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Fongeetale Answers The Question: What Is Happening To Our Pets?

What is happening to our animals, specifically, our ‘pets’ who are
living a less than natural domesticated life? I imagine that the wild
animals are evolving just right, but is there anything we should do to
help our beloved companion animals? Do they also have ascension
symptoms? Diane

Thank you Diane for your question! Animals are wonderful people and
they have ascension symptoms like everyone else. Increased empathy,
increased empathic abilities. These empathic abilities cause increased
stress levels and sometimes cause them to become physically ill.
Often, pets who become sick, are sick because they are taking an
illness from their owner, or taking emotional stress away from their
owner and it develops into a physical ailment. When a pet is becoming
sick, the owners must look within themselves and ask what they have
been dwelling on. If they will clear out their own blocks, the animal
will become well again. Pets are always trying to help their owners.

Animals give so much to the Earth. People believe they are only
taking, but they are constantly adding their energy, vitality and
openness to the Earth, uplifting her. As animals ascend, the Earth
ascends, just as it is with human beings. Everything upon the Earth
affects her.

Each animal is different and so every pet will have it’s own process
of ascending, but the most common traits of ascension in pets are
again, their increased levels of empathy as well as their heightened
awareness to the physical, mental and emotional well being of the
people they are living with, or interacting with.

The animals that are not domesticated are having trouble ascending
actually. This is because of the blockages within the energy of the
Earth, because of the toxins affecting her; toxins being dumped into
the oceans, polluting the air, the water, and therefore polluting
whatever grows on the land, and therefore affecting all animal life,
because the animals eat the plants, the fruit, or other animals which
are eating what comes from the Earth. As the ground becomes polluted,
so do the animals.

Conservation is an important part of helping the Earth to ascend.
Decreasing plastic waste, and the use of any materials that will not
decompose, discontinuing the use of microwaves because of the
frequencies they are sending out, decreasing the use of all electrical
devices, and discontinuing the use of televisions. If you do not need
to use the light in the living room because you are sitting in your
bedroom, walk into the living room and turn the light off. It is
simple things such as this that help the energy of the planet you are
occupying. It is simple things such as this that increase the flow of
positive energy upon the Earth, and help yourself, the people around
you including the animals, plants and other life forms around you, to
evolve and to ascend.

Whatever is pure, pure water, pure food, whatever cleanses the Earth,
whatever cleanses your own body, this helps the ascension of the
planet Earth.

It is very important the kind of food you are feeding to your pets.
Toxins decrease levels of awareness and it is VERY important to only
consume the most pure foods, and this is also true of all animals and
plants. What you feed your pet can help them to ascend considerably.

When you are feeding organic food to your pet you are decreasing the
amount of poisons entering their body. And not only their physical
body, because although food appears physical, it is just energy, and
the energy of the food passes into every other body. The emotional,
mental and energetic bodies become affected by what passes through the
physical body.

This is also important and I cannot say it emphatically enough, NEVER
speak negatively about your pet! Especially if you are in front of the
animal. It understands more than you realize, and it will agree with
you, with every word you speak to it, because it is provided for by
you and you are it’s owner. You know what is best for it, and it looks
up to you. It will listen to what you are saying concerning it’s own
health and intelligence.

Tell your pet it is ascending. Tell your pet it is continuously
becoming more aware. Tell your pet it is becoming more telepathic.
Tell your pet that it easily communicates with you. Tell your pet it
is strong and flexible. Tell your pet it is healthy. Tell your pet it
is getting younger. Tell your pet that it’s brain capacity is
increasing. Tell your pet every disease is leaving it. Tell your pet
that it is immune to illness. Tell your pet that it is eternally
healthy. Tell your pet that it is calm and content.

Animals hear what their owners are saying over them. So speak good
things over your pets.

I am Fongeetale.


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