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The Perth mint is the only mint acknowledged by the Western financial system that is smelting Asian off ledger gold.  This is especially interesting since three Chinese warships just sailed into Sydney harbor, apparently without the knowledge of the Australian military.  Has China just seized control of Australia?

The Russians have also made a huge move by de facto seizing the world’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela.  The Russian government now owns them.  This means any move by the Washington DC regime to seize Venezuelan oil will lead to war with nuclear-armed Russia.

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The FED is now obviously losing control of the petrodollar as the price of some grades of oil is falling to $4 per barrel.  Experts are now predicting oil prices to go negative as the world runs out of places to store the stuff.

So why isn’t the U.S. dollar collapsing?  The answer to this is that the U.S. dollar is not controlled by the United States.  There are many countries producing U.S. dollars including China, Japan, and Indonesia. What is happening is that the formerly oil-backed dollars produced by the faction controlling Washington DC are not being accepted by most other countries.  Japanese or Chinese made U.S. dollars, though, are in high demand.  Seizing Australia and the Perth mint was necessary to ensure the cabal couldn’t get its hands on more gold to back its dollars with, Asian secret society sources say.

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Now, for a look at what the cabal has planned for China in this undeclared World War III, let us look at a CIA version, conveyed face-to-face by a source, of what’s going on with the pandemic:

“Wuhan will not open; this is all a stage show for the media.  There are still hundreds of apartment buildings sealed with the doors welded shut.  China is starting with a new round of infections from returning nationals carrying a different strain of the bioengineered virus.  Before the end of the year, China is scheduled to implode with hundreds of millions of deaths. The cabal’s goal is to eliminate up to half of its population.

There are five different strains of this weaponized coronavirus created at Ft. Detrick.  The strains that hit China and Japan are different from each other but Italy and Iran have the same strain.

India will only have minor problems and the death toll there will be marginal. The lockdown will be enforced by the cabal, which still controls India.  The pandemic should be winding down by July, so by summer, it will all be taken care of.”

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It is interesting to note Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Israeli TV that the pandemic “might take two months, it might take three months, it might take a bit longer but that is the plan.”  Then we have a Rabbi telling the Jews not to worry because the coronavirus is “only for the goyim.”

Furthermore, we have CIA sources in South East Asia noting that because “100 people in a country of 270 million died from the ‘new flu’ they are shutting down the country.”  He adds: “This is the largest scam ever pulled on humanity.  People are waking up all over the world as to what this really is.”

“We see the whole affair as a pre-emptive strike that has gone spectacularly wrong.  Now we will see a counteroffensive designed to level to the ground all concerned,” is what MI6 had to say about the pandemic talk.

Interestingly the Satanic number 666 is again popping up in various news reports these days.  Two examples are linked below.

Book 1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance

These BBC and Fox News stories are hinting that asteroids will be used next to scare people after the pandemic show fizzles to an end.

We are also hearing from many sources that preparations for what is happening now have been going on for quite some time.  Take a look at this phrase from a September 2007 conference called, Defense in 2020 and Beyond:

“The British Armed Forces Joint Doctrine and Concepts Center expects a general collapse of the global order in the next decade, and other strategic thinkers are equally pessimistic.”

The “strategic thinkers” may have known their fiat-based control grid was mathematically doomed to lose touch with reality.  However, they apparently failed to see the collapse of the old control grid paving the way for a phoenix-like rise of a new age.  Soon our concrete and steel cities will become green with vegetation and filled with abundant animal life.

Remember the cabal requires fear and hate in order to stay in control.  Friendship and love, when backed by overwhelming military force, will prevail.  Just watch and see how many bad guys vanish over the coming days and weeks.  There is a lot we cannot say for operational reasons, but rest assured the good guys are winning.  It’s revolution time.

Love fully. Forgive Completely.

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