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September 12



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no time right now, goodies to come!!!! super shnuggles to all Ashtarians!

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  • ohh that is you ? i just went to the web side that you have... I have enjoyed this so many time - the pic. I have many of them my self starting from 1996 - they are danish artist and I have seen many of the paintings in originals. thank you so much. namaste sophia
  • I too adore the paintings from peter and birgitte fich christiansen - here's another for you :-)
  • Namaste - Angel Blessings to you :-) sophia
  • Dear Starbrother.
    I hope, you are enjoying life and the infinite passion in all that is.
  • thank you for accept my friendship invite, dear ZaKaiRan!
    sending you so much Love and Light!!!
  • Hello ZaKaiRan
    I just wanted to tell you that I have one of the pendants from you and I have been wearing it for a long time . It has helped me alot. Thank you so much.
    It is a joy to see you on this site.
  • But are you living in L.A.? or in Australia? anyway you speak it and write it very well, I mean , Spanish language. I read your blog, and from what I read I think the love that you feel for our dolphins and whales shows only one thing you are much connected to the sirian race. From what i have read they are very high frequency beings and much loving beings as our whales and dolphins are. Maybe you come from Sirius. I want to tell you I like very much your energy and vibrations, it is so nice to have friends like you!!
  • thank you my friend, I wonder where did you learn so good spanish??? Love and light ,

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Nov 2, 2020
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I Love Money! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! Or What is your money/prosperity/creation resistance quotient?(A Spiritual Perspective on Abundance, Creation and Manifestation) By ZaKaiRan I'm sure that the title of this article has already turned…
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"From what I've seen, these globalist installed "governments" are not only letting flights proceed, from China, but are even allowing Chinese soldiers to enter the US, through the southern border...
Frankly, Red China is a damnable threat, which…"
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"Why aren't our governments shutting down flights to China?"
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Gateway of Divinity - I Am BecomingWith Anrita Melchizedek Beloved I Am,  I humbly bow to you in deep devotion and utter surrender,as the sub-atomic particles within each cell of my body expand in the radiance of thy magnificence and Light,and into…
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"These are the biblical "ships of Tarshish..." We are in the end times period of prophecy....As of 2023, the US has the most aircraft carriers, followed by China, the UK and India....

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"Alternate Earth asked: "what are your thoughts on the mania behind making ev's?"

Drekx reply:
Well friend, I recognise that this mania for EVs is total baloney, based upon the false notion that we must rid the "climate" of all tried and tested…"
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