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THE MANDELA EFFECT ; I Have Shifted Into An Alternate Earth Reality:This Is My updated Story & Here's The Proof !

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I wrote this to a friend on this site but was told by m guide that it was for everyone, enjoy !

So what I am about to tell may shock you as it did me. Remember I told you that I was hit with some kind of beam or ULF wave or something extremely heavy nearly two yrs. ago, in a past blog. I thought at first I was having a heart attack but there was no body pain, just a great amount of dizziness and heaviness, so much so that I could barely walk, that is when I could walk and just made it back to my couch to lie down. After about 15 or 20 minutes I was OK and I had another one this year inexactly the same spot in my new yard after I took the lot next to me. In 2008 I bought a time machine and Tak-eon healing machine from Stevin Gibbs after I had been listening to people who used it on C2C for 10 yrs, professed that it actually worked. But you need to have a vortex for it to actually work. And I could not find one in my yard then before I got the adjoining lot, so I just used it for healing and astral travel but my Lucid dreaming with crystals and copper pyramid worked just as well so I put it away for 7 yrs. I only now took it out again to work on my Lupus disease. Its helping a little and I will keep using it to get rid of this disease and maybe try some Time Travel.


  Now here comes the heavy part, I hope you are ready. Remember I told you all that sense I had those spells, I notice that people around me had changed, some got smaller or taller, some got fat or skinny, some died. Also that I have been meeting a lot of aliens, A I's and the Lizard people much more than normal. My inner voice told me to check up on my younger brother who I have not contacted sense 2006 when we had a fall out over the house and property that my father left us 3 kids and half to my mother.Who is 17 yrs older than me and was very sick with cancer and already had two operations and chemo. My brother and sister who are doing quite well money wise had already signed off the inheritance and they wanted me to do the same. I told them I would only do it if she went to Mexico and got natural healing, replacing her blood. The house and property was worth 100,000 US$ ,so she would come out way ahead but that I would not sign off so that she would die and her 2nd husband would get my inherence.My brothers wife was a nurse and did not believe in natural healing and they became pissed at me and I never heard from them again.


4-1/2 yrs ago I decided to see what was up with them on the net and did a search on my mother and just as I thought, she died that same year from cancer,2006. I read many pages of her obituary . I took notes on all of it in my dairy. As for the property and Will they claimed that I was missing and presumed dead and the house and property was left to her youngest son of her 2nd marriage , who had the same name of my brother but reversed. I googled the will and sent a protest to the st. charles county property or lands debt. They sent me a notice that that crime was the largest felony crime in the USA and it would be a very long time before the FBI could investigate unless I came back to the USA. I never heard from them again and that was early 2012.Sense I was waiting for the Ascension Event I let the whole thing go, I just wrote it off, thinking that I would never see that money again and I was not about to go back to that DC Hell H***.


 Now here is where it gets even more strange, When I checked on my brother and his wife and family 4-1/2 rs ago they were still living in the same house and address back in Washington Mo.Of course they are grand parents by then. In the last wk or so my inner voice told me to again ck up on my brother to see if he was OK for he was showing signs of al-timers when I seen him last back in 2002 before I came back to Belize to live.and retire. I even googled there street on google map and could see them going about there daily lives and I did the same for the house that my father left when he was murdered on my 11th birthday. The house and half of the property was still there but they had sold the other half. I was a bit upset about the whole thing that my own family would do this to me. But then again I was the black sheep of the family and a rebel who would not conform and did not believe in the system, in fact I was very much against the system that the DC had created and would find a way to expose them and I did through my books but don't know how many cause I self published them,and the dc hacked my web. site, but still I did get the word out there on the net.

    Now here is the kicker to this story, I have somehow been transported to an alternate earth! When I was told yesterday to ck on my brother, which I did not find yet, I found a obituary on my mother in great detail, a pic of her as well. In this alternate Earth she did not die of cancer back in 2006 but lived to a healthy old age of 83, died in Jan.16, 2014. The pic showed a women a bit taller than my mother and no indian check bones, she looked healthy and happy, not like my mother, although she had features of my mother,she looked to be around 60 to 63, maybe it was an older pic, they often do that. And she did not live in Cherryville where my other mother of the alternate dimension or earth lived. it said she had been living in Stealville Mo. when she died of natural causes. And if that wasn't enough My brothers wife the nurse, she died in 2009 but in my other reality she was still alive when I checked on them in end of 2011.I could not find an obituary on them. I checked on all the info provided for both of them, such as surviving relatives and they were all correct including my name on the list. She died of unknown causes, I am uncertain what that means. So this is not the reality that I was in before. It seems that when you shift many or most of the things arond you are pretty much still the same. but then again there are those that are not, such as this


   And this Alternate Reality that I am in now, is not the one, I was in before. I was suspecting that the last two years but could not say for sure, I thought just maybe I was just getting a bit senile for I turned 67 last mo. I aslo thought maybe it was part of the Ascension Event. Which diappointed me for I thought it would be a whole lot more positive rather than the negative forces that I see all around me now. Ben Fulford in this Alternate Reality says the War is still raging and that the DC is still very Strong. So  each reality is slighly different , which is what I have seen from all my sci-fi movies.It could be that the more positive that you are you move up the ladder where things are more positive and if you let the DC pull you down into Fear then you fall into an alternate reality where the struggle of good and bad or negative and positive is still going on.

I made contact with some of my other selves last wk and I wrote about it in my blog on Lucid dreaming. Maybe this is what we discussed, in that contact. I must have changed places with one of them in the present time zone, not the past, last year when all of began to happen. Maybe one of the two portal's that opened up last year and this year holds the key, the 2nd one was not very strong like the 1st one was. It could be that we switched on the 1st one and was supposed to come back on the 2nd opening but it was not strong enough, so it did not happen, I am stuck here now !

  It seems that may be that is what Ascension is all about. Long time ago when I 1st read the book Celestine Prophesy, that when they raised there vibrations they became invisible to those around them and when they where in Fear they lowered it and was visible again.Belize is the 2nd most evil place in the world crime wise, it seems I had a lot of Karma to deal with here from past and present Alternate lives. I could not have picked a more worst place but like st. Germain said when he was a leper, it speeds up the whole process. I still have to go and ck out my brother , for there are to many with his same name and my sister. I don't know my half brothers and sisters, so that can come later. One thing that I do know for certain is that this reality can change and does,Multi-dimensionality means unlimited possible Earth Realities,indeed huh!!

Adonai, Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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