Hello Everyone!  Been away from blogging for a while as I have been very busy with clients, however I have been desiring to share some inspiration with you, and so I offer this to you today, with Love and Blessings to all! ~ with Love, Fran


image credit: Quangpraha @ pixabay.com


Illumination and Inspiration: On Maintaining High Vibration ~ by Fran Zepeda 10.19.19:

Distractions serve to derail the energy circuits accumulating and on point with our highest purpose and intent, pulling us out of alignment with our highest vibration and service. It can be in the form of ‘problems and interruptions’ that disconnect and pull us away from that circuit, including fears, technical apparatus, and other forms of distraction and disconnection.

Instead, maintain a flow, and consider the disruption while maintaining the highest energy connection. You can reset the energy this way and tune into your higher self for direction and guidance on if, how, and when the disruption is important, allowing you to flow with remedies while maintaining the constant connection with your highest intention, highest vibration, highest service, and higher self, always making choices to align with your higher intent and purpose and service.

This is especially challenging for those with ‘ADHD’ and especially in maintaining and navigating Multidimensionality, which is a function of your high energy that must be constantly monitored for choice and follow-through.

~ by Fran Zepeda, through Higher Self