Foreward of Zendor the Barbarian - Part Trois

This has been a daunting task – to reflect the self-existing nature within us. I have intense moments and have learned to manage my emotions to the point of freedom. I mean being able to experience intense energy without succumbing to fear or at least self-denial, let alone self-loathing.

When I began my quest for truth, inadvertently I also embarked upon a quest for identity beyond anything I ever dreamed possible as a child or even as an adult. I just wasn’t prepared for what I’d find. It has been an absolutely amazing half-century for me, full of bizarre experiences that apparently are interconnected with others.

Even knowing who I Am now often doesn’t provide any real answers, yet the questions emerging along the way seem to connect people, places and things more cohesively. I am blessed with an intellect able to ride the waves as they become particles in the seer’s vision. I don’t claim to understand how our experience bridges worlds, only that it happens from time to time and with increasing regularity when one can remain poised and still, instead of behaving like a pogo stick with an attention-driven hyper-drive.

If you got the latter remark, then you’ll enjoy this journey with me. I don’t take myself too seriously, yet I know there is a serious shift taking place, or at least about to now. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention all the signs, including the Occupy Movement as a demonstration of the intent (without answers as to how) for change in our world to better serve humanity instead of filling corporate coffers.

I wish I could offer a solid state of affairs or at least a belief system to hold on to for now. I cannot. What I can offer is encouragement to trust in what is to come, that it will be what is needed for all of us and that the right thing to do is always right in front of your face, even when you forget that it is. Life doesn’t have instructions but it does have a flow of vibration that is becoming more accessible it seems.

It is that trust I find everything I need and where I can completely let go even in the most intense situations where I’m not sure what is going to happen next and I feel like I’m going to literally jump out of my skin… and sometimes do as a result. That is how I discovered entrance into a whole lot of new worlds and the intelligence that permeates them all. It seems there is a plan, loosely arranged as it may be, that becomes visible as one loses themselves in the BEing behind the doing and having.

Writing this series has been most cathartic and allowed me to take yet another step back and observe from yet another intimately woven perspective I never knew existed, yet makes perfect sense as I explore its offerings. I guess that is what my mentors meant by aging gracefully into maturity. As long as we continue to question reality and our place in it, we are led to the next experience and guided toward understanding the depth and meaning of oneness both as an individual and part of the team that collaborates for the future of Earth and us.

What I have gotten real clear on is that we have a choice in the beginning. After the choice is made, the commitment to self, then there is no other choice about whether to do or not to do. It will be in front of your face and unless and until you do it, whatever the task, it will return in other forms until completed. We remain devoted to serving Creators and Creation, or whatever terms you might use, as problem-solvers for our planetary civilization.

Like Einstein supposedly said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

So I offer that there is a new reality that is struggling to get through to us, something more than we ever dreamed possible. 

As an example of recent up-to-the-moment events, I recently parted with one of my domains,, selling it to the Global Peace Youth Group for their 2013 Be The Dream Campaign. They are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 50th anniversary of his ‘I’ve got a Dream’ speech by soliciting 50,000 youth (ages 18-39) world-wide to commit to and fulfill a local service project for their communities. I think that is a perfect example of how our world is transforming through people, places and things with a valiant purpose.

This book is intended to invite you into such a world as it begins to manifest before our very eyes. It is dedicated to the unyielding efforts made by so many who face and transcend what once kept them afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile in order to fulfill a deeper calling toward a new living awareness of love. Trust is an action of that love, undoubtedly the most important for each of us to find and live our purpose.

What if we can experience a new world order in our lifetimes? What if there is something for you here that can assist your awakening? What if I’m full of shit and this is all a rouse just to get you to question your beliefs or sell you something? I guess you’ll have to trust that reading this now is your simple answer… and to read on is appropriate.

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