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Friends … our devoted allies who have undertaken such a monumental position in the story of the planet we all know as earth ... Soon now, VERY soon shall we be reunited?

MAY 27, 2010

Blossom: Well good morning my friends of Great Light! Today in Australia as you may or may not know is a beautiful sunny winter day and I have to say lately I am feeling on top of the world! As
is our way I will let you dictate that which you feel will be of benefit to us
at this time … Chocks away!

Federation of Light (FoL): We too welcome you from a place that is of great warmth and Love, for our correspondence has been taking place over quite a period of time in your
earthly moments. You were suggesting earlier in your thoughts that we present
to you today something that is completely new, something that is as yet unknown
were you not?

Blossom: Clearly you know of my thoughts. Let’s hope you only pick up on ones concerning you … or I might feel the need to stop thinking all together.

FoL: And would you smile if we said this would be very beneficial for those of your earth to do? To completely surrender to the nothingness that IS.

Blossom: Well I sort of felt that coming as I wrote my words so, yes, I am grinning. But you know, down here, there is so much to think about. There is always clutter within the mind,
but I think many of us are training ourselves to think only of positive Loving
thoughts as best we can these days.

FoL: Indeed this is so. For we are able to ‘track’ this from an energy presentation all around your globe. You see, for many of you, you are feeling exasperated, you wonder when anything
that will really show the world what is going on will take place. There are
many that are aware of so many things and many that are aware of nothing so it
seems. You want those who are asleep to wake up. You want those who do
not understand the depths of which your world has been ‘taken over’ to suddenly
understand everything. We say to you that which you already know. All is as
should be, We encourage you to keep on in the manner that you are all
travelling for it is taking you down the correct path . A path that leads home.

Blossom: Whenever you say ‘home’ my heart does acrobats. I guess it’s like travelling to see someone you Love on the other side of the world and yet you have to experience the physical
journey first before you can give them a hug. It’s that sort of anticipation
that many of us our feeling. Yet sometimes for us it seems all the planes have
stopped flying, the trains have come to a halt and the buses remain as always …
late! I KNOW we are transforming … I can feel it … There is much excitement in
that many say this year is the year when First Contact will be made etc . Could
you just chat for a bit on what you foresee taking place within the next six
months or so, and … yes, with all respect to you ,we know you do not share our
time … yet we know you know of it … what can we expect to ‘feel and see’
in the coming days?

FoL: Already in your skies you are experiencing Lights and travelling craft that without doubt are not from your local airports! You are aware that many more are awakening to their
soulself’s agreement and these numbers are a great deal more than you realise.
This is of much joy to The Federation for indeed it expresses to us that ALL
that is being done to assist your planet is of use and we are not failing in
our task. This task as you know has been in plan for eons and now that the
end/beginning is finally occurring there is so much excitement aboard our
ships. We have planned a fly over that will astound. It will be of much
greater magnitude than your world has yet seen. And yes we are picking up on
your thoughts at this moment … There is no date to be given.

Blossom: PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FoL: Yet we will categorically state that when this takes place there will be much celebration upon your earth planet and in you earthly skies. On top of which mush
celebration shall take place within other planets and realms for it shall mark
the beginning of what is to come. And from there on there will be NO STOPPNG
US! It would not be wise to reveal a time, but let us say that the presentation
of these events will allow the changes that many require to step up wildly.

Blossom: Do you mean widely?

FoL: We mean as we first said. For once we begin showering you with our Love and insights into that which we are capable of performing it will be of great pleasure to remain outdoors to
watch the show that will not cease. For once we begin we will remain with you
to see our earth brothers and sisters through to the New World as we have

We feel many of you do not know or as yet are unable to feel the extent to which we have Love for you. You, each and everyone are the bravest warriors for taking up the role that you
have upon the earth planet at this time. For we are aware that only the
strongest ... as we have said before ... could be chosen.

We ask as we have done many times for you to be vigilant with your meditations. For through this method we can transmit ‘orders’ through to you that can be acted upon when all is in

Blossom: I feel some may question the word ‘orders’, although I know where you are coming from. Are you able to clarify as many may perhaps not feel comfortable with being given

FoL: Indeed we accept what you are saying and we appreciate your need to settle and clarify. When you were not of this earth … when you volunteered and were accepted … you were aware what
was required of you. You signed up … if you like … for certain duties that you
would perform when your world entered its phase of transformation. Each one
agreed with all Love in their hearts to carry these duties out in order to
assist the Ascension process. We think of these times with great endearment for
each one was willing to ‘take on board’ as much as they could possibly handle.
Therefore, when we speak of transmitting orders we simply mean that we are
‘reminding’ you of the tasks which you offered to perform. They are not orders
that you MUST follow. They are orders that you WANT to follow because they are
part if not one of the main reasons why you came to your planet at this time.

Many of you express feelings of ‘knowing you came here to do something, but you have not yet found what it is.’ You have feelings of frustration … the wait seems to be too long. Yet we say it
is not far away, and we mean of this in your earthly terms. Then shall you
awake in a way deeper than ever imagined. Then shall you praise that which you
are for being part of this wonderful scheme. You shall find all manner of
things falling into place. You will laugh at the ease in which your
accomplishments are achieved.



Blossom: I guess it’s so hard to imagine that of which you speak. We can’t really know what you mean. But I do know that when we are in the right ‘heart space’ there is an
excitement that any day now we shall all be like giggling children when what we
KNOW is KNOWN to those who don’t yet KNOW it. And the fact that they will then
KNOW it too shall make us laugh even more. Imagine that … a world FULL of
people laughing. Earth would be like a helium balloon and would rise up quicker
than you could say ‘Ascension’!

FoL: And yet whilst you were writing those words, do you feel this could become a reality …this world of yours laughing?

Blossom: In the moment of writing it yes … but now that you’ve asked I was brought back to reality and thought of the state of affairs in the world as it is today and that image of
the world floating up like a balloon into the blue skies and beyond seems
nothing more than what it is at this time … my imagination.

FoL: You are aware are you not that you are writing in ‘your’ words that which ‘we’ are prompting you to write?

Blossom: Yes I am … you little cheeky chappies you!

FoL: Yet by you doing so we are able to lead into that which we wish to mention. Your imagination is your future reality. This you know. Yet we feel the desire to impress that these
imaginary images that you are all creating in your thoughts would benefit
greatly if you KNEW them to be reality. When you think of something that is
tangible in your world ... say the eating of an orange … when you visualise
that … your taste buds can produce saliva just by the thought of peeling
that fruit

Blossom: Excuse me a moment whilst I wipe the dribble from my chin!!! Whah! … I make myself laugh sometimes!!

FoL: How we find your humour amusing also. Let us continue … the reality of your thought is SO REAL that it can produce saliva as if the eating of the orange is actually taking place.
Therefore the suggestion we offer is to visualise respective uplifting images
and take them a step further so that you actually FEEL them to be TRUE. As the
thought of the orange produces the saliva … allow the thoughts of the lifting
of your planet to produce the heart place to tingle with power. FEEL IT AS YOUR
REALITY. The more you can accomplish this, the quicker shall you rise. The
quicker you rise the faster your neighbours shall awake. The faster your
neighbour awakes the sooner the better for ALL THAT IS.

Friends … our devoted allies who have undertaken such a monumental position in the story of the planet we all know as earth ... Soon now, VERY soon shall we be reunited?

Blossom: Soon meaning??

FoL: Service Of Other Nations.

Blossom:Touché! And on that note … I feel it is time for us to close. It always amazes me … inevitably our discourse is exactly an hour … and yet you have no
time where you are.

FoL:No time indeed … only the space from one moment to the next which is forever in LOVE. We will be in touch quite soon.

Blossom: Mmm ... unusual thing to say … I’ll be ready when you are. Blessings on behalf of us all down here … who patiently await orders!

In love and thanks.

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