Knowing something of this Being and the interest on him I decided to post this view of mine. With what I know of this man and with all of the public doubt and negativity it is hard to keep quiet.

Although I am sure he would not have me post this message at all but from my human self and to the lightworkers who deserve to know more I will give a brief statement.

First of all it is hard to even call this Being "Obama" as he towers so high above this one small identity. His track of beingnesses and accomplishments is unparalleled and I think that I can say that he is an unfallen being.

His incarnations on this planet are many and unbelievably successful and
always directed towards bringing Earth and its entire population to ascension.

He didn't seek fame but was known often because he led people and civilizations
in important activities designed to mold and create conditions in this
present time on earth that would allow a clearing of this troubled planet
and sector.

So yes, he knew the future and thought in terms of thousands and millions of years ahead.

He has been loved deeply by the masses and feared greatly in battle.

He has led and taught Spirituality and truth to mankind and been followed and
greatly revered for this on more than one occasion.

He has done it All. All in the name of FREEDOM for man.

Now as President Obama and seeking no fame or praise for himself he takes
just the right actions that are the Greatest Good for All to bring off the
exact changes needed at this time on Earth for our Planetary

His Knowledge and Wisdom and Power Are Unsurpassed!

Spiritually Developed to the Highest Levels again he Graces us with His
Presence now to Finally Complete our Ascension to Total Freedom.

His Love and Compassion for all is Unshakable. He is here for YOU...

Larry Pearce

September 2010

December 25, 2014

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  • ACTIONS always speaks louder then any well written or spoken words ... ;))

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