How Do I Know if an "Alien" Video Online is Real or Not?

This is a good question and deserves a straight answer, sadly, like with so many things, this doesn't really have a straight answer, but I'll do the best I can.

For starters, let's use an example that I know for a fact is real, so off to youtube! PS: I really don't care what anyone else may say regarding the authenticity of this video. It's real, that's all the needs to be worried about.

Many of you may have already seen this particular video. I can assure you, it's absolutely real. What the man narrating is saying is essentially true and I use the word essentially as every situation is different and rightly so. No two Grey's are the same and that really throws us for a loop, but it's true.

Another tell tale sign (and it's not something you'd think) is when you see these Grey's moving about as if they are puppets on strings or being manipulated by someone else. The sad truth is that they really do move that way because our dimension is far more dense than theirs. In fact, on a side note, the higher you go up in dimensional vibrations, the lighter everything is because the very atoms that make up matter are far further apart yet retain their atomic bods to form matter.

Conversely, the further you go down, the more densely packed those atoms and thus the heavier they are. So when Grey's come into our reality, they are essentially taking on a great weight and it's difficult for them to move about. That's why we have to take care of them at all times to ensure their safety while they're here. At least that's the text-book answer.

So, when watching videos online and you'd like to know if it's real, here's a couple of pointers to help you decide but remember, ultimately, it's really up to you to decide if it's real or not.

  1. Darkness, look for darkness. If the video isn't darkened, like by a LOT and the alien in question isn't difficult to see, then chances are it's NOT real. They cannot survive in our lighted environments without protection
  2. The "alien" ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS moves as if they're being controlled by a 3rd party. If you see something and it's moving smoothly without it's head shaking and otherwise strange movements like that, then it's not real.

Another tell tale sign is the fact that most videos display a Grey but nobody takes notice that the arms and legs are not nearly as spindly as they should be. If the "Alien" in the video has arms and legs like a thin kid or something like that, chances are they're not an Alien. All of the aliens that I've had the displeasure of meeting and or being around sport arms and legs that wouldn't allow for a human to get into, you know, like a suit. So, if you watch a video and you see a "Grey" that doesn't have sticks for legs and arms, then chances are it's not real.

Spotting any kind of "sagging" skin is a dead give away that they're not real. Grey skin doesn't sag, not even when they're dead. There's just not enough of it to do so. They're not fat, they're not even overweight as they have solved all that long ago via their cloning technology. They don't suffer disease or sickness unless they come to a world that doesn't fit their unique physiological needs.

That's about the size of it really. If you have any questions, go ahead, hit me up in the comments, I'll do my best to answer them.

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  • That sounds spot on. They are not like you and I. They are essentially biomechanical clones. Their bodies are organic but when their body dies, they can usually take the essence of the dead being and transfer it to a new body effectively totally eliminating the fear of death forever!

    They "speak" telepathically. They also posses the ability to meta-morph themselves as well as any machine they find themselves hooked into in order to say pilot it, such as a ufo or other such conveyance. In addition to their telepathy, they have the ability to affect a target's mind negatively, such as being able to produce an aneurism for example.

    ALL of them are evil, I'm convinced of it. They care nothing for us. This whole NWO thing, that's their design. Ever heard of the Luciferian Experiment? If not I highly suggest you look into it as that's our fate if we don't do something about it.

  • Great blog Ghost.  I concur with everything you said about the grays from my own personal contact with them.  Their skin has the texture of a dolphin, smooth clammy and a little squishy soft feeling and in places on its anatomy the texture is less clammy and kind of like elephant skin. These are my observations.  It is also my observation that it seems like the grays do not like bright lights, or that is the impression I got because wherever it was that I was taken was very dimly lit and dark and everything was in shadows, or that is how it appeared to me.  Their extremities are spindly and their finger apendages are quite thick and not small like human fingers and the ends of their fingers are more bulging out on the sides not rounded like humans..The ones that touched me did not have five fingers, they had four and their touch was not warm at all, it felt clammy to me, but that could be attributed my utter terror of them, it could have been ME that was clammy, I can't really know.  It amazed me the strength that they had considering that their legs were so spindly and I was amazed that they were even able to stand erect let alone apply force to me to restrain me at one point.  When they walked it was almost as though they were floating more than walking which I found very difficult to understand and I still don't understand.  They smell horrible, a smell of vinegar, sulfur, rotting garbage and something very acidic, or that is what they smelled like to me...I will never forget that smell as long as I live.  I read somewhere that they excrete through their skin and I totally believe it after getting a whiff of them...totally and utterly disgusting...They never uttered a word in my presence and it seemed to me that they had an indentation for a mouth and not something that actually opened and when they were "talking" to me I was hearing it in my head and not with my ears which I found most disconcerting.  I guess that is why I have so much trepidation and concerns about channeling and where it is coming from, from me having something alien putting thoughts in my mind, it scared the hell out of me...I did not want to communicate with it but it seemed that I had no choice.  I found that an extreme violation of my person rights, but then again everything I endured was a violation of my right to safety to my body and of my human rights.

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