Hell on Earth?

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us a different perspective on Hell.

Would you please explain the concept of the Devil and Hell, and if they are really real?

The Council:  Well, we might say this that you are in your hell right now. As far as hell and its traditional picture or symbols used, it doesn't exist. Hell is now. The equivalent of that in the hereafter comes through the process of this life and that is the turning away from your own spirituality, from your own godliness, turning away from the Divine Source of life, and in this respect then you turn away from God and look into the darkness of your own shadow. This can be understood as hell, for in that darkness then you must find that spark of God within you and desire it strong enough so that you can again turn to the Light, and in so doing then the Light flows into you, fills you, and then you become a beacon of God or God's Light.

In relationship to the symbolism used for hell, the fire, what have you. During that period when you rediscover the light that lies within you, during that period when you are looking into your own darkness, you begin to realize what you have done in the previous lifetime, what you have set aside, and a hunger grows within, a hunger that is so strong that it becomes a burning passion, and again we are not talking about burning in the sense of fire, but the zeal necessary to return to your original state, the acceptance of what you have done to yourself, the distance you have placed between you and the Light, and so this hunger to return to your rightful place drives you with a great passion, a burning passion, so that you eventually begin to turn back to the Light. This process happens as one is willing to accept those actions that one is responsible for that demean them as a god, that insulted their own godliness.

Worry not for fire and brimstone. As possibly a tongue in cheek statement, more than likely you will wish that fire and brimstone did exist as opposed to what you will experience. It hurts deeply when you realize what you were, what you allowed yourself to become. It is an insult to self. Yet, regardless of how far we have moved away from the Light, regardless of how dark our own shadow is, we all can turn around and face the Light once again. Once one has done that, then one is ready to begin the review in full understanding, and after that review then the decisions are made in respect to what you will choose for a next lifetime.

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