Even I got there to abandon the Tokyo metropolitan area. Also, across the Pacific Ocean aboard the westerlies, Hawaii, also the United States West Coast area is the fact of contamination by radioactive substances.
And that continues to spread radioactive contamination by 2015 the current Fukushima first (F1) nuclear accident, the future of the solutions that I wonder if there is such, and misery in the sad reality Koide teacher severely invisible hope He has told me directly that is a terrible situation in the precise words.

In this world, there is that a person does not become a reality even if the imagination. It is a "radioactive material".

To myself I met in damage during the 3.11 earthquake, to come from the outside to remove or of radioactive substances by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, reconstruction of the catastrophic situation caused by the earthquake and tsunami, also the work that is involved in it such as the unreasonable treatment of people also came directly involved.

Honest, helpless, it can not be any way, with regard to the radioactive substance that is no longer intractable once hand, to say that impossible, such as resolution also had been convinced at an early stage.

That you can not it is to all the characters in here, I think if you look at the conference of Koide teacher that keeps talking about consistently facts and future prospects from those days. View first Part1 that say it's situation is outrageous just become think you can see it because it is straightforward to talk.

Anyway, since then UP until Part.1 ~ Part.5, we believe that it would like to know the facts.

No choice but to contain at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for the time being sarcophagus. Whether it even possible. . .
Koide Hiroaki former Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Assistant Professor

Through the image, it is fortunate just If we can serve you in everyone, even a little.

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