by Kimberly Palm

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You and everything on the Earth, including the Earth itself are made of energy. The Earth vibrates at 528 MHz, which is the vibration of peace and love. John Lennon recorded his song, Imagine, in 528 MHz for this reason. Humans who energetic vibration of 500 MHz and over are vibrating at the frequency of love. When we have an energetic vibration below 500 MHz, it is due to negative thoughts and behavior as well as fear.

Low energetic vibration can cause sickness in the body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness shows up in the energy body first before it shows up in the physical body. There are many types of bio-energy scans and energy testing modalities that can detect energy changes and hot spots that represent illness or where illness is going to show up soon if changes are not made. In order to be healthy and happy, you need to take steps to eliminate and protect yourself from things, people and events that lower your vibration. It is equally essential to do things that raise your energetic vibration.

13 things that lower your energetic vibration and what you can do about it:

1. People who are friends, relatives, co-workers, bosses, etc. who are always grumpy, negative, complaining and bring you down energetically. Try to eliminate this type of person from your life. Learn tools to protect your energy.

2. Watching violent sports like boxing or MMA. It may be entertaining. Every time you watch it, you are lowering your vibration, so you need to choose what is most important, a healthy body/mind/spirit or watching violent sports.

3. Watching violent crime-based television shows and movies or horror movies with blood, gore and violent scenes.

4. Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, electronic devices, televisions, and other sources (a.k.a. Electro-smog). Minimize your exposure to these.

5. Radiation from cell phones, computers and other things. Buy protection devices or take an iodine supplement. Be sure to check with your physician first before starting an iodine supplement.

6. Stress and negative thoughts and beliefs. All negative thoughts and beliefs vibrate at a low energy frequency, which cause illness in the body and are also stored in your cellular memory. Negative thinking also releases cortisol stress hormone into your body. It is necessary to learn to manage stress and reprogram your thoughts from negative to positive.

7. Negative speech. Whenever you judge, criticize or say anything negative to or about anyone, you are lowering your vibration.

8. Arguing and fighting. Every time you argue or fight with someone, your vibration is lowered. Watching others argue and fight also lowers vibration.

9. Holding onto grudges or un-forgiveness. Not only does this lower your vibration, but it negatively impacts your heart, breast, lungs and circulatory system.

10. Eating a bad diet. Some of the many foods that lower your vibration and make you sick include highly processed foods, fast foods, deep fried foods, hydrogenated fats, foods containing processed white sugars (cookies, candy, ice cream), GMOs, eating gluten when you are gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease, soy that is GMO and has not been fermented, foods that contain chemicals and preservatives like MSG and others.

11. Exposure to chemicals and toxins in our food, soda, water, the environment, house cleaning chemicals, pesticides and much more. Limit your exposure to chemicals and toxins and do a regular detox on your body to get rid of them.

12. Smoking or taking drugs.

13. Drinking too much alcohol.

18 things you can do to raise your energetic vibration:

1. Practice giving and receiving love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness daily. Make sure to give these things to yourself as well.

2. Eat a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet that consists of mostly vegetables and fruits, healthy grains and proteins.

3. Practice meditation daily.

Do some type of yoga, Qi-gong or tai chi as much as possible.

4. Spirituality and prayer. Prayer will raise your vibration and also being a spiritual person.

5. Exercise daily.

6. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This is your battery recharger. Lack of sleep = lack of energy.

7. Watch uplifting or educational television shows, videos and movies.

8. Watch or listen to comedy.

9. Choose to hang out with like-minded, positive, uplifting, supportive and loving people.

10. Use energy protection exercises every day.

11. Practice Reiki and clear and balance your chakras.

12. Practice Earthing. Earthing involves walking with bare feet outside or putting your back up against a tree. Spend time in nature. In Japan, they practice “Forest bathing” where you walk through the forest and take in all the smells, sights and sounds.

13. Take classes and workshops in metaphysics, spirituality or any type of education that expands your mind and spirit.

14. Spend time around pets or animals since they vibrate at the frequency of 100% unconditional love.

15. Use essential oils.

16. Helping mankind by being of service. Every time we help someone or serve the greater good, we are raising our vibration.

17. Focus on positive thinking, positive beliefs and positive feelings along with reciting positive mantras.

18. Make sure that you regularly clear your energy at least once a week. All it takes is a few minutes and the intention to clear your energy.


About the Author

Kimberly Palm is a Certified Energy Healer, Stress Management Coach, Medical Intuitive, Health & Life Coach and Certified Meditation Instructor. She works with people all over the world via private and group coaching, seminars, workshops and more.



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  • So much conditions by this subtle, yet self-detrimental behaviours.

    Our wild souls. You would find ecstasy, only to realize about our ruleless nature up on the stars.

    Pure joy the whole time.

  • Wonderful share.  How does one find out what their vibration level I am wondering.  I can feel in my body if energies are running low or negative.  Then I do something to try to raise the feeling in my body to a better feeling.  But is there any way to gage what vibration is your norm?  Just wondering.

  • Funny, isn't it? Almost like being "good" is a requeriment for rising up your frequency. Duality again.

    Do you think the ones keeping this experiment going on, actually care about duality?

    Out of reach.

  • Dear Friend,

    I like all the songs from John Lennon...It's meaning always give us Energies as it is always for the Universe...so mind becomes vast when we think for the Whole Universe...

    Thanks for this message..

  • The song ´´imagine´´ also heals and strengthens the immune system...

  • When I stopped eating meat, I did not get sick for 23 years.

This reply was deleted.

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