La Crosse, WI


September 21

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I work as a contemplative in my healing work and with clients. I follow the work of Joel Goldsmith and am a disciple of Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji and Shri Anandi Ma .

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Joel Goldsmith has become very important to me however over the years I have had many teachers as really everyone is a teacher.

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  • Dear Kor Rodgers,

    I am honored to be your friend! I red your profile and liked your friends-list ! You got yourself a (retired ) teacher (lol) as friend my dear friend . Hope to see you much around here on AC .


    Love,light and laughter,

    from your Dutch friend ,


  • Sorry, but my intuition tells me that meditation and "going inside" is not for me at this time. I am an active man, and not a baby asleep. Much more, I have no any knowledge and training to do safely such "technics". One never know who will like to contact you, or even to take possession of the body. Like me there are 99.99% of the world population. They do not deserve ascension and a better life? If a real master wants to communicate with me, then why not communicate with me in any normal way. I gave them permission, and I did pray so many times to help me and to communicate with me. In special in this time when the dark cabal have the last gasps, they will do any dirty crime to extend their presence here on earth. If you have any good sense of discrimination, you will realize that so many "channelings" are so cleverly devious. I am not afraid of the dark cabal, but I will not do anything to extend their presence here on earth, but loving them as creatures of the same father-mother God, and I feel also compassion for their fate. I think that loving my fellows and everything, and being of service to others it is just right and enough at this moment. If you are a gifted soul, and can contact safely the masters and God, may be you can ask them to help us to get rid faster of dark cabal. One peaceful and efficient way to do that is to offer to people free energy. Up to now, no any "channel" on this site did offer any practical information in this direction. I ask many of them to do that, but no any answer. Why? Nor even a right explanation about why not free energy help at this time. Can you do it?      

  • 8115169492?profile=originalWelcome aboard dear Kor and your Angels.  I know you will love this beautiful place and the beautiful people.  You will be such a blessing with your Light and words, too. Valana has all of Joel's writings and I'm reading some now!  So glad to see you on.

    Love and Light my friend, Rosey

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KOR left a comment for cornelius
"Cornelius-  Thank you for your thoughts and I appreciate hearing back from you.  The human mind is a very busy place and until it is somewhat quited it can only hear the mostly worry thoughts and that is what meditation can help with, to quiet the…"
Oct 20, 2014
KOR posted a blog post
The Council Twelve channeled by  C.N. KOR RODGERSYes, and we are here to discuss the current Ascension of your beloved planet.We are teachers and guides and will never force our energy or guidance on anyone.We make this clear to all that are reading…
Oct 2, 2014
KOR posted a blog post
Caring For Your Process The Council Twelve channeled by C.N. RODGERSOK, we are here to discuss caring for your Life Path, work, your Be-ing on the planet which you call Earth.You have come here to learn and to be of service with a vast array of…
Sep 17, 2014
KOR left a comment for cornelius
"Greetings Cornelius-  
Let me give you some ideas about 'going within'.  If we close are eyes and sit quite for a minute or so, we find our mind is a very busy place.  The mind is busy thinking of all kinds of worry thoughts and of course happy…"
Sep 15, 2014

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"Ivy I recently chatted with Kalestra about necessary corrections made to a member's post, in which he presented fake Sirian words, in a "SaLuSa" channeling...The phrase he used was; "because yes, we are all one..!" I won't repeat his error here, but…"
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Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.We have just come out of Mercury retrograde, which has been an extremely…
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"This info on Jesus is incorrect, see urantia book."
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"King Charles III could be an effective King if he abided by the British constitution, which requires him to be politically neutral, as his mother was....
He seems to be surrounded by globalist "friends," who are nudging him to make a speech in…"
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  Grounding Through The Heart Chakra By Natalie Glasson &The Venus Beings Greetings and love, we are the Venus Beings. We open our heart space to you now and give forth our love of the Creator, our self-love and our love of all that is the Creator.…
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