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Fifth, sixth and seventh installments of a very weird imagination

Well I want to put this all into one.  So I'll do it chronologically.

So the first one, is a couple weeks ago or so.  I was on a battlefield in a trench as an infantry man.  I don't think I fired one shot before the entire army was called to retreat.  It was incredibly misty.  I was running through muck and the beginnings of rain when I reached the base, and I had gotten there just as the gates were closed.  So I was left outside in the rain in hostile company.

I don't remember if I passed out or if it just came up, but one of the enemy's personnel transport trucks came and they told me to get in.  I was told that I was actually a spy for their side, and I was going back.  About twenty minutes passed, and we arrived at the base.  Everyone got off except for me, I was not wanting to be part of either side.  I was hiding under the bench in the truck for a little while, then crept out.  As soon as I got out, a couple of Grays arrested me and knocked me out, saying that I had gotten out of line or something like that.

I believe, but I'm not sure, this paragraph happened.  I woke up on a table, with Gray and human surgeons above me.  They were doing something to me, and I wasn't sure what, but it was something.  So I managed to break myself off from whatever restricting devices they had on the table and managed to knock out a human nurse or possibly kill her, I don't know, and injured a male Gray doctor.  Then one of them got me with a gun, and I passed out again.

I woke up in a padded cell.  I had a straightjacket on.  Luckily, I was too small for it.  I managed to slip out of it, after which I looked up and saw the ceiling was clear, and that a glass door was closing over it as I watched.  I scrambled the heck out of there, and got on top of the cell.  I saw what appeared to be a vast warehouse - like area comprised of many blocks, some of which were cells like I had just gotten out of.  I saw one near me, and saw a guy in there.  I decided to rescue him.  I jumped down to the floor into a hallway next to my cell, and looked around the corner to the door of the adjacent cell.  On either end of the hall was a guard, a clone guard with a blue security cop uniform.  I withdrew and waited for them to continue on their patrol.  Somehow I wound up incapacitating one of them, stealing his gun, and shooting the other one perhaps, and taking his gun.  I walked to his cell, and somehow broke the lock on the door and entered.

I'm not sure what his name was, it might've been Dan.  Dan had been "treated" several times, whatever that was had severely psychologically shattered him.  He was still sane but he had some pretty brutal experiences.  I cut him from his straightjacket and handed him one of the guns.  We went down the hallways of the warehouse following what I believe were exit signs.  We got to the front or exit or whatever, it was a sign in office.  I think we either knocked out or killed the secretary.  I looked up at the top of the warehouse, and saw on the ceiling what looked to be something... biological.  Like there were big organs along the top of the entire warehouse.  But it was too dark to see.

We got out, and it was the military base.  We walked across it and went to a storehouse, trying to look like ordinary soldiers.  There, we gathered a bunch of supplies, and then went to the main gate.  It was still incredibly misty and foggy, so that it was only when we were near the main gate that they started to shoot at us.  With machine guns.  We got the hell out of there, barely avoiding getting run through with bullets.  Eventually the mist concealed our location and we were safe.  It was a desert like area.  I thought it might have been Australia somewhere in the middle.  We set up a small fire, and Dan went for something to hunt.  He came back with very little, a rabbit I think, and we had to eat rations instead.  We talked, and this is when he told me of what they did to him.  I reflected on how they would be able to find us with our energy, so that we had to be on the run.

Fortunately, a huge ship came down and some people came out and took us aboard.  They were part of a resistance, I believe.  We were on a ship deck with others like us, we were the third rescued party that day.  I can't remember if they took away our weapons, but I think they did.  Dan and I had a two person table, and we were then in space.  They gave him a blue uniform, and me a white uniform.  They said this was because Dan had had such psychological damage that he had to be rehabilitated before he could be fit for a mission.  I, on the other hand, was fit for such, and they were going to interview me to see what I'd be suited for.

They finally separated us, Dan giving me his regards before being led off for rehabilitation.  I was led to a room with a two way mirror.  I asked them why they had taken my weapons and such away.  I don't remember their answer.  At this point memory trails off, until I had been given a mission.  I was to crash near a base of the enemy, and they would come and investigate.  Then I was to kill the party that came to investigate and infiltrate the base and disable the base.

The base was in the middle of a jungle.  I crashed in a glade.  I got out and hurriedly set about setting traps, wires and turrets and such.  A twelve man party came, and the traps managed to kill them, and while taking the uniform off of one, one of them put a gun to the back of my head.  I got up slowly and then turned around quickly and killed him.  Then, disguised, I went to the base and was almost immediately spotted, albeit inside the gates.

Memory ends at this point, I think I blew it up.

This one should have been the fourth installment, time wise, but I didn't bother to write it down because I didn't think much of it.

Then I had another one this last weekend, I was wanting to keep practicing making the experience real.  So I was out in this hilly open field, and the sun was setting between two mountains in the distance.  I went towards the mountains, down a slope, towards a red flag that was across a small stream.

So I try hard to make the experience real, the walking, the water being wet, getting to the pole.

I pick up the pole,  and have it in my hands when an arrow flies by my head.  I turn around and there's an archer there drawing back his bow.  I quickly start jumping around and finally get close enough to him to engage him, when I realize, he has a knife, so I use the flagpole to skewer him.  Or something.  I take his knife and bow just as two arrows go by my head.  Two more of the same kind of archers are shooting at me.  I jump around some more, harder this time.  I got one with the bow, and the other I had to kill with the flagpole.  Then a swordsman in armor charged me.  I jumped out of the way, and while he was turning around, I considered that a swordsman in armor can't be gotten with a pole or an arrow... so I had to use the knife.  I managed to get at a c**** in his armor at the neck before he cut me.  So then a bolt of fire flies past me!  I'm thinking, What, I can't cast magic, how do I beat this guy?  Somehow I got him with either the bow or the pole, which was pretty ragged by now.  Then an all-arounder came, and I beat him too.  Then I went through the exact same thing except it was harder, or I had a handicap.  And I completed it.

My, I didn't know I did so much killing in my imagination.  Hm-mm....

That last one would be the sixth installment, time-wise.

So I'll just stick the seventh in as well, but first two dreams.

The first one... somehow it involved a duel, I remember that much, in what I call Old Town, which is basically an older version, like 15 years ago seemingly of what my town was.  I can't remember anything else.  The rest of the dream took place at night, which was in the "Just what happened" blog previous to this one, at the same place.

Then the second one... I might be ramming two dreams together here, but the first part was that I was playing Civilization IV, and I was one of three Great Powers left, I was America (Roosevelt), there was Russia (Stalin), and America again (Eisenhower).  Then I was designing a computer game that seemed to be turn-by-turn, and tile based, perhaps like D&D.  Then, I was Bart Simpson, and one of the bullies was beating me up, and then we were in space in suits and we were both dying and Bart was fading out and "having involuntary protein spills" on the plateglass that was his view... and was thinking, "Is this how I die?  Is this it?"  Then the scene switched to a doctor like character who was talking about how he saved Bart, or maybe something else... I found out later watching "Fringe" that he looked remarkably similar to Walter.  Strange.

Ok! that was my poor presentation of my dreams.  Now on to the seventh one.

I wanted to, again, draw myself into the reality of the imagination.  So I was in the bed, and I imagined my arm going over to the dresser, and then a little further to the air conditioner that I should not have been able to reach.  I sat there for a while, then moved my arm instead to the wall in front of me.  I scootched it up slowly, until it was way above me where I should not be able to reach.  Then I moved my other hand up, till it was about the same place.  I looked down, and was not very sure about what I saw.  Just I knew that my body was hanging from my arms.

I went up into the attic, where I then fell into the room behind my bed.  I got up, and walked through the walls of the house until I wound up in the backyard.  I decided to climb up a tree.  I jumped.  I caught hold of a branch that, again, under normal circumstances, I should not have been able to reach.  It was about ten feet off the ground.  I climbed up onto it, then fell onto the ground again.  Then I went up onto another tree.  I saw my arms, my left one was bare, with a long scar down the inside of it.  The right I was not so sure about, it might have been sleeved, but it probably wasn't.

I got to the top of the tree eventually, with a large panorama of the neighborhood below me.  I wondered what next to do.  Maybe I should fly.

I focused my attention on making energy wings.  I thought, the reason birds can fly is because they have columns of air beneath their wings, that they flap to keep the columns going.  It was about making the air rise or fall in your favor, or riding it.  So I got some wing-like stuff coming off of my arms, and I decided to sheath my legs as they might interrupt with the air flow.  I flapped my arms (feeling slightly stupid) and took off of the ground.   Then I glided to the highway that was roughly half a mile away.

So I stopped there.  Outside, it was a clear sky except for the remarkably orderly series of trails that criss-crossed the sky.  I was sitting around doing nothing when it hit me, that maybe... I figured out who I was...

I'll get a picture tomorrow, but it was the guy who is in the Warehouse picture holding a grenade.  Not sure if it's approved yet.  But I'll get it on here.  Anyways, I immediately felt that there was an element of truth to it, perhaps I was him.  But he looks so different form me!  How could I be him!  But I had this really, really... strong feeling in my neck and upper spine that yes, I was him.

It kinda is an odd thing on how if you ask, and listen, you'll get an answer.

So that was that!  Make of it what you will, either I am insane, or I am gullible, or this is real.


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