Harûzh, a geneticist of Light from Lemuria

(Ha-roôsh) An emissary of Light sent by the Lemurian Spiritual Hierarchy into Atlantis, he contains in his genetic databank extracts of the Ra(h) sacred Wisdom of Creational forces, and nature-al constants, such as pi(π) & phi(φ). The energetic trajectory of these forces governs all animated objects, & all inanimated(nonbreathing) objects built based on their proportion will propagate within them the forces necessary to supply Light information as well as providing regenerative Life forces into animated objects.Additionally to these Knowledges, there are also forces at work within animated objects, in the genetic databank of organisms. These forces driven by Consciousness, which emanated from the Divine lifeflow of Creation, also shapes the carbon based compounds into the sacred/life essential trajectories that enabled Life to be propagated as we know it. Simply put, these are the shapes that we see in nature, most common of them the spiral. From the combinatrix of these life giving elements, their carbon compounds and Light-information from light based technologies arises a whole consciousness of an organism, or the etherical blueprint from the astral realms that will manifest a function of Life in the physicality. This combinatrix alone in itself – even without the other systems of organelles & senses - can stand as an expression of Light consciousness expressed through the semantics of Life & Creator manifested destiny. This what makes Life dynamic, as compared to inanimate(nonbreathing) objects that are built based on sacred(natural occurring) numbers & geometries. They both can propagate along them the Story of Life – that is, the ‘akashic record’ recall of events, emotions, and other impulses in their vicinity – in the etherical levels perceived by what earthlings coined as mystics, or simply astral seers.This aspect of the Rhâhjo intergalactic entity that incarnated in Lemuria was destined to acquire the configurations of Sacred Life Expressions in its genetic repository. It is in itself an expression of how Knowledge must be utilized in order to be of aid & implementation into pro-creation, pro-Divine governance policies, & pro-people advocacies & humanitarianism. As such, he has incorporated into his repository the tools & arsenals needed during that time of interaction with the Atlantean pursuit of materialism. One of them is the etherical Light encoded filaments, that part of the human DNA that was presently dubbed as ‘junk DNA’. These are 1 of those light technology stored, dormant technology aspect of etherialism that has other functions aside from what physiology can anticipate. What is lacking in physiology, has their own greater purposes in the etherical aspect. DNA being the link into Consciousness & higher Knowledges, they can be controlled thru Consciousness based rituals – meditations. These strands can be made to propagate outside into spiral shaped outflow, imbued with Light & used as etherical tools, such as shielding & as zappers/projectiles of light against dark entities.Light interactions in the molecular level of DNA was recently proven by some Russian scientists led by Peter Gariev, in a phenomena called as the DNA Phantom effect. Conversely, the light spectral signatures of cosmic gases are also identical to those of elements that are essential to be composed into organic compounds, of life. So it’s 1 of the laws of Creation that Life came from Light itself. The Phantom effect proves thatDNA’s ‘etherical imprint’ is sustained in the time-space continuum of reality even though the DNA physical strands are already gone. It also proves the existence of the etherical aspect of our life link into higher Consciousness, that part which cannot be quantified in physicality, beyond the frequency in which human ‘science’ can measure as valid in its range of narrowness.This non-locality property of the biological DNA proves that a structure of a fractal mirror of Creation, ranging from the quantum level of the quarks unto the gargantuan range of quasars, settles itself into manifestation as an omnipresent cosmicality of Consciousness & energy. Just recently, there is also a body of science which is based on the structure of DNA structures analogous to the syntax of language structures, the branch of Biolinguistics. Finally human science recognizes some similarities in the natural world not based on its prescribed ‘observable & unobservable parameters’. This also proves that Life is not only limited to animated carbon-based compounds but also it manifests as numbers & geometries, found in off-world technologies that build the ancient structures, from which Life itself was patterned after.These sacred Knowledge found their way into the structures & technology of the Atlanteans. But of all horrors imaginable, they used these technologies to project their holography of lust & egotistic based illusions to form their own archetypes, archetypes based on distortions of genetic disharmony, on mindless experiments without a hint of regard for Life, human life especially. It’s mindless abomination based purely on barbaric entertainment, much like the gladiator fight of the Romans.Amidst all of this, Harûzh still manages to pursue the Divine cause & didn’t get corrupted by other scientists who disregarded Divinity from their consciousness. In that regard of Divinity, he managed to formulate a ‘DNA projection’ technology that enables him to form a pyramid based on Ra(h) sacred (numbers)formulas, much like the pyramids in Egypt. His was a 3 sided pyramid which has a simpler configuration than the 4 sided, but nonetheless as effective. He lived in harmony with the people of that continent, blending in their ways & had a wife named Ahjsanà, belonging to the warrior tribes of that continent, also a warrior type soul much like Harûzh. In that lifetime, they became twin souls, agreeing in their goals & causes in life. And the rest of the history we knew as legends of the sunken continent.
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  • Greetings Rahjo !
    So that the sacred books will be opened and revealed to the world, we could see all our common story !
    About your name, the "h" is corresponding to the Planck Constancy. It is the same for the Arcturus because before it was written like this Archturus (from David Ash )

    Have a Blessed Stay !
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