The disclosure you wish to see will indeed occur in a timely and organized way to create the most value and the least disruption...Religion...will be threatened as never before. Expect the most virulent attacks and resistance from that quarter...this is where you come in, lightworkers...Start by preparing the way... - spread the word!




GFL communication team on Radio Ann:


Hello, Miss Ann. We are the Galactic Federation of Light coming to you from the communication center. We are in constant contact with you on the inner planes, as are your colleagues and fellow lightworkers. The disclosure you wish to see will indeed occur in a timely and organized way to create the most value and the least disruption, although an event of this magnitude is by definition disruptive.


Nothing in your world will ever be the same when we make our appearance into human society. Religion - we mean the big organized institutions - will be threatened as never before. Expect the most virulent attacks and resistance from that quarter. If the organizations that have controlled you for so long no longer have the claim to the ultimate understanding of life and the universe, they have no firm ground upon which to stand. In other words, they will collapse under their own weight. This is the factor that we are most concerned about, since many humans rely on churches to tell them what to do and how to live. Where then, will they look? If they (and we refer here to what some of you satirically call "sheeple") can't get their heads around the new paradigm, you can expect to see a fair number of people go predictably nuts.




And this is where you come in, lightworkers. You're going to have to stay calm (we see you jumping up and down when we arrive) and help your confused, scared and angry neighbors come to terms with us. There will be a lot of anger because people will realize the extent of the lies that controlling institutions have perpetuated solely to stay in power. This will generate a tremendous amount of rage, and while we understand the reaction, it would be better to tamp it down.


You, our ground crew, are the ones who can do the most in this regard. You know your neighbors, coworkers, family members, etc. much better than we do. Start by preparing the way. When you have the opportunity to talk about us calmly and logically, do so. Sow the seeds of the new way so that the ground is prepared in advance. Can you do this? We know you can. We know you talk among yourselves about us - spread the word! We need to achieve critical mass in the collective mind-set to make a successful entrance. You are our advance team.


Make it so! Namaste, the GFL comm team.

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  • I never seen God but I do believe in Him and talked to Him many time during my life. I can tell God is real. For some reason I KNOW God  is the creator of everything  that exists.

    If God create us why not many other species in this universe and realms? I never seen an ET or alien, but my instinct tell me they are there and here with us.

    I do believe we are never been alone and that are things around us, that we can not even describe with simple words, for them are so out of our understanding sometime.

    My husband thinks I am a little crazy when I talk of my beliefs. My daughter said  I am a dreamer  if not a little crazy. My son believe in almost every thing I do believe.

    Some of my friends want me to talk to them about what I believe, because they want to believe.

    I do not want to impose my thinking or belief to no one.

    When the time will come to open the eyes and ears, then we should be ready to help some of the no- believer.

    But at the end.....what if we have been wrong all this time?


  • I have already started doing my part in this. I keep talking about Extra Terrestrials and spaceships. It does not matter if some people believe that I am loony. I feel that once Disclosure happens, they will remember my talking to them about it. Can't wait for THAT to happen.

    Thank you for the post :)

  • I agree, this is a HUGE problem. 

    I can't even get most of the people I know to believe that aspartame is bad for them. When I start talking about "visitors from outer space" their eyes glaze over and they start looking for the door.

    The average person here in Northern California is so brainwashed with religion and main stream TV that I am not sure truth can get through.

    While disclosure will be a painful experience, it will take a massive event to cause the "cognitive dissonance" needed to make people step outside their comfort zone and begin asking questions, and most importantly, to LISTEN to the truth.

    To wake up the "common man" here in America, it would take something on the level of the GFL landing on the White house lawn and asking the President out to tea, on national TV.

    Or a huge display of ships in the skys of the world.

    Either way, it's going to be a painful experience for many people the world over.

    I have been mulling over what would happen in my church if the government were to disclose the fact that there is alien life, and that they are here, now, and just waiting to start a series of broadcasts.

    I can see the Christians breaking away and "rebuking" EVERYTHING. I can only hope that they would be willing to sit and talk about what is happening.

    Either way, it is going to be painful.


    But I can tell you this, some of you came here for just this reason. You choose your life experiences so that you would be able to help people through what is going to happen.

    You believe what you believe and know the things you know because you have been preparing.


    Take care.




  • Somewre every human being fill the true. If the GFL wait for total ascension of human consciusness not enough time to december 2012. Disclosure's best time in my mind is befor Cristmass 2011, there the Love sentiment's are higher then other. I understand GFL,there is a hard situation but need to step...

  • Thank you much. Been hard at work getting A small independant press out to the public grass roots style:)


  • Well personally, I feel disclosure has been happening in small incriments for a very long time.  I feel like the people on this planet that have invested their lives into Religion already feel threatened by the New Age movement, and that includes our space friends making themselves known, gradually...

    We as a human race are being "eased" into this transition, we are being given doses of reality, so in many very real ways, disclosure is happening now, right before our eyes.

    I feel like this was our space friends speaking to us through the Matrix:


  • As far as I know, most religions on Earth are based on something U can not see... Its part of the religion concept, it only "works" through faith and blind trust.


    When I approach friends and family with my beliefs, they simply look at me as if I am introducing a new religion of some sort, another thing that cant be seen and is based on "faith" and trust, and they will simply ask "Can U prove that.?" and I will say "Yes, cant U feel it. Dont U sense it. Dont U see the changes in our World.?" and they go "Nahh not really....what's on tv tonight..?" end of preparing ;-)


    I do believe though, that in countries where religion isnt a big part of everyones daily life, such as in Denmark, it wont be such a big issue as in populations of firmer religious beliefs.


    I also believe that once U set foot on Earth, it will be a lot easier for us to inform people what is really going on and actually have them listen and try and understand, cause then it will be a reality and not a "vision" a hunch or some new religion where there is nothing to be seen...


    None of the above however, is gonna stop me from trying ;-)


    I also dont think we need to worry too much about the media, cause when the Lighshow starts, the media will be "forced" to report the truth and they will and that will ease much of the initial confusion and fear, as a lot of people on earth look at their TV as if it was an altar, and swallow each word as if it was spoken by God Herself...


    I understand how hard it must be, to be up there and decide when the right time, the Divine time is, cause there are soo frustrating many aspects to be aware of, and so many different thinking populations on Earth, but I will go my daily route and spread as much Light as I possibly can and be available to whomever might want to hear "my story", knowing that one day, soon, it wont be a story anymore and I will share my knowledge to all the new "listeners".


    Life on Earth just gets better each day  ....


    Love & Light


  • I wish/we here on Acc could know when this disclosure, and spaceship hovering above us will happen. For instans; If the disclosure were in June 2012, then we could go to our local newspaper with a story NOW!. I can do it, but i would like to know WHEN this is gonna happen. Please galactics, give us a when??.

  • Yes I am ready. Yes I can translate what they believe, into ascension knowledge. It's part of my mission of service in these times. And I will complete my mission. Count on it.

  • I'm ready :) I've studied every religion, I know their truths and untruths, I know how to bridge what they believe into ascension and true enlightenment....I'm ready to do my part! Let's get it on!

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