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Galactic News Update; Great Earth Changes are upon us now as Yellowstone Super Volcano is about to blow !

It looks like the super volcano in Yellow stone is about to blow, over 1400 quakes in the last 3 wks. If it goes big time this Ash will effect the whole world, for the great Nibiru Earth Changes have begun, prepare your self now with food, water & fuel. Rest of this yr will be heavy,Huh In case you did not know its the worlds largest super volcano and new studies show that it is 4 times bigger than previous thought.

The military is drilling there but wont say why, we hope that it is to release some pressure and have a smaller eruption instead of a large one that will effect the whole world. It could block out the simulator sun we have now for months or even years, making it extremely difficult to grow food except in green houses and vegetables will become very expensive if you can get them. So stock up on food now and put them away. Even if this doesn't happen big time we still have the pole shift coming up in Sept or Oct.. The next 6 months will be very challenging,so get ready !

I posted this, not to cause fear but for people and light workers to get prepared for the Great Earth Changes that are upon us now and can and will effect us in many ways we have not experienced before. If you look up into the sky , you will see the 2nd sun and if not use your ph camera for it uses infer red and can see what the eyes can't. The eyes can see that our sun is gone and we have a simulated sun that is white, not yellow and your eyes wont hurt when you look at this sun. And there is a red 2nd sun which is 100 times smaller than our sun but it looks huge when it gets really close to our earth, if this is our earth. Also notice that the sun sets much more to the east as the magnetic forces are moving to the south and far away from where it used to set.

Now when you see that small 2nd sun at sunset ,you should also should see one or more planets and there 3 green moons but not near the white sun or the small red dwarf sun called Nibiru ,they should be to your right and if you can't see one or more of them ,then use your camera. Please realize that all 7 of them are effecting our planet and our minds by great magnetic energy over loading our minds even our animals and plants and causing havoc on the planet and causing great earth changes!!! Adonai

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