Integrating Ascension Dynamics

The Council Twelve
channeled by

Yes, and we are here to discuss the current Ascension of your beloved planet.

We are teachers and guides and will never force our energy or guidance on anyone.

We make this clear to all that are reading our messages and to those that ask for counseling sessions.

We make clear that we are of The LIGHT. We find it now necessary to say this with so many scenarios being presented by channeled messages on your Internet and elsewhere.

OK, we now speak of a possible sense of fragmentation that some of you are feeling at this time. This sense of "breaking up" is normal and natural at this time. Be Not Concerned.

It is a time of uplifting the energy of many and to those that are more sensitive this will show itself more readily.

You will find yourself in several dimensions simultaneously.

Relax in these feelings, they will balance out and so just observe and know that the process is taking place.

Take breaths and know that your process is in full operation.

You have chosen to be on EarthBase at this time, and we are here to remind you and assist you.

The integration of dynamics is happening for some more intensively than for others, but the upliftment to higher and clearer dimensions is natural.

You are going home.

The breath-work is essential, and so take in breath through your nose and blow out through your mouth.

Do this several times when the pressure becomes apparent.

We stand with you and care for you as are many other Light Ascension Masters and Light Weavers that are working with your EarthBase.

Nothing can go wrong, be assured that no matter how the appearance looks, it is on track for your highest good and evolution.

Blessings of LIGHT to all.

Be at peace.

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