If anyone out there thought that god complimented satan and satan complimented it didn't because when god kicked satan out of heaven for blasmphemy and rebellion against God and it's people. It seperated itself physiologically, genealogically and biologically from satan and the other fallen arch (indigo's) angels and fallen (indigo's) angels. 

The Former Fallen Angels and Former Fallen Arch Angels Where Racially Half White and Arab. (Cromagns) Divine


We Saints, Arch Angels and Angels From Heaven In The Sky Above Are Half White and Aboriginal. (Neatherdals) Cosmic

God Never Complimented Satan

Satan Never Complimented God

Another to note that always strikes me as strange is the cromagn people on this earth where always paranoid of us Neatherdals and there energies where always attracted to us and that they attacked us with there outer aspects and that the fallen indigo's and fallen indigo's where the most paranoid of us and that people in the healthcare industry saw us as the ones with mental illnesses when the Neatherdals don't have the physiological means to be mentally ill.

Cromagns where the ones that gaslit, moonlit, cyberstalked and gangstalked us but we never did it to them both physically and imphysical we never gaslit, moonlit, cyberstalked and gangstalked the cromagns but they with there paranoid foresights made us think that we did but never did and that I never knew all of the names of my adversaries except for a few morons that I criticized a lot for good reasons.

For the record I would never ever make Judaism and Islam legal/regal anyways because of all trouble they put us through this whole time and that they are pain in the ass and contradictions of themselves including the torah and the quran being two books written by the fallen angels/indigo's and fallen arch angels/fallen arch indigo's means the ideas in them where complete contradictions of themselves because it wasn't just them the came up with the ideas it was the outer aspects of humanity telling what to put in those in those books.

The indigo's that never fell from heaven where always the system inventors and creators. The indigo's that fell from the heaven on the other hand where always the system busters and system players including there allies on this earth worshipped followers of there illegal religions like Judaism and Islam that weren't founded on unbreakable stone tablets from heaven, the sky and earth.

Gnosia and Tao where our ideas everything else wasn't
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