IMAGINE THE RETURN OF MAGIC Dr. Angela Barnett Crystalai Imagine Feeling something far far more Blissful than your Highest Imagination can imagine. The Bliss of being in the Mind of God has not been experienced on this Earth. That experience will begin in October 2016. Our brain will function differently than it does now. It will not retrieve images from the world to reprocess every day in old or new over used forms. That old brain in the upper cerebellum will be completely over ridden by the frequency specific mid brain connecting into the mind of God. When you become saturated with the highest frequencies of Source, you begin feeling only the higher frequencies and only see the reality of Divine Creation. When your feeling of higher frequencies and vision of the higher reality matches that of the Divine Creator - you become a co-creator with the Divine Creator. We enjoy absorbing the Source Frequencies and Cosmic Frequencies which cause the shift in frequencies of the body to align completely into the zero point of Source Consciousness. This is the alignment of the physical and spiritual into oneness. This is the alignment of the Primary Consciousness and the Secondary Consciousness in creating the new immortal movie that will be playing from the Mind of God in the lower cerebellum into the Mid Brain and onto the movie screen of the Frontal lobe. When that movie can be seen on the inside, it will become manifest on the movie screen of the omniparticles in the quantum field around us. Those who have practiced absorbing and breathing these Frequencies of Transformation raised their frequencies into a new reality. One doctor who played the Cosmic Frequencies for one week in his hospital reported healings of everyone in the hospital. Hundreds of individual healings have been reported. Listening to, breathing in and exhaling frequencies as the mid brain is directly connected into Source Consciousness causes phenomenal spiritual growth beyond their wildest expectations. One person has shared how she has experienced the phenomena of levitation and seeing Light Bodies. Another began seeing the full spectrum of light only one day after listening. Each Individual's Immortality is created as an individual connects into his or her Primal Consciousness in the lower cerrebellum at the base of the neck. This allows ones consciousness to connect into the full spectrum of the Music of the Spheres bringing in the full spectrum of light of all Spheres of our creation, from the mind of God- the highest frequency woven through all seven selves on all spiritual planes into the Oneness of the Frequencies of Source over riding and transmutting all frequencies back into the original Divine Idea as originally created through the first breath of Source. Only this time, that idea of Source includes all of the wisdom of all of the millions of years of lifetimes of the individual woven into all of the ideas or individuals ever created in all of the omniverses. The magical cosmic frequencies that Cosmic Angels send to create the new magical kingdom. Every breath of consciousness come from specific Entities in the Cosmos. They have aligned their frequencies into teams who represent specific individuals missions or healing needs. Each breath is an Entity who is helping to bring the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth in order to create Islands of Light.

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