the different nature planes on the Earth may be seen as a square
surface, where the height gives the energy dimension (engonic) and the
width gives the dimension of the microidic density (prubunsic). The
nature planes are given as round dots on this surface. When you view
it in this way it is clear that on the planet Earth there may exist
several thousand nature planes together. That means that we have so
far only discovered around only one thousandth of the nature on the
planet Earth. Under certain circumstances matter may pass from one
nature plane to another along the prubunsic dimension. One such
circumstance is a thunderstorm pump (tornado or waterspout). A
thunderstorm pump is created by the power in a thunder cloud rising
above a certain critical value. Inside the waterspout strong, rotating
electrical and magnetic fields are generated. It is said that there is
lightening constantly going between the walls of a waterspout like
this. If the field strength rises even further inside the pump, a
critical border number 2 will be broken and we get ITM. Depending on
the harmony between the frequencies inside the waterspout, the objects
that now are sucked into the ITM zone will be transported via the
hyper space to another nature plane on the 6th. dimension coordinate,
or the object may be transported along the 4th dimension coordinate
into the future. If the orgon power together with the electrical and
magnetical fields is sufficiently strong, the material may also be
transported upwards along the 5th. dimension coordinate, as the
polytrons can take on a higher form. (They can for inst. lose their
gravitons.) The reason why it now and again may rain with unknown
animal species may be that a waterspout on a different prubunsic
nature plane has sucked these up and transported them to us via an ITM
zone inside a waterspout. The things that are sucked up by our
waterspouts could just as well end up on a different nature plane.
When you view space from the physical plane, it is only viewed from
humpnap, viewed from other nature planes, space will look different.
There are heavenly bodies in humpnap that do not exist on other nature
planes etc. It is not necessarily so that other planets have nature
planes in the same position on the 6th and the 5th dimension
coordinates as us. That means that even in our solar system there may
be more planets than those that we can observe from humpnap. If we
move a step aside from then 6th dimension coordinate (prubunsic), it
may happen that some of the planets we can see from our physical plane
will disappear and some planets which are invisible to us could
appear, while some planets are visible from both planes, but the
landscapes are different. A planet without an atmosphere in humpnap
may have it on a different prubunsic nature plane. With regard to the
6th dimension coordinate, the existence of other solar systems are
possible, even galaxies and universes which have no parallel existence
in humpnap. If one gets to another nature plane along the 6th
dimension coordinate, the star constellations in the sky will probably
change dramatically. It is also possible that the laws of nature on
other prubunsic nature planes may be differently arranged, so that a
planet like the moon could have an atmosphere. The extent of the
nature planes in the coordinate systems of the 6th and the 5th
dimension (the ulbutrasic coordinate system), may vary individually
between the different nature planes. It may happen that one nature
plane may extend across several energy planes (the 5th dimension is
divided into quantum levels which are given as energy planes, where
the difference is that one energy plane above has a maximum wave
velocity which is the square of the one in the plane below.) This is
especially valid for nature planes higher up on the energy dimension,
as for instance the astral plane. If one views the whole from the
prubunsic one will see that a set of planets on the same nature plane
have a tendency to lay as a disk as seen in relation to the star. This
is called the plane of the ecliptic. Going to the next prubunsic
nature plane one will see that the same is the case here, but that the
ecliptic plane here deviates for inst. 10 degrees from our nature
plane. Thus we get an incline in the ecliptic plane for each nature
plane along the 6th dimension coordinate. This is done so that planets
existing on different prubunsic nature planes shall not interfere with
their thoughts (telepathically) on other planets on a different nature
plane along the 6th coordinate. Planets having some coinciding nature
planes, the whole system viewed as one, for inst. having no
coinciding physical planes, but coinciding astral planes, may stay on
the same ecliptic. The different ecliptic planes made up of different
planet systems on different prubunsic nature planes may cross each
other at certain points. In very rare cases it could happen that
planets could collide on a different nature plane, for inst. if the
planet in a different ecliptic system changes prubunically so that it
coincides with a planet in a different ecliptic plane. If this had
happened as seen from our plane, we would suddenly have seen a new
planet, not belonging to our ecliptic. If this planet on several
nature planes coincide with ours, it would be drawn into our ecliptic
and find a place between one of our planets. It could also happen that
it collided with one of our planets before this happened. However,
this is normally arranged in such a fine balance that this does not
happen. In the cross over point between the different ecliptic planes,
it might happen that two planets which otherwise are invisible for
each other come very close together so that communication between
these two planets is easier, in any case with regard to telepathy and
other such phenomena. It could happen that 2 planets on 2 different
ecliptic planes may cross each other, if the two planets each have
many nature planes, but with only one that is common there will be a
shock wave through the other nature planes as a consequence of the
dramatic happenings on the coinciding nature planes. Matter from this
nature plane will then be scattered into hyper space. The shock waves
will not damage the other nature planes, but may cause strange and
evidently unexplainable natural phenomena on these. Normally the
planets in the different ecliptic planes are not coinciding at any
point in the ulbutrasic coordinate system. If two planets cross each
other in the same point, even if they have no coinciding nature
planes, it will be a dramatic happening, in as much as the mixing of
the total frequency pictures of the 2 planets will create new nature
planes when the planets coincide. If there is a lot of disharmony in
the mixing product, the nature planes will disappear when the 2
planets draw away from each other. Some matter from this rendevoux
could be thrown out into the hyper space and land on quite a different
nature plane, for inst. on humpnap. It is a fact that even if the 2
planets that crossed each other are invisible from humpnap, some of
the frequency products that came out of the meeting, can be visible
from humpnap as fragments of different minerals. This may explain why
it can happen that some meteorites may contain Uranium and Plutonium
and other substances which according to atomic rules should have been
broken down if they came from other solar systems, through the usual
physical transportation. It is a fact that through the conventional
fusion process in the stars, Iron is the highest matter that can be
built up. Matter that is even higher than Iron, for inst. Uranium and
Plutonium must therefore be built up in other ways. One method that I
can see, is that they are created by the frequency products between
interaction of matter on 2 different nature planes. If certain
harmonies are reached when two planets come together in this way,
there will be born 2 quite new planets which keep their existence even
after the two original planets have parted. One planet will be the
product of the 2 planets D frequency and will end up higher in the
coordinate system on all planes. That means that all the nature planes
on this planet are higher on the energy dimension than the original
planets. There will also be created a planet which is the product of
the 2 planets C frequency. This will be lower down on the energy
dimension than the original planets. None of these planets will have
coinciding nature planes and will therefore be quite invisible to each
other. The 2 new planets may end up in separate planet systems with
planets of coinciding nature planes. The new planets will therefore
land in these planets ecliptic. If there is no ecliptic plane with
nature planes coinciding with these planets, they will make their own
ecliptic into which other later planets with the same nature planes
will be drawn. However, it is a prerequisite that the sun of the
system has coinciding nature planes with the new planets. If it does
not have this, the correct harmonies will not be reached when the
original planets cross and there will normally be no new planets
created. This implies that it is the sun in the system that is the
deciding factor regarding the nature plane levels wanted in the system
and that their ecliptic is already decided before any eventual planets
arrive. If against presumption planets should be created with which
the sun has no coinciding nature planes, these planets will land in
interstellar space on their own nature plane. These planets will then
drift away from the solar system in which they were created as they
have no coinciding nature planes with it. If one had a space craft
which could move in the prubunsic, one would while moving, discover
that stars and planets changed colors, some disappeared and others
appeared. If one was in the solar system one would see that the sun
changed character as one moved along. On would also experience that
the sun suddenly disappeared for later, suddenly again to reappear in
a different guise. As the sun disappeared one moved through nature
planes on which the sun was not coinciding. It happens that many suns
have their nature planes ordered in a straight line along the 6th
dimension coordinate. In this case one would not see the Sun
disappear, again to reappear, but would see it change all the time,
both in size, light, color and other things. When the sun then
disappeared it would not again reappear as it did not have any nature
planes that far to the left or that far to the right along the 6th
dimensional coordinate. The disappearances seen in the Bermuda
Triangle, may have its explanation in that the airplanes and ships
came inside an ITM zone that moved them prubunically. This,
especially, as a pilot reported that both the ocean and other things
changed and that he saw several suns in the sky. The reason that he
saw several suns could be that he also entered a sphere with space
refraction so that the light from the sun on the different prubunsic
nature planes, was refracted in accordance with the distance in the
microidic density. The refraction angle was therefore dependent upon
this. The sun is in the same place even if it is active in several
nature planes. The same thing that can happen with planets on two
nature planes can also happen between 2 stars, but then the original
stars will get some other properties on their nature planes after the
meeting because of the information exchange that happened during the
meeting. The same can also happen on two planets meeting each other.
What one will then notice on these planets is a change in the climate,
as well as geological changes. One may also notice other things, for
inst. that two nature planes are integrated into each other. The
beings on these nature planes will discover dramatic changes in as
much as their nature suddenly contains many other phenomena and things
in addition to what they had before. One may also get a change in a
nature plane because it can change its place in the ulbutrasic
coordinate system, that is a change in respect to the 6th and the 5th
dimension coordinate. What is valid for meetings of planets of
different nature planes on the 6th dimension coordinate is also valid
for swarms of meteors. We will then get 2 new swarms of meteors in
addition to the two that met. The two new swarms of meteors will get
different nature planes. The D components that was created at the
meeting will make matter that is more complicated and the C component
will make matter that is less complicated. The addition on humpnap of
metals heavier than Iron has probably its essential cause in what is
described here.

So far we have mostly looked at conditions that have to do
with the 6th dimension coordinate. We shall now look at the different
nature planes on the 5th dimension coordinate. If we are in the nature
plane above us, on the 5th dimension coordinate, we will have a more
differentiated and diversified nature. If we now view space, we will
see a lot more than we did on the nature plane below. We will be able
to see the light indirectly and what was experienced as fields in the
nature plane below becomes touchable as physical matter here. One will
for inst. be able to touch and feel a magnetic field. One might see
the force of gravity as light etc. This however, is dependent on that
this nature plane coincides with the energy plane above. It would be
possible to see the connecting lines between the stars and other
sophisticated patterns in space as well as stars and planets. Beings
living on a high enough engonic nature plane have, because of the
higher frequencies and the basically higher flow of information being
utilized there, much more advanced abilities and possibilities than
what we have in humpnap. They do not need food and drink, but take
their energy directly from the cosmos with the help of an inner ITM
process. As earlier mentioned the Earth also has several nature planes
in the 5th and the 6th dimension coordinate. Beings living in higher
nature planes can lower themselves to our level, by lowering their
total vibration in short periods. They then become visible and
touchable as their subatoms temporarily change. If we stay at the same
prubunsic point and only look at the engonic axis, one will see that
the nature planes here has a much greater connection with each other
than nature planes along the 6th dimension axis. This is because along
the 5th axis one finds the energy planes which have direct connection
with each other, as the reactions in the energy plane above decides
the nature laws in the plane below. If those living on a higher
engonic nature plane are conscious of this, they may gain great power
over the plane below. Now it turns out that it is easier for people to
visit each others nature planes if they are living on nature planes
along the 5th dimension axis which also are at the same point on the
6th axis. Under the conditions prevailing in a thunderstorm, beings
living close to our nature plane along the 5th axis, can temporarily
come to our nature plane. It is so that the nature plane that we
occupy, the physical, encompasses a lot more than the sense organs of
the humans can detect. There are therefore beings living on our own
nature plane, of which we are not conscious. These beings could be
visible to us if we looked through a part of the light spectrum which
is invisible to our eyes. Under certain weather conditions even these
being may be visible to us in as much as the light may be transformed
to a frequency level that the Earth humans eyes can perceive. If one
had used scientific measuring instruments, one would have found that
the body of these beings consisted of a mixture of plasma and gas
atoms ordered in a partly crystalline pattern. This category of beings
go under the names of pixies, fairies etc. It is the lower part of the
etheric plane interfering with our physical plane that we are talking
about here. The uppermost part of the etheric plane lies in the nature
plane above. Within our energy plane there are several nature planes.
In the nature plane below there are beings with lower frequency
components than by us. They will often seem unpleasant to look at and
to deal with. I take it that there are 3 - 4 nature planes below our
energy plane as seen from our view. For other beings living here,
these nature planes may seem as the 1st nature plane. The conception
nature plane is therefore relative to the beings in question. The
definition of a nature plane is that world which a being perceives
with his normal sense organs. The world described as the astral plane,
lies above us on the 5th dimension axis. This is a big plane which
contains 7 natural plane divisions and covers between 2 and 3 energy
planes. These plane divisions lump together in spherical layers which
as geographically seen are above each other, where the lowest layer
has the lowest frequency and the highest layer has the highest. But
even if this is the case the 7 nature planes are intermingled over the
whole range. As seen from a lower layer, the matter in the layer above
will seem as an empty space or air. However, the lowest astral
frequency is higher than the highest physical. The lowest astral layer
lies under the physical surface of the Earth. It is a fact that there
are several divisions under the Earth's surface. In one of these
layers is the world that in Earth terms is called Hell in the
literature of the Earth. The frequencies here harmonize with the
lowest frequencies of feeling and thought in the Earthly body. It is
so that the beings on the astral plane form their own environment
through their own thoughts and feelings. The environment formed by a
being on the same astral nature plane may also be seen by another
being without this being having contributed to the forming of this
environment. If one knows the astral plane's nature laws, one may
move wherever on wishes in and between this planes different nature
planes dependent on ones development. When a human being dies
physically, it is this beings body on the nature plane above to which
the consciousness is transferred. The etheric body of the Earth human
serves as a body of conversion between the physical and the astral
body and is by the Earth human not sufficiently developed to contain
all the functions that the consciousness level demands. For space
people this may be different. The consciousness is normally
transferred directly to the astral body in the plane above. During
this process the person will see his whole physical life on Earth pass
in review. When the consciousness is transferred from the etheric to
the astral body, the person will experience that he is traveling at
great speed through a tunnel and exits into a strong light. This is
dependent on the person having reached a certain level in his
development. When the person exits in the light he is on one of the
astral plane's highest levels or he may find himself directly in the
hyper space. It also happens that the person comes out in the so
called copy layer. This is a nature plane that has a copy of all the
different objects on the physical plane, which in a certain way is
connected to this. In addition to this there are also other objects
which are not found on our usual physical nature plane. One finding
himself here, will see his own physical body laying on the ground or
where-ever it may be. It happens that the process just described may
occur without the physical body being fully dead, and when this body
is in order again, the consciousness is transferred back to it. In
this case the etheric body is intact and is in the physical body. It
may also happen that the etheric body leaves the physical body but is
connected to it through an energy loop (the silver thread). When the
Earthly body becomes in order again, both the etheric and the astral
body will be transferred back. When an Earthly person sleeps, the
consciousness is often transferred to the astral body which thereupon
leaves the body temporarily. What Earthly people experience as dreams
are 2 things. The one is that when the consciousness departs the
Earthly brain a partly uncontrolled activity happens in the brain. The
other is memories from the astral nature plane where the consciousness
was active while he slept. With a certain amount of training and
development it is possible to consciously cut out the Earthly brains
activity and instead transfer astral impressions directly to the
memory of the physical brain. When the Earthly consciousness is
transferred to the astral body after the death of the physical body,
the astral matter from the seven astral nature planes, has a tendency
to clump together in layers outside each other, where the layer with
the lowest frequencies has a tendency to be the outermost one. That
means that the being cannot at once perceive the higher nature planes
of the astral plane, but will do so from the lowest to the highest
consecutively. That means that a person who has a lot of the lower
thoughts and feeling frequencies in his body will have gathered much
astral matter belonging in the lower astral nature planes while he was
living in his physical body. This is because these thoughts and
feelings are in phase with the matter of this nature plane which gives
attraction. After his death, the persons outer layer will come into
phase with the vibrations from a world with low vibrations. If the
person while being in the physical plane has gathered astral matter
which coincide with these frequencies, the person will be drawn here.
It is however, that the astral matter around the body evaporates, so
that the layer which is in phase with the Hell by and by evaporates.
The person will then experience that Hell disappears and the next
layer containing astral matter from the astral nature plane above
comes into effect. The person will then be able to experience the next
nature plane. The time that the person spends in the different astral
nature planes depends on the amount of matter from the different
astral planes he has gathered while he lived in the physical body.
This again depends on the persons thoughts, feelings, actions etc.,
but especially on the persons attitude, understanding and nature. On
the basis of this knowledge one can say that the eternal perdition and
torment in Hell is wrong. It is also a misconception that most Earth
humans arrive in Hell after their death. Most arrive in the astral
plane approximately midways up, that is in the astral nature plane
that looks like the physical plane. The highest of the astral nature
planes contain what is called the religious Heaven. Here are different
countries, created by the collective thought forms of the different
religious sects and by beings naturally belonging here. Each of these
countries coincide with what that sects idea of its Heaven is. In Hell
there are also countries created by the ideas of the different
religious sects. Both in Hell and Heaven and other astral nature
planes there are beings and natures which have not been created by the
Earthly human beings thoughts or through incarnation as Earth humans
on the physical plane. For these being the astral plane is their base
plane. If one has an understanding of the astral planes physical laws
before one arrives there, it will be a great advantage. These
physical laws allows one much greater freedom than the Earthly nature
laws. One can for inst. do a lot with ones power of will. One may for
inst. with the help of the will stop the astral matter from organizing
into layers with the lowest frequency on the outside. It is then
possible to get a mixture which makes it possible to visit whichever
astral plane one wishes already from the start. The lower planes,
however, will by and by evaporate, so that only the higher planes are
available towards the end of the astral body's life. It is a fact that
if enough beings believe in a thing, or if what a human being thinks
or does has sufficient power, this will possibly be able to create an
object on the astral plane. This happens because the humans thought
energy is produced in the mental plane, which lies above the astral
plane along the 5th dimension axis. This can lead to an author writing
about a person of his own invention, and if many enough read the book,
the collective thought field of these persons may create the fictive
person in a higher astral nature plane. This person will be like a
robot, and will not be able to go outside the frame that the author
has made. Because of this, whole plays based on famous books may be
played out on a higher astral nature planes. If God wants to, he may
give one of these book persons a soul, then that being is no longer a
robot but an independent being. It may then even happen that this
person incarnates as a human in the physical plane and will carry many
of the traits of the person the author gave his subject. It may even
happen that a whole story written in a book can be given a practical
test with real beings some hundred years after the book was written,
or on another planet or on another nature plane on the same planet
along the prubunsic dimension coordinate. Because of this, both
Father Christmas and Donald Duck are existing on a higher astral
nature plane because of all the children who are reading this. The
reason is that the children's thought energy has a much greater
creative power than the thought energy from grown up Earth human
beings. There are however, exemptions also here, in as much as there
can be grown ups with as great or even greater creative thought power
than the children. If a story in a book is tried out in practice, as a
frame for a real play with real beings, the story will of course
develop differently from the story that the author wrote as these
beings have a free will. It will then be interesting to compare the
change in comparison to what the author originally had thought. It is
quite likely that God takes a story as Donald Duck and use this as a
frame when He now and then creates new planets. The beings on this
planet will then get bodies that look like the beings in "Duck City".
The life on this planet will of course be much richer and detailed
than the original story about Donald, as these beings will be
independent thinking beings, but the course frame in the planets
nature may be constructed according to the description in Donald Duck.
As there in Donald Duck also are descriptions of technology including
inter stellar and inter dimensional space travel, it would not be
impossible that space craft from this planet, if it one day is a
reality, could land on Earth in our nature plane. The scientifically
bent types of this planet would then presumably consist of a group of
people looking like Peter Smart as he developed most of the technology
in Duck City. This example is mentioned to show that all thinking
beings contribute to new creations in the cosmos, maybe in ways they
themselves do not realize. If we look at the planets in the Solar
system from our nature plane (humpnap) one will with our present
technology (the Earthly on humpnap), not so far in the time of our
civilization (previously existing civilizations have found this) have
found life on the planets that are visible to us. Looking at Venus,
the Earthly science will say that life there is impossible because the
surface temperature is 400 degrees Celsius. They think then of life in
bodies adapted to our planet. On Venus, all the bodies existing on
this planets humpnap would of course be adapted to this planet and not
to Earth. They would of course be built up in quite a different
manner. The civilization possibilities on Venus lies on a nature plane
that is above ours, along the engonic dimension axis so that the
lowest nature plane that this civilization can use, coincides with one
of our nature planes in a higher etheric region. Because of this, the
space probes that we send to Venus will not be able to photograph this
civilization as they cannot move interdimensionally. In the future a
civilization will develop on Venus which will also be on our engonic
level. Visitor who say they are from Venus, may have traveled millions
of years back in time to be able to visit us. On Mars there is a
similar situation, but here the lowest nature plane in use is on the
level with nature planes in the lower part of the Earth's etheric
plane. That means that it is on the same energy dimension as us. It
should therefore be possible to get certain glimpses of it if one
photographed it in a different part of the light specter. Mars has had
civilization on the same level as humpnap, but this civilization
developed so far that they increased their vibrations so much that
for us corresponded to a higher nature plane. Besides, the planet was
once in the past exposed to a great catastrophe which amongst other
things changed the planets orbit around the sun to a more distant
orbit than what the planet originally had. This brought such dramatic
climatic changes that the civilization on its humpnap died out. It
should still be possible to find rests of the cities of this
civilization if one sent a conventional space craft to Mars. This
catastrophe was triggered by a nuclear test explosion on the planet
that once existed between Mars and Jupiter. The civilization here had
developed in an undesirable direction and they were very warminded. As
part of their rearmament, a new type of atomic weapon was tested and
this blew up the whole planet. Those that lived on this planet were
reincarnated on other planets. Some also landed on the Earth and are a
contributing factor in the military development on Earth. The same
type of bomb that blew up the planet between Mars and Jupiter has also
been tried developed on Earth, but the Galactic Federation intervened
and stopped the further development of this weapon on Earth. The
catastrophe may be the reason why the dinosaurs suddenly died out some
million years ago. There are also things pertaining to a giant comet
of interstellar origin having visited our planetary system once in the
past. This comet was so big that the orbits of the planets in our
solar system were disturbed. The planet Venus is supposed to have been
in the company of this comet, but was left in our solar system. This
may also have been the origin of the dying out of some of the species
on Earth. The planet between Mars and Jupiter (Maldek) was larger than
the Earth. Sometimes when the beings on a planet have developed far
enough, there is no longer need for this planets lower nature planes.
If the planet generally is far enough developed it will increase its
total vibrations along the engonic axis so that the lower nature
planes disappear. There are therefore planets on our ecliptic plane
which are invisible to us, as their absolute lowest nature plane is
on the same level as nature planes higher up on our engonic dimension
axis. With regards to the planet between Mars and Jupiter, it probably
exploded on all nature planes along an engonic axis 90 degrees on a
point along the 6th dimension scale (the prubunsic). The planet may
still be existing, if one looks at the other nature planes along the
prubunsic dimension axis. It is also so that the Earth generally will
develop in such a way that the lowest engonic nature planes will be
superfluous. These will then disappear when the Earth increases its
total frequency. It is also so that the Earth human's astral body
dies, but some Earth humans chose to be reborn physically before this
happens. For those that do not do this, the astral body will die when
the matter with the highest frequency has evaporated. The
consciousness is then transferred to the mental body. This is on an
engonic plane which is even higher than the astral plane. This plane
reaches over even more energy levels than the astral and is divided
into seven nature planes. On this engonic plane the frequency is so
high that the thoughts are visible. One will also be able to see in 5
physical dimensions. The mental body is not governed by the same
nature laws as the astral body, it does not evaporate and is therefore
in principle immortal. Humans have, however, even higher bodies than
the mental body. If one chooses to transfer ones consciousness here
fully and completely, the mental body will disappear, but the unity on
which it is built, the mental unit is preserved. If one then lower the
consciousness to the mental level again, a new mental body will be
created on the same pattern as the previous, or a better version. The
higher part of the religious Heaven lies on the lower mental plane. If
one arrives on the mental plane without being completely aware othis, it may happen that one surrounds oneself with a shell of ones
own thoughts, which can be seen and experienced, so that the waves
from ones environment on this nature plane cannot get through. If one
is conscious of this, one will be able to break the shell and will
then be able to look at this very rich plane as well as communicating
with the planes original inhabitants. On the highest levels of the
mental plane are the beings who govern the development of the solar
system and the planets. The planetary consciousness is found here
(Earth logos), that is the planet's own consciousness (Gaia). This
plane is often visited by higher orders of space people, who on a
higher level are planning and coordinating between the different

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