Happy Birthday, Mike Quinsey!







Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa's channelFriday: What a stunning sign of respect for Mike’s contribution to planetary transformation this has been. I awoke to find perhaps another 50 pledges. If I were Mike, I’d be deeply touched by people’s expression of love and generosity.

I’m not sure how Paypal works. No money has yet reached my bank account so I’m going to see if I can arrive at a rough total by counting the amounts indicated on emails.

My inbasket is filled with either Paypal email or else email from Mike’s team discussing the logistics of Mike’s birthday gift so if you sent me an article suggestion in the last 24 hours I’m afraid it’s somewhere in there. I may have to spend the day on Mike’s birthday gift and let go of trying to post.  I’m not complaining! It’s a very welcome surprise.

Thank you very much to Alexander, Alan, Alain, Amy, Andre (x3), Ann, Anna, Annemiek, Anthony, Anton, Astrid, Babak, Barb, Barbara, Barinder, Barry, Bruce, Carl, Carol, Carol Carole, Cheri, Chet Yee, Chijer (Tony), Christina, Ciairan, Daroyle, Dan, David (x2), Davy, Derek, Dingie, Donna (x2), Douglas, Elizabeth, Erdogan, Eva, Evelyn, Fergus Infotech, Fiona (x2), Frederick, George, GEM Inc., Gil, Glen (x2), Gregory, Guillaume, Harald, Hal, Hoa, Hugh, Jan (x3), Janis, Jean-Philippe, Jeanette, Jenifer, Jenny, Jill, Iordan, Joan, Joana, Jodey, JC, John (x3), Joseph, Julio, Kamran, Kat, Kathleen (x2), Katherine, Kathy, Kerry, Kimberli, Joseph, Keith, Kimberley, Kostas, Kristen, Kylie, Lamond, Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Leo, Life Balance Associates, Linda, Lourdes, Lynn, Maarten, Manola, Marieke, Mark (x4), Mary, Michael, Milna, Mingzhe, Mohd, Nancy (x2), Nathan, Nick, Nordstrom, Opal, Orthotic Connection, Otis, Pamela, Patricia, Paula (x2), Pawel (x2), Peter (x2), Philipp, Pressmania, Ramsey, Raymond, Rebecca, Rene, Richard, Rob, Robert (x2), Roger, Roman, Ron, Rudy, Salah, Sarah, Saul, Scott (x2), Shelly, Signa, Spirit Heart, Su, Susan (x2), Suzanne, Stacey, Steve, “Stone,” Sylvia, Terry, Thomas (x2), Tim, Tina, Tobey, Tom, Tracey, Tracy, Una, Ute, Wendy, Wenguang, Wenyuan, and William.To the people who suggested using some for Mike’s computer and some for other worthwhile projects, thank you for those suggestions. But I asked for donations specifically for Mike and don’t feel I have a mandate to change that. All money collected will indeed go to Mike.


Thursday: Well, this is an interesting predicament, everyone. We now have enough money to buy Mike (and SaLuSa) a new computer. I’ll give you a tally in the morning. You’re welcome to continue giving and all of it will go to Mike, but I feel duty-bound to say that I think we’ve achieved our original objective.


My heavens, I’m having trouble keeping up!!!!
I’m going to go ahead now and tell Luisa to purchase a computer for Mike. Hopefully we’ll have SaLuSa back very, very soon.

I’m really blown away, folks. And I’m quite sure Mike will be as well. And Luisa and Kees and all the translators of SaLuSa into perhaps 20 languages. I hope you’ll excuse me from writing personal notes to you all and just accept my deepest thanks, on Mike’s behalf.


Well, as you know, Mike Quinsey’s computer is kaput.

My understanding is that Mike is retired and is having difficulty replacing his computer.

So we all have the opportunity to show how much we value Mike’s channeling of SaLuSa by assisting Mike to purchase that new computer.

And, hey, to wish him an early happy birthday (Nov. 27) at the same time. Mike will be 77.

(And the sooner we do, I assume the sooner we’ll have SaLuSa back.)

Translator Luisa Vasconcelos and owner of Galactic Channelings Kees de Graaff have asked me to organize a Paypal fund for Mike, which I’ve done.

If you wish to contribute to Mike’s computer or to Mike personally, go to Paypal.com and send your contribution to me via unity22@telus.net.

If you want to send a cheque, you can write me and I’ll send you my address.

Now, it’s very likely that we may end up collecting more than the price of a computer. Everything collected will go to Mike and I’m quite fine (and I assume you are as well) if he buys additional computer equipment with it, a webcam, a portable DVD player, steak and lobster, a trip to Brighton Beach – I really don’t care. I feel a great debt of gratitude to Mike and am happy for the occasion to express it tangibly. BTW, Mike knows nothing about this at this moment.
If you’re a blogsite owner, perhaps you could repost this item.

I personally would not know what to do without SaLuSa and Matthew Ward. Go into a cave in the Himalayas perhaps and meditate. That’s not to say that the Arcturian Group, Wanderer, Saul, Blossom and everyone else are not doing yeoman service, but SaLuSa and Matthew are my touchstones.

So you’re welcome to join me in this project and make a difference to Mike who continues to serve us faithfully three times every week.

Thank you for participating. If you cannot participate because you yourself are trying to keep your head above water, please accept my thanks for sending your loving good wishes Mike’s way.






Galactic Laura Tyco: Galactic Channelings UPDATE August 26, 2011: Please stop donating fore Mike

August 26, 2011

by Laura Tyco



Galactic Channelings UPDATE August 26, 2011: Please stop donating fore Mike

Hi everybody.
Just found this message on facebook from Galactic channelings: Much love and gratitude to you all. ~ Namaste ~Laura

UPDATE August 26, 2011: Please stop donating fore Mike! Within a day we received over $3,000 already. This is more than enough to buy him a nice, virus free Mac computer, which we will try and deliver to Mike’s house a.s.a.p. So, mission accompished. Thank you all for your generosity, what a wonderful gesture from you all!!







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  • Thats Awesome!! Happy Birthday Mike and TY for all the SaLuSa messages!!
  • "UPDATE August 26, 2011: Please stop donating fore Mike! Within a day we received over $3,000 already. This is more than enough to buy him a nice, virus free Mac computer, which we will try and deliver to Mike’s house a.s.a.p. So, mission accompished. Thank you all for your generosity, what a wonderful gesture from you all!! "


    hahahahahaha...seriously, I had to laugh at the shear beauty of this. So many people get so much from the messages from SaLuSa that Mike so graciously offers. This thread made my day. People are beautiful 




    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/happy-birthday-mike...
  • This is a truly amazing demonstration of collective manifestation. Beautiful.


    Happy Birthday Mike

  • Happy Birthday Mike =))
  • this is beautiful and i can't wait for Salusa messages by mike.


    I always look forward to them!



  • happy birthday and many blessings from us all.
  • Kindness knows no bounds.  Lovely.
  • Blessings from the Crew....!!
  • Oh this is so nice :) 
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