The nature of forgiveness, which is the greatest truth
that one canderive from the practice of being in your heart.

Forgiveness isthe nature of the Creator and the Divine

One of the Key aspectsof spiritual and emotional nourishment
is forgiveness. And evendeeper than that is the level of Divinity
that recognizes, states andlives the truth that there is nothing to forgive.
You cannot createthis truth: you can only discover it. Here and now you
have anopportunity to learn this truth for yourself, and our great Earth
motherhas also the opportunity to live this truth with all of us.

Manyof you have reached a place on your spiritual path where the trauma
ofpast experiences has brought you to juncture. This crossroads holdsanger,
grief, sorrow and shame on one side, and joy, wisdom, love,creativity and the
truth on the other side. . . It has been a rollercoaster for most of us in all the different
moods we find ourselvesbecause of what we think others have done to us. It's so easy to blame
othersfor our ups and downs without realizing that we are responsible for ourcreations and our well being.

Shame is the illusion that thereis something that you can do, or that someone else can do to you,
whichis wrong and for which there is no possibility for redemption orforgiveness.

You have been taught this as a society and as arace.
You have been taught this through most religious traditions andbelief systems.
But the truth is that in the past events and evennow, happened that you didn't
have the wisdom at the time tounderstand.

There are no victims!

There is no event, placeor person that has the power to add or take a iota from you.
Thepower that anyone or anything has over you is the power that you eitherconsciously
or unconsciously gave to them. . . As spiritual andpowerful being we get to choose our experiences so we can learn fromthem; For in truth every situation or experience comes
with a gift.The gift is what all of us brave Souls long for. . . The gift ofknowledge that later
turns into wisdom when applied. And thoseKnowledge and wisdom we inquired over the many
lifetimes get to staywith us forever.

You see my friends, you always have a choice.
Whena situation or people come to you with their trouble worlds as to dumpit on you;
you have the right to say no thank you. . . People walkaround all day long bearing gifts,
rest assure many gifts will beoffer to you. Your job as a responsible creator of your own
world isto choose and pick which creation you want to bring forth; don't goaround making people's creation your own. What is it and who are thepeople you are attracting in your life daily? ( Like attract Like )

Whatis the quality of thoughts, words that you speak out, actions that youtake and the
internal dialogue that you entertain within yourself "Moment by moment? "
Does it reflect what you desire. . . The questionis what is it you desire?
What are the thoughts you entertain withinyourself and focus on?
Beloved friends don't be afraid to questionand observe yourself.
Why do you do the things that you do?

Inobserving and questioning yourself you receive the gift understanding.
Nownot only you can see, but you understand why you live where you live,why you have the parents you have, why you have the friends you have,why things are the way they are in
your life. . . there are novictims and there are no accidents. You are always the one attracting
yournext fix or experience moment by moment; whether it is a moment ofheaven or a moment of hell you are always free to pick and choose.

Asweet reminder to all of you: Do not, i repeat " Do not " identify withyour experiences.
You are not your experience, you only go throughthem so you can receive their gifts or learn
from them. You are a *Spiritual Being * and you live * Forever. *
You create, youexperience, you teach and learn. . . That's what you do. And that's whatplanet
Earth is all about; she has provided a place for you to dojust that for your evolution.

Now is the time to connect again tothe pure frequency of your heart, the Heart of the Divine.
Worktogether with the Heart of the mother Earth for she has allowed youdestroy her body and
Suffer great sufferings for the sake of yourevolution. She has decided to heal herself by forgiving
you for allthe pain and destruction you created over many lifetimes.

MotherEarth invitation for healing is to you, me, all of us and her advice toyou today is to start by forgiving and healing yourself first.

Thefrequency of forgiveness
Is of the heart.
Tapping into theheart allows you
To inform the mind and the body
Of thisgift,
Not just for this lifetime,
But for all lifetimes as well.

-Eric& Adama

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