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 What is your money/prosperity/creation resistance quotient?

(A Spiritual Perspective on Abundance, Creation and Manifestation)

By ZaKaiRan


I'm sure that the title of this article has already turned many people away because those people have an adversarial relationship with money.  In other words, they have beliefs and programs that “there is something wrong with money”, or that they “do not deserve wealth”.  Or other beliefs such as: “money is not spiritual” or “I will become corrupt if I get rich” and a cavalcade of other beliefs and programs that are not only limiting them from having wealth, but limiting them from creating anything positive in their lives, including success, health and healthy relationships.


Most people who say they do not want wealth and who are allegedly “not into money”, are typically reacting from these limited beliefs and programs, or they are unmotivated to create any thing in their lives because of self worth issues.  Even if you honestly believe you are not interested in becoming wealthy, if I was to offer you a million dollars right now, no strings attached, you sure as hell would take it!  So the truth is that most people want to become rich, they just don’t want to do what would be necessary to create this wealth in their lives. 


Even new age people who say, “I’m not into wealth and success, I’m into just allowing the universe to give me what I need," these people just don’t understand how the universe and how the laws of the universe really work.  The universe does not just blow around like the wind; the universe is active, not passive.  It is a very active alive being, comprised of the collective consciousness of All-That-Is/all creation. 


You also cannot get what you want by sitting and meditating as if you can just sit in the presence of allowance and the money will some how miraculously come to you.  If a person could get wealthy by meditation, then all of the monks and nuns of the world would be the richest people on earth.


This is how the universe really works: “the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality”.  Another way of saying this is: “you create for yourself, through the Law of Attraction, what you are most focused upon”.  In other words, “you get what you think about most of the time”. 


And if you are really and truly a light worker, then you will naturally be very passionate to make serious changes on planet earth, and to do so; you will need some serious cash to accomplish this massive task!   So don't be deluded to think that you can make any serious degree of change upon this earth by sitting in the lotus position all day and imagining world peace.  You would serve the earth better by creating peace within yourself first.  And you also don't have to be running around like Henny Penny telling everyone that the world is ending, or we're ascending, or everyone is God, or everyone is Love etc., either, everyone will wake up in their own divine timing.  But what you do need to do and what you need to be, is an active creator and co-creator of divine reality.  Which means you have to find out what it is, and get busy creating in your heart and mind, what you have come to this earth to create…


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You are your own Genie!   Your wish is your command!  Co-Create Heaven on Earth!



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  • Well, I'm broke anyway :D

  • Although money was called,"The root of all evil."To me its slavery for the masses and it enslaves you in a constant state of lack and life imprisoning debt.Unlike the 5% of the 95% population that is in ever abudance and spends as well as treats money like water.Those who co-create the price tag system for any material possession.Are like the slave masters of sorts and I'am more in favor of a world without money.Where all of humanity lives in abudance without the acquistion of wealth being the driving force in our lives.Sure there'll still be exchanges of sorts but not on the scale of people being without the basic needs of a human to live like a human being not like a rat. 


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