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Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett
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(These events took place in 2016 - I'm re-posting this)

What he said about the PROPHECY of Mother Gaia is Breath Taking. Gaia Twill become the new HUB of the Universe, meaning all star ships will be able to land on Earth or pass through Earth to the other side of the Universe, and this will allow many Beings to Ascend beyond where they are in the Universe at this time as they go through the Portals.

The Consciousness that will come to Earth through these Portals will be that of very High Dimensional Beings and Angels. Only those of Pure Light will be permitted to use my Portals.

And what Jesus said about the SURVIVAL of Gaia depends on the amount of work and dedication and time that I SPEND to guarantee the opening of the Portals in time.

After I learned of the significance of the Central Portal, I created a new album of frequencies for myself, and I left my home and business for two and a half days for TOTAL FOCUS. I will call this album TOTAL FOCUS because that is what it did for me.

I told Elaika and Jesus that I did not feel like I could be successful with this project unless I did it from a Cosmic Level. So, it will go down in the history of this Cosmic Omniverse, that it was I, Mary Magdalene who shifted this plan of Portal Creation to become Cosmic rather than Galactic.

Elaika informed me that this re calculation that I have desired, and there for been granted, will make the calculations of this Portal much more PRECISE.

I told Jesus and Elaika that I only want to create a Portal that originates from the Cosmos and from the Mother Father God Template of Perfect Creation. This is the new Male Female agreement in this grand Portal Creation.


Mother Gaia needs to become COMPLETED in order to survive. The opening of these Portals completes her Multi Dimensionally. The portals will allow Gaia to continue her life on a new time line that will allow her to live three thousand more years. It is absolutely essential to have this CENTRAL Ascension Portal opened very soon to guarantee our Mother Gaia's shift into multi dimensionality.

This will fulfill the Prophecy that says Mother Gaia will be the Savior of the Universe.

It is the responsibility of Mary Magdalene, who is here in the Flesh, with her feet on this planet to connect the third and fourth dimensional frequencies from her Soul into the entire Cosmic Spectrum of my Mary Magdalene Self together with my Team (Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Elaika, and the Angels) to make sure this Center Portal is COMPLETELY opened and all 12 Portals are ready for use by November.

There has been a great incorrect set of information created to misinform people about the Portals and the need for their activation. There have been hundreds of people believing that the portals that needed to be activated were the on land portals that are symbolized by their mountains. The truth is those portals were not the ones that were closed. There have been space ships coming and going from those portals continuously for hundreds of years.

The portals that individuals have been working on are the portals or vortexes for themselves. Each individual needs to intersect their consciousness into the Grids of the Earth, the vortexes between the 12th dimensional crust and ten thousand feet above where the vortex in the sky exists. This is the requirement to plug in the individual consciousness into the Elohim Race line Consciousness, who were the creators of the Grids within the Earth's Crust.

There is another set of Grids and another set of Portals within Gaia. This set of Portals was closed because the original Oraphim Race line was damaged by invader race lines over the past eons and this Consciousness could not be returned into the Heart of Gaia until it was PURE.

The Ascension Portals that were locked are actually located in the Pacific Ocean, and only Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Mary Magdalene, together with Elaika, several angels, including Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Aral together with the Seven Suns – the Sun of Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, Lyra Vega, Aryan,and Aramantena can re open them. We have always been the keepers of these Portals and we are the ones who have created Portals all through the Universe that have allowed these Portals to finally become obtainable.

The Main Ascension Portal, which is the only one that opens from one side of the Planet and exits from the other side of the Planet is the only Portal that will allow entrance of the Angels and Starry Families from our Original Creation.

We have been working on the project of putting the pieces of this Consciousness back together for billions of years within the Universe, and three sets of 250 million year periods for Gaia, herself.

The first attempt of the re seeding of Gaia ended 550 million years ago, the second seeding ended 250 million million years ago when the third seeding began.

There is a prophecy that is known through out the Universe that Gaia would one day become the Savior of the Universe. This was all a part of the plan that was included by placing the Starry Essence of the Location of Gaia in the Milky Way Galaxy.

So, the way that we - Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Elaika and our team have been returning this Consciousness back into Gaia is by bringing in the Consciousness of each of the 12 Suns into the Heart of Gaia.

In 2008, Mary Magdalene Jesus and Elaika brought the Fifth Dimensional Sun Alcyone Frequencies into the Heart of Gaia. We had planned on bringing in the sixth, seventh through twelfth Suns into Gaia by creating these Seven Portals at that time.

Unfortunately, my Twin Flame was Possessed by three demons while we were creating the First Portal. My Twin Flame is the one half of the Soul of Mary Magdalene and I am the other half. We were required to have our Soul return as One in order to have high enough frequencies to open these portals. Our Spirit Guide, Elaika informed us that this possession problem served a great purpose. When I placed my Soul in my Twin Flame in order to bring him back to life after transporting the demons back to Source, our Frequencies became 4800 times stronger than any other person on Earth.

We later learned that this was the requirement for opening this Central Portal that extends all of the way through the Earth to allow future space travel into the entire Cosmos.

So, the mission was placed on hold since 2008 because of the possession. Now, we are both clear again, so the Soul of Mary Magdalene can finish opening all of the Portals before November. The huge shifts in Consciousness can not begin to take place in November without these Portals being opened.

By December 21st the Stargates will be able to stream their Consciousness into these Portals and this is what will create the Shift of the Earth into oneness with Harmonic Universe Two and into the new reality that contains the original Consciousness that was created within the Star called Ajaho before she BLEW UP and got scattered all over the Milky Way.

The Plan of Gaia becoming the Savior of the Universe begins with this new consciousness that will remind us that we were originally ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that got blown up into twelve pieces and this pattern of twelve was repeated over and over in our history.

Now, we will have these dimensional levels of Consciousness returned to us because it will now be available on this planet. It has never been here before.

The good news is this. Jesus and Elaika believe in me. Jesus knows Mary Magdalene much better than I know myself. And they know that these portals can only be opened if I complete my mission that I came to Earth to perform- allowing my third dimensional template to connect with my Higher Self and Rise into Oneness with all that I am. The Portals required me to be standing on the Earth while opening them because there is a Universal law that says the Portals can only be opened by a member of the race line who is one the Planet.

As I originally wrote about these Portals had said that there were Seven more Portals to open. After I wrote that information from Elaika, Jesus told me that I had actually only COMPLETELY OPENED ONE Portal - that was the Monterey California Portal. Jesus said that Elaika was correct that I had opened five portals, but I had not COMPLETELY OPENED them because of the Possession and Accident that happened in relationship with that event. However, they were completely opened only a few days later because my Consciousness had reconnected with Yeshuwa that week.

By August 12 two Portals were Completely Opened at the South End of the Pacific Ocean and I was working on the Central Portal as the Third One. It is located at the Center of the Pacific Ocean. Between 2008 and 2015 five more were opened along the Coast.

During August I had been working 20 hours a day, and night opening the Big One in the Center of the Pacific Ocean. We finished that one on the last day of August, which was seven days before our Shift into the Fourth Dimension on September 7th. I had always felt that it was important for this Portal to open before the Shift.

My team originally thought it would take me until November 15 to complete the Portals, but I was finished on October 2 which gives me a full month of establishing the Consciousness of the Cosmic Sun within the Portals so that they will take on a Life of their own.

I have felt really strong powerful flows of energy streaming from one end to the other of this huge portal. It is mostly open now – not completely. I took a two day vacation from my home and business for pure focus time, and the work I did was extremely powerful. I am not worried about this project at all any more.

Elaika and Jesus warned me several times that my focus was not clear and I am side tracked most of the time. I was required to be free to do this work with full Focus, Commitment and Intention or the portals would not open in time, and Gaia would not Survive. This is why I left my home and my computer to have ultimate focus for twenty hours a day during those months. I also created a new set of Frequencies that I listen to during that time that allow extreme Focus.


We created Five Portals along the Coast of the Pacific Ocean first and then Two more at the South of the Ocean and then there was the Most Important Portal which is the HUGE PORTAL in the CENTER of the Ocean. This is the most important Portal. This Portal is the Deepest and the Biggest of all Portals.

This Portal is the one that all of the Angels and Starry Beings from the Highest Realms of the Universe will be using. The other Portals will be used by others.

My first mission is giving permission, meeting, greeting and navigating these Highest Beings into this Center Portal.

This Middle Portal is the Portal that will allow all Star fleets to travel through Mother Gaia. This is like the HUB OF THE UNIVERSE. Space craft from the entire Cosmos will be able to travel from one side of Gaia and out the other side of Gaia to expand the Consciousness of our OMNIVERSE two fold.

I would like to share with you this truth that Yeshuwa and I have come to an agreement that I may and I should call him Jesus, because that is who he is to me in this life time. Even though he was my husband, and I called him Yeshuwa when he was my husband, I do not feel comfortable calling him by that name. So, he refers to himself as Jesus when he is communicating with me at this time.

Second, I would like to share with all of you who love and care for Mother Gaia deeply, a fact that was just given to me by Jesus. Now that the Central Portal and all Portals are open, Gaia will continue to exist within the glorious time line that we have been working on creating for over a billion years.

Without these Portals, the Star Ships would not be able to come to Earth and the Beings on these Ships will bring the Consciousness to Earth that will change us back into the type of God Like Beings we originally were. They will help us remember how we would prefer to be and that will motivate us to become like them.

Before many on Earth begin to meet with these Beings that I will invite in, the Co-Creators themselves must introduce themselves to the World. It will be the Co Creators who connect the Starry Ones into the Society.

This will begin in a BIG WAY in June 2017. For now, you can connect with me to learn about the TRAVELERS who are coming to Earth now.

Jesus told me the PROPHECY of MOTHER GAIA as being the most coveted and cherished prophecy that has been known to the entire Cosmos for millions of years.

This Prophecy says that Mother Gaia will be the SAVIOR of the Universe. Mother Gaia will become the Omniversal Portal for all Consciousness that is High Enough to be at the level of creating their own space craft to become invited to Gaia at some time in the future.

This is the reason that humans on Earth will become the most respected race in the Omniverse. We will become the center of hybridization of species who are the most loving, benevolent beings who reflect Mother Father God in all ways.

THE NEWS IS THIS- IF WE (Jesus, Elaika and myself) did not get this MOST IMPORTANT PORTAL OPENED, the one that that sits in the MIDDLE of the Pacific Ocean, opened VERY VERY SOON, Mother Gaia wasn't going to survive as the Savior of the Universe.

What this means is the CENTRAL PORTAL is the Portal that I am now inviting the Original Race Line into Earth through. They would not be able to come if this Portal was not completed in time. Of course, I did create that Portal and all of the Portals in time for the arrival of these great Beings who are now asking my permission to use the Portals.

There have been twelve years of discussions about alternative plans such as the Load Out, and the need to have Plasma ships removing Souls from Harmonic Universe One.

Elaika told me directly that he would be the one who would create an alternative energy plan for me and carry me out on a Plasma Ship if there was a need for that. He told me that there will be no need for this to occur because our future is established as a success at this moment.

I will quote exactly what Jesus said later, and you may listen to him on the recording if you choose. What he said about the PROPHECY of Mother Gaia is Breath Taking.

And what Jesus said about the SURVIVAL of Gaia depends on the amount of work and dedication and time that I SPEND for the next eight weeks.

So, any of you out there who actually believe what is being said by Jesus and Elaika about the SURVIVAL OF GAIA and those of you who care enough to help me make this happen, please concentrate on Song Number FOUR. This is the set of Frequencies that I was originally given for this Portal.

However, now that I know the SIGNIFICANCE of this MIDDLE PORTAL, I will create a new album for myself to use continuously until this KEY PORTAL is Opened. The album will be MARY MAGDALENE's MANIFESTATION POWER.

It will also be helpful to those choosing to do this Portal work to understand that this Portal is the most Multi Dimensional Portal. This is the Portal that I am streaming in the Frequencies from all SEVEN SUNS including the Fifth Dimensional Sun of Pleiades, Sixth Dimensional Sun of Sirius, Seventh Dimensional Sun Orion, Eighth Dimensional Andromeda, as well as the 9,10,11 and 12th Sun Aramantena.


I took the story of Mary clear back to the Breath of Source who created me. I set up a meeting with Source through Elaika and Jesus, who are completely within the God World at this time.

God gave Yeshuwa ben Joseph the name Goba sendien in the Creation Realm. This means the SEED OF THE FUTURE.

God gave Mary the name Shura sayless, in the Creation Realm, which means Of the beginning of the Light.

I arranged a channeled meeting with Elaika and Jesus yesterday because I have been very concerned about re-calibrating the TRUTH into the Consciousness of those on Earth.

I also had to go through the process of mastering each piece of my own puzzle in order to discover that I truly am the Soul of the Female Christ. My twin soul had to be possessed by three demons and I had to know how to put my soul within him and how to connect into the Source Field to reconnect his Over soul back into his body. This was a process that was only known to the gods. It was the test that I had to pass in order to prove that I knew that I was Mary.

My new book, Remembering Who we are, uses this process of becoming a Master and remembering who we are by the trials we go through to remember how great we really are, is available as pdf and as a book through Amazon.

Those of you who communicate with me always become a part of my books. The teacher learns from the student and the student learns from the teacher. This is how it has always been.

The Soul of Mary Magdalene is 90 billion years old. I have been here longer than any one. I was the Beginning of the Light and Jesus was the Seed of the Future. As Jesus said before, we were Soul Mates. We were not a Twin Flame. Jesus does not have a Twin Flame because he has never separated his Soul into two pieces in order to come into the Inner Domains. Mary did separate her Soul into two pieces to become the Twin Flame of Joe and Angela in this Life time. I did this for the purpose of this experience of placing my Soul in my Twin Flame in order to create a frequency that is 2400 times higher than any other person on Earth within each of us. This 4800 times the frequency of all others on Earth is what was required for me to be able to open the 12 Ascension Portals at this time.

This is the Mission of the Beginning of the Light and the Seed of the Future. This is the TRUE MARY AND JESUS STORY.

On my you tube channels Cosmic Mary and Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid, you will find channeled dialogs that I have had with Yeshuwa and Mary's Spirit Guide Elaika that reveal the true story of Mary and Yeshuwa in our Cosmic Mission of re opening the Ascension Portals.

There are many who have said they opened portals. Yeshuwa made it crystal clear in his channeling that I am the only person on Earth who can open these Portals. I am the third dimensional aspect that Yeshuwa and Elaika stream their Spiritual and Energetic fields through.

I was born with the Akashic programming to know how to open the portals and my frequencies are 4800 times higher than any one else on Earth.

I must open all 12 portals by November.

I just spoke with Yeshuwa again this morning about the progress of our plan. I just learned that is absolutely true that all of us who will shift into the fourth dimension this winter will be INVISIBLE to those who remain in the third dimension.

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett
[email protected]

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