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Utopia is not a place, but a transparent state of the organic, nuclear matter that composes our human body.
Utopia is based on the consciousness
that we, humans, are "cells" of the one Organic Universe.
Utopia is
sincerity, joy, well being and, mainly, ability to love and feel emotions.

Organic Astronomy is quite different from the modern, conventional one that just looks at the illusory electromagnetic light. As a paradox, orthodox astronomers calculate that only 4% of the entire mass interacts with electromagnetic light. Therefore they know that they miss all the rest, that is 96% of the whole.
Organic Astronomy involves the whole, heavens and earth, and also includes us, the observers. This means that it must conjugate various ways of knowing, and mainly look at both sides of the Force. These are the electromagnetic light, we can see, and the weak
nuclear Sound or rather music we can listen to, if, and only if, we sincerely want to. Inner listening is not easy for our sleeping brain, but we can. Many of us do it, at present.

Listening to the Sound, the silent Music that conducts infinite universes, we have realized that human history is not the one we learn at school. A new quantum history has emerged. This is what I wrote in my book Organic Universe. We just need to realize that many kinds of matter and light do exist. These compose many worlds and many human bodies too. Our conscious essence is manifested in our eternal light body, that Giordano Bruno called the body of fire. Quantum history shows that we can transit from one to another world. Here's just a short summary.

"...Dragons, who came from Draco Constellation, could have been Earth's original overlords. Sumerians and Assyrians called them Anunnaki that just means "those who came from above". Information about them comes from the stone tablets discovered in the lands of ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia (now Iraq).... Annunaki, or Dragons, are a piece of the human history puzzle... Coming on Earth’s surface they needed workers, who could mine gold, and genetically created them...

“Travelling” to ancient babylonian times, we could “see” what the Tower of Babel actually was; it was not just a building, but a place where genetic experiments were performed... The Babel of Languages was actually the one of genetic codes that has affected all the people on Earth’s surface... However this doesn’t mean that the Human Race, as we know it, is just a Reptile/Mammal hybrid species Annunaki, created several thousand of years ago, in Babylonia. That event is just another piece of the puzzle...

... Many coincidences indicate the existence of a precise, highly detailed Intelligent Plan.... Our visible human bodies are inside an emotional Cosmic Computer... Our true identities can be outside, though. Why do we seem confined to 5%? The answer, my friend, is incredible. Human Genesis was just a conception, the beginning of a cosmic pregnancy that is now coming to an end.. A new genesis awaits us, humans, and implies the collapse of the EM illusion.
The path to be delivered is within; it is consciousness of our own true identity...

Adam is the entire human species, composed of men and women... designed to be protagonists of Earth's surface...

When Adam appears in the garden of Eden, the Snake or Dragon is already there, as the Bible tells us.
The Snake is a member of the Reptilian race, much less emotional than the Adamic, Human one...

Speaking about Adam and Snake, Humans and Reptilians, I just refer to each human being's abilities ... Reptilians represent the dark side, while Humans the Light one. The Dark is the “lesson”, the challenge of this planetary school. The Light is joy, happiness, bliss... Besides these two main species, there are many other ones, such as people from Mars, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, etc. However we humans are a mixture of them all, at present...

The Martians on the Earth have reproduced and transmitted their bellicose instincts, generation after generation...
“They” are the rulers of Earth’s surface and have a precise, almost mathematical formula for enslaving the masses, just a set of few rules. The first is to take away any means of organizing and communicating so that humans cannot form organized groups. The second is to make them vulnerable... The third is the terror strategy, that was already present in the 20th century and made a further escalation in September 11, 2001. The fourth one is creating panic and, consequently, a need for “protection”. The fifth is educating children to be dependent, believe in pre-chosen ideas, repeat parent’s behavior, trust linear time. The last, but not least, is to maintain humans’ ignorance of the infinite worlds and the one Force, Love, which gives us all life... “They” know EM deception very well. Not by chance, a science based on EM field flourishes and researchers of the weak Light have no funds and public resonance...

Reptilians’ masterpiece is what still affects all of us most: a “knowledge” that ignores the meaning of Life and Love.
Adam adapts himself to a boring and pedantic “knowledge” the Snake offers him... Adam adopts a way of knowing, that is a scholastic repetition of one single past.... Humans don’t know how they conjugate their own thoughts... Reptilians do know instead and have also developed means in order to conduct their rhythms and periodic oscillations... Their respective values and ways of feeling are very different from each other. The clever and cunning Snake seeks power and obtains it, looking down on, but also envying Adam’s calm lightness of spirit, his way of being happy with simple things, loving and being in love with Life and nature...

Adam could change the world, but he trusts religions...

Meaningless beliefs succeed in manipulating scientific minds too. Just think that the effects of the weak nuclear force on our human body are used as a means of diagnosis (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)... Why do scientists "forget" it? Because they believe that forces are just mathematical entities... They nourish a mechanistic science
Will they become aware of their illusion? I don’t know, but you can anyway.

You, Adam, can listen to the song of your emotions and eternal consciousness; you are not “deaf”, but only afraid of expressing them...

The Reptilians have been the owners of the world up to now; their Lord is the strong nuclear force. Whoever fights against Him, makes Him stronger, as physics itself shows. There’s no way to defeat Him. Pure Reptilians are very very few; they have finances, media, technology, armies, pharmaceuticals, secret services, oil...
They have entrapped everybody, themselves too. Their intent was noble though and not actually against Humans...

Adam is therefore more responsible than the Snake. What should Adam do? Just being what he truly is, the creators’ expression in the visible matrix...
Adam’s as yet embryonic consciousness has given reality to the virtual “reality” the Snake has created.
This is essentially an economic machine that wears Adam out and steals his vital "weak" Energy...

...Adam still believes in “power” and behaves as if he were Snake’s employee and doesn’t realise that he is Snake’s maintainer instead.

Speaking about Humans, Reptilians and their different allies, such as Martians, might be speaking about each of us. They are not single individuals, but archetypes.. We are all part of One Cosmic Organism and do not have separate, personal unconscious minds.

We all share a single Unconscious... This is why just a few reawakened people can change It and free all the people from their illusion...

Believing that enemies exist is men’s main trap.
The monstrous “machine” that creates "enemies" is now lacking its primary fuel, Adam’s credulity...
Thanks to the Force, Adam has a higher, broader consciousness that also includes Snake’s cunning abilities.
The two cultural pillars, mechanistic science and orthodox religion are collapsing...
The increasing intensity of the "weak" force is the inner fuel for rethinking the world...

Today a new Adam is going to be born; he is the “son of man” conscious of his own will and able to make it real, by just acting coherently with it.

A new human species is arising from the ashes of the old one; it hears the truth within, and no longer gives credit to the “machine”, TV, global market and its various mediators. Many people feel truths within, not spoken of on TV; they want peace, justice, transparency, sincerity, respect, freedom from any former bond. Old Adam’s “death” and new Adam’s “birth” are stages in everyone's genetic evolution, that also implies a cultural and pacific revolution, meaning the revelation of the causal eternal reality... New Adam is free... recognizes and gets what he truly wants: dignity, friendship, justice, harmony and well-being for all.
The Earth’s surface is also being delivered... (end_of_times)

The “power” that has trampled on the planet without respect for its beauty and resources is going to vanish...

The few who have the courage to face inner truth, know that we are all responsible for the old world...

Life is the intelligent, abundant "dark" free Energy, available for anyone who loves and respects It.
Today the “weak”, Life Energy, LOVE is increasing and offering us new kinds of relationships...

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