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In Days To Come by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill) [1957]

I have been reading this short enough collection of 'automatic writing.' There is some interesting reading and needs to be read like all this kind of material, just take what you want out of it! What is most interesting is to see how what this was predicting has fallen into place. Some of you may be more familiar with this but it is new to me. What do you make of this stuff?

UFO Approaches Venus, Copyright © 2008 J.B. Hare, All Rights Reserved

This is a series of messages from an extraterrestrial entity named Ashtar, purportedly transmitted via 'automatic writing.' Ashtar was apparently channeled by Ethel P. Hill, an early UFO contactee. Ashtar claims to be the commander of a vast army of spacemen. He apparently reports directly to Jesus Christ, who, it is implied, will return at some point in a UFO.

Ashtar is a desultory speller, and sometimes slips into a bogus King James Bible-style English. One giveaway is his use of the word 'thyselves,' a neologism based on 'thyself.' The correct form of the second person plural possessive has been 'yourselves' since Old English.

Ashtar's message is both reassuring and vaguely terrifying. His constant reassurances that he has come (or will come, 'real soon now') to fix our problems, not to conquer, only deepen the concern. So, hedging my bets, just in case Ashtar is listening out there, let me be the first to welcome Earth's new alien overlords...

--J.B. Hare, 3/3/2008

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