Hi from South Florida

Hi everyone,

It has been a warm spring here in South Florida. Still looking to reconnect with my twin flame who might be very far away or nearby. How do you deal with the loss or trying to connect with your twin flame? It is ok I guess to enjoy a soul mate's company, but a twin flame relationship means a lot and has a great mission to fulfill with God's and Goddess's and Sananda's plans to make this world 5D and ascend with many beings of light. 

I try to be as patient as can be regarding NESARA/GESARA, helping people in many ways, and hope for a better, unified world.

I wish people were less mean to each other and for the places of worship to accept everyone, including the Galactic Confederation of Light.

We need to surround ourselves with love and good intentions. I only seek to be the best person and angel/star seed I can be.


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  • Hi Jessica,

    All loving, joyful relationships contribute wonderfuly to the planetary ascension, and radiate high vibrations, including soul mates, twin souls and twin rays. True twin flames are the same Soul, and have a specific service and emanation; some twin flame pairs are both embodied into 3D, and many are not....so 'meeting one's twin flame' could be here in this physical level, or in more subtle frequencies only. 

    Twin flames are never truly apart, the Soul is always One, infinite and eternal, and from within this 3D focused aspect of being, your twin flame can always be connected with deeply and profoundly, whether they're in physical incarnation or not.

    My twin flame isn't currently in a physical body, but we are closer than I can put into words, together in every moment. I feel his energy/vibration always, since our true connection unveiled two years ago. He appears in light-forms often, and have written about him at this link, if you'd like to read it: One Flame

    Blessings to the loving being you are,


    One Flame
    Dear All, This post is in response to a number of questions people have asked about Twin Flames – what are Twin Flames, are they the same as Twin Sou…
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