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Dear Loved Ones,

     Praise be to the most high, the Father of us all. This Father that I refer to is according to your  particular name or theological understanding of. I believe in addressing our intent and prayer to the most high covers all things. The Father/Mother-Son-Eternal Spirit of all creation knows exactly who they are, as do we in our hearts. For further clarification I believe the most high I am addressing is the Father of Christ-Michael as was related from the book Urantia. So much of the foolery on the planet pertaining to semantics involved with any aspects of divinity is not for our benefit, rather to keep us divided and conquered. Hopefully we are all figuring that out by now. Hopefully we all are starting to realize that on the atomic and subatomic levels we are all one, therefore we must all come from or flow from one. 
     My friends this blog and all subsequent blogs I create are to inspire you now to know thyself. This planet is a divine and sacred planet, it is the staging ground for an evolutionary expansion of consciousness, it is a place where God can co-create with man, in that co-creation expanding awareness and increasing intent man can become like God. This human form is a vessel for many different types of consciousness varying in vibrational frequency, planetary origin, mental and moral precepts. Everything you have seen in the media from angels, vampires and aliens are representative of some of the different forms which are present. All are different aspects of God vibrating on different frequencies in different dimensions. However, all do not want to be like God or move toward God consciousness, hence you have so much resistance, turmoil and confusion on this planet. While everything eventually comes to the light or it becomes spiritually bankrupt and can no longer continue in their existence because the Universe is always evolving to higher expression of itself, those that resist eventually collapse under the tidal wave of energy to which is ever expanding Good, intelligence, beauty and power. 
    My friends you  see the turmoil that is occurring on this planet. Much of it is a smoke screen or diversion, much of what you see will be the old structures and paradigms constricting to keep control. Remember that which you resist persist as it is your energy which affirms its reality. You are the secret! Yes it is great to change the world, have peaceful, prosperous and unified society that is part of a similar intergalactic community. However, I would say to you that is not your primary focus or objective.  I believe our greatest adventure and mission in this time afflicted dualistic world we live in is to know the God that we live, swim and have our being in. To shine love and light everywhere possible. In that we know the peace of God that transcends all things. Yes, as we head into the photon belt, regain our multidimensional consciousness, remember the original plan, simultaneously have a quantum leap and energy acceleration. Exciting times! All of this will allow the greater expression, understanding and communication with the only thing their is GOD! 
     My friends, please steel thine eye, purify thine vessel, search yourself for your greatest truth, which I beckon you to realize and understand has absolutely nothing to do with survival, monetary success, or anything on this planet that has already been. There are talents, strengths, genius and Love which is waiting to be expressed through you and as you! The world is waiting, more importantly what I have just realized my Father is waiting,  I decided today I will not let the Father of us all wait on me, the giver and protector of all life will not wait on me! He needs our help people, know that you know, we have free will. Many use this will to spit on his name and assert that he is a delusion. The more we stay idle, we allow these ingrates to take hold and corrupt the world which he has given us. Remember.....who you are a secret agent sent to infiltrate this place, you probably have been playing possum like me for much of your existence, looking to just make it or satisfy your sense pleasures when in reality you are a MIGHTY WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT, sent to in your own particular way resurrect the divine consciousness of the SOLAR RACE which is HUMANITY. Maybe, you are one who is ready to blossom for the first time.....into the greater awareness of who you really are. Either way, lets do it! Peace be with you my LOVED ONES! Remember that which you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do to the Father! Remember the only commandments the Master taught, Love the Father with all thine power and might, mind and SOUL, and your brother as your Self. Peace be with you!! 11-11-11........and beyond.
                                  This is JASON-Your humble servant and WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT.
P.S. God is never at war, ArchAngel Michael and Gabriel, the Celestial Kingdom did not declare war, however the Dark forces only have the light to afflict and feed off of. Therefore one who stands up in the face of the attack on the Father battles to nonviolently affirm, express and live the truth of GOD is a Warrior of the Light. This particular world is one of the last staging grounds of a battle that has lasted AEONS, the human mind is the last strong hold of the Luciferian rebellion. What will you choose? Unconditional Love or duality, beckoning of the SPIRIT or the urges of the body? Time and Space, or Eternity expanding into infinity? Express or Repeat? Expand or Contract? 
Service or Selfish? Make no mistake people....right now you have the opportunity that many do not think you deserve. What will you do with it?
Heres to you being a healthy cell in the body of a Divine Universe. One Love!

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