hey look i'm an un-kown poet, allot of people say they love my poetry but not many really take the time to appreciate it all in full!

i know this isn't really spiritual but i have seemed to be able to reach out to quiet a few people here and find something else in these people that i don't see everyday in people, so i was wondering if anybody happens to like poetry or has any suggestions i have a blog for ALL my writing and the only follower is myself -__-

naturally meaning there are no comments and absolutly NO feedback!

i know it's kind of selfish but how is a poet suppose to find passion if nobody else take's the time to bother!

atleast read this poem and make up your mind weather you want to be bothered with the rest, a link will be found at the bottom of this page under the poem,

thank you for your time Goofy :-D:

shallow breeze

a lovers loss, no greater pain
for when he left, her heart was strained
got what he wanted, and nothing is left
...now he has gone, he knew her best

the naked flame, that once was lit
has gone out cold, inside her chest
will they notice, if they see her whole
nothing but nude, shock factor alone

as this goes out, the single smoke
she cherished the flavour, yet put it out
like the boy that once was, now a shallow mid drift
for now that's it's cold, her bed doesn't fit

he left a huge whole, inside of her soul
left her alone, in the night to be cold
this buety alike, many more to come
for heartache and pain, the cure that known

written by: ashley smith

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  • struggle

    written by: ashley smith


    as time goes through, it's vicious ways
    on and on, spins around for days
    when does it stop why do we bother
    where is the peace, and the valour

    the endless nights, and fearful dreams
    the things between, that tend to cease
    when it's time it's time, and not till then
    an impatient man, can't wait till then

    with two side's grace, yet both without honour
    who does come first, or maybe neither
    to think aloud and not to choke
    yet see things coming, no time to cloak

    now at an end, we all must see
    it will be done, not gracefully
    so here we are, once again
    with lovers torment, and the world that does spin
  • thank you, i wasn't always mature, infact i had to hit rock bottom to be able to be mature at all, i mean hell there's almost 3 or 4 years of heavy drugs that have passed through my system first :/, at one stage i had enough in me to kill off an obese elephant (infact not quiet sure how i survived allot of events to be honest!
    ow and i don't always like analysing it's just what my brain does (more the point over analysing (i also have sensative eye sight, hearing, taste and smell) when i hear the wind i don't just hear the wind i hear every branch move, every leaf, every insict and i hear them as seperate things but all together if that make's sence, it drive's me insane, infact being autistic my world is hell at time's!
    my lonliness is doubled since i have a girl i really really like who feels the same but she's in vietnam doing charity work and photography and art and things, she earns a bloody lot of of money, infact the other day she went to work and came home like $4,000 richer -__-, wich irritate's me a little since i'm not working at the moment (just moved to QLD) and i have to save that much to do the entire holiday and although i'd never ask her to pay for me, it's a little annoying when she gets upset and lonely and wants me there to the point where she's in tears, yet if she wanted to that badly one single shift could afford to get me there -__-
    even though i would probably not accept it, it tends to make me question how badly she really does!
    Love and sex where always 2 things and 2 parts of the brain i try not to understand!
    wich is ironic because i'm good atleast one of those and it isn't love lol ;P
    ow believe me my soul has had plenty of time to do that lol
    i know it's what i tell her, it will happen when it's meant to and in it's own time!
    yer i know there are heaps out there on this site, in wich i'm glad i joined :)
    i do my best to find level ground, i really do but some days it just kinda take's over is all!
    ow and my entire life is based on balance!
    i will do my best there is plenty of work to do around the yard this weekend so i dare say i'll be busy enough lol!
    i'm glad i hope you enjoy my work to it's fullest :)
    best wishe's goofy :-D
  • i'm sorry, i have good days and bad hey!
    i don't know that it is anything it's just what happens now, i don't panic or fear i just see the solution and do it, however i also look and analyse as i go if that make's sence!

    i know and each thing has taught me something new, it's just getting hard and i'm waiting ffor the good karma to come my way!

    i'm sorry i wasn't really after an answer it's just i'm lonely so it's affecting my judgement atm is all, as i said before good days are really good and wise, my bad days are just as intense, it's simular to bi-polar!
  • true, these are many things wich follow and ocasionly teach but what i'm searching for is why!
    i mean through all that has been what the bloody hell am i being prepared for that is going to be so devastating and effectual towards the world that i'd NEED to be the calm person in the situation!
    to be honest after everything i've been through and all that i've learn un-neccasirly as it stands, what purpose does this strength and reasoning come to?
  • if my path was to be constintly lit with beauty and genuin intensity of all that is life, then how am i to truly appreciate it!
    i have been through allot so what i mean by this statement is that all the bad things and the living hell i went through growing up and even today suffer as a result in forces me to genuinly appreciate all that is good and beautiful in this world, it means when something amazing happens i get a higher level of respect for it and take the extra moment to truly value the little moments in life!
    if i was to write down everything that's happened to me in the last 8 months alone, it would take up half a page and that's in list form!
    wich might i add i have actually done, so if i put together the bad in my life up until now, well i could fill a book!
    i choose to be peacefull because i have seen death, had people die in my arms, other by drugs and others by stupiduty (usually in cars) and some where just thier time!
    i have litraly going head to head with death itself when it came to my ex, and aparently it was just her time because all the power and being in the world and i still had to let it take it's toll!
    here's a poem that describes it better, infact here's 2 that i believe are revelant, no 3 because of the miscarige!

    with every strip that they take from my mind, body and soul, another one grows in it's place stronger and faster, the further they drag me down and the harder i fall, the more determaned and the higher i'll climb, i do not stop, i do not give in and do not take take prisoners, so get out of my bloody way, I'M COMING THROUGH!


    He watched and he laughed, and felt more alive
    As a young un-born baby was growing inside
    His eyes lit up, with constant joy
    With each morning after filled with, daddy is here
    When the words left her mouth, his smile appeared
    ...With all so much hope, father of the year
    But sadly this was not to be, his baby was gone
    No father of the year
    The loss made him weak, too much to bear
    He could hardly breathe there was no longer air
    As his heart split in two, and shattered around
    He lost the one thing that was never around
    The wrong time, the wrong place
    Not ready to start
    No money, all fear this was not in his heart
    He come to his head, and thought out aloud
    This child was mine, and know it is gone!
    So with every tear-drop, that falls down his face
    He thinks of the good times, the glory and grace
    For when it is time, he shall be whole once again
    Father and child, together once more
    But not till he’s ready, to do it again further-more
    By: Ashley Smith 13-09-2010

    it seems aparent that one of my poems is lost (for now) it will show up when it wants to, they always do :)
  • i will leave that as a single poem, i think it draws more effect that way!
    when i refer to not knowing what's going on, it's simular to astro travelling, it happens when i see a painting, i head back into it's soul and see and hear and feel what the artist was feeling hearing and seing at the time, it reminds me of my own experience and when both of those get put together well you get poems like shallow breeze (the one in the original blog post!
  • i will start by saying thank you, i can't express emotion or what's in my head other than the words i write down on pen and paper (or online, but you get the hint!) i get a build up of passion and intense warmth and emotion as the words flow out of me, like it doesn't feel like me sometime's but each and every piece of work i do, has a hidden story behind it!
    it has an attatchement of my sould forever embedded inside, some of them are about experience's, others about what i've seen, and some is just the will to say F' OFF i'm going to succeed no matter how far back you drag me!
    what i mean by what i say is that i have very little control over myself, my ENTIRE world come's to a SCREECHING halt and the only thing left in my brain is the intensity of the words, it's like having a riddle running around in your brain and the only way to solve it to be free is to release the words onto paper, wich brings me to my next point, ANYTHING can trigger it!
    the comment you just posted sent my mind into a daze and this is what came out!
    i will let you read the UN-edited version so you have an idea of what i mean!
    p.s feel priveledged i RARELY EVER let ANYBODY see my work before it's completed and passed my personal standerds :0
    enjoy ;)

    rays of sunshine, out in the sun
    a warm welcomed happiness, for this heart is young
    for all the world to see, and so much more
    the glory and fame, cannot be un-done
    for once it is over, well and complete
    it is but the faith, that make's him feel deep

    to be inspired and just not let go
    for this is the moonlight, and many will glow
    where doe's this all come from, how does it all peer
    for nobody knows, but the man that is here
    when feeling and warmth, does fill him up
    he cannot but help, to just let it out
    for when there is passion, and lots amoungst us
    with no way to show it, so let him express
    through words alike, the one he so idols
    where far from few, he does not yet dordle
    much work to do, and place's to see
    so why not read on, if you like what you see
  • yes they are i spent a few years in the northern territory and found (just like white trash) they also have some pretty bad one's in the group, the problem is thier the public one's, there a nice race!
    and there history is facinating
    yer it is somewhat un-heard of but somewhat well known!
    nah it's all good sarcasm facinate's me lol, i.e big bang theory (sheldon) t.v serie's!
    most likely that's another social skill that i lack, i.e restraint lol
    haha lol, if i think about it it's easy to remember!
    haha lol, i'm good but not always that good, i like to physically look at things lol
    yes i need sleep, night hun :)
    feel free there not going anywhere lol, and there will be more soon-ish lol
  • this is a prime example of my point!
    i was talking to a friend about this girl and insperation possesed me and this is what came out!
    i still don't really know how to explain what happens usually i don't know myself, but hell here's the end result!


    the moon will shine with the stars above
    for beauty knows no name
    the sparkle in her eye once more, for she is fair game
    with sight intact and tact full heart, the lovers bliss is clear
    but when she turns and looks his way, he knows nothing but fear
    she will be his, and forever more stay that way for good
    in his arms she will remain and comfort will play it's tune
    the sun will set and daylight comes for this is not a game
    so when she opens up her heart, it will spell his name

    written by: Ashley smith
    1.12.2010 10:36pm
  • it has always been my facination, i was around the same age when i discovered writing, i needed an answer for everything, if there's one thing about autism to know it's that things litraly need an answer to make it logical or make sence, where the teachers couldn't tell me something, storie's could, i was about 6 or 7 when i wrote an aboriginal dreamtime story how the echidna got it's spike's, i was living in sydney and hadn't seen an indiginouse person of a darker coloured skin in my whole life!
    i was facinated with thier culture and thier explanation with things!
    i only have a mild case of autism i.e aspergers syndrom
    so i have been able to learn certain social skills (not the best and still struggle with sarcasm and hints but i'm getting better) my facination in total is storie's, i love storie's but they have to be detailed, hence the reason i love movie's and especially t,v serie's
    i can walk into a video store and a person will look at two movie's and not know what to get and talk with thier partner and randomly my brain kicks over and give's full descriptions inc story line's and base judgement of the show or movie!
    but i can't remember what i ate for breakfast or what day it is lol
    i don't mind reading others poetry, it's only that i have so much going on in my mind that i can't afford to jumble any more stuff in thier as is :/
    an aspi's brain does not stop working, i have often had dreams where i am working out my problems and analysing in my dream!
    can get rather frustrating!
    here is a good link about autism (asperger syndrom!)
    keep in mind that i'm only mild though and not severe wich the information is based upon:


    i am like that to, if something catch's my attention i need to know everything about it and can't stop or sleep until i do!
    i did the same with computers when i was 10 pulling apart the old mans computer, by the end of it all he just found me 6 or 7 old computers and said right, keep yourself occupied and AWAY from my expensive computer and build one using these, 3 hours later i had 4 computers and was installing windows lol
    you could only imagine what happened when some ass decided to question me on the meaning of life, 7 hours and 3 back to back page's later i had an answer lol
    infact LATER I.E TOMMORROW i will make a blog of it, only because i need sleep and need to keep my mind AWAY from that topic or it will not stop!
This reply was deleted.

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