Greatings, dear divine siblings :)


I am conducting a little experiment related to the energy flows. For that reason, I've created an "energetical image interface". I would like to kindly ask several "highly intuned" souls who have strong ability to read energies over the great distances.

I have energetically imprinted a replica of my individual energetic field (my aura) on this image below. This partucular interface was created so that you can energetically "touch" me and "read". I would like to kindly ask the ones who choose to do so, to post comments bellow. Just simply post whatever you "see", whatever feelings, images or visions you get from it. Thank You, for your help and cooperation <3

I would be really grateful for your help ;) <3

My LOVE to YOU all <3



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  • Anakin, I have absolutely nothing against you or anyone else. Like I said, it was for fun and as far as I see its not fun anymore.. :( :( :(

    Nobody's evil.. Evil does not exist in my world.. "Evil(ness)" is just a part of human programming..

    I AM not human, I only wear human meatsuit...

    Blessed Be All

  • Yes, my experiment was most of all for fun :) I protected the interface because I know that there are some who still have some (negative) agendas in their sleeves.. Even though I 'programmed' the image to work only one way, that can be still overridden If you're skilled enough. There is pretty much big amount of pollarised energies here on ACC and I do not wish to be bombarded with that kinds of energy patterns - Intentionally or non-intentional... Thank you Joy, for you kind words, I appreciate it ;) I understand now why my 'divine team' warned me about this site... Opposition situations everywhere.. And where's opposition, there are a lot of pollarised energies released and that's not 'good' for the ones who are energetically volunarble - the fresh awakened souls ... Aren't we living in the times when we should come back together as ONE?! I don't see that, while reading blogs on this site..

  • I would, but I'm under strict instruction not to engage in frivolous party tricks for public amusement...nor must I make any type of commercial profit from my powers...sorry...
  • about the sphinx do you remember what it was a monument to, moving from the age of animal to the age of man, signifying the moment the creation day of animal became the creation day of man.  And man was not even yet created so these must have been the days of our ET creator lives.
  • Ok here is my 2 pennies worth,

    I saw a journey on a highway, not a motorway  , scenery was very sparse but on the left hand side i saw mountains. Your journey is of remembrance on many levels that will assist you with anymore cleansing that you have to do for a 4/5d integration. You are very connected to Lemurian energies and mother earth connects with you very strong. I also put my right hand on the image and saw and felt a shift in you that would require deep contemplation and honesty with yourself before carrying on as this is a very transformational time for you on many levels.

    Much love and Blue ray blessings,


     In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)

  • I thank you all for your time <3 @1HappyKelly, love was only thing that was on my mind when I did the imprinting, so I believe you saw my heart chakra shining in green in the form of circles..

    All of your readings are quite accurate! :) One of the reasons for this blog was so that I can see if the readings resonate and fit with my own and I must say, I'm impressed :) @marianinia, you saw one of my inner sanctuary places, where I usually "meet up" with "the cosmic mother" and enter the controll room of my soul blueprint :) @eve(solana), lately I'm bonding (again) and working with my twin flame, so I believe that's where you got the feelings from :) @Joy, everything you said is more or less true! Ancient egypt is my passion, I love pyramyds.. I believe I was involved with building the sphinx aswell. It is some kind of monument, wich the felline races and "the lion people" left behind as a message to future generations, when they've visited Earth. From one of my perspectives, it represents their return and re-union with us, within our consciousness...

    Thank You all for your input, I appreciate it <3 Blessed Be <3 LOVE


  • I just put my hand on it, but I just felt energy, did you feel anything? ahahah :)
  • the only feelings i received,was a deep seperation of a loved one,a deep yearning for this partner,and the longing to be with each other,blessings eve(solaena0
  • You are a man. From Slovenia... Hmmm... I will read you more later.
  • Hmm I saw green circles at first, and then a shape similar to Pi.  Were you thinking of numbers when you did this?
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