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Ever thought to become vegan, its a healthy way of life

Been a vegetarian is the best growing healthy way of life
I give you few reasons why you could think about turning Green too


Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down your fat consumption. Modern farm animals are deliberately artificially fattened with a lot of grow hormones up to increase big profits. Not natural growing animal meat increases your chances of having a heart attack or developing cancer.
Animals who die for your dinner table die alone, in terror, in sadness and in pain. The killing is merciless and inhumane. To get more information just go to this link and see what really happen with this animals for meat consumption. You need to have a strong heart to watch this video till the end, its a presentation of The Human Society as program for school.
After watching this video showing you the treatment of this animals without mercy, could you still enjoy your meat diner or just will be conscious of the horror behind the curtain before your meat arrive on your table.


It's must easier to become (and stay) slim if you are a vegetarian. Vegetarians are fitter than meat eaters. many of the world's most successful athletes and celebrity are vegetarian. You will don't need anymore of this expensive diet, curses to loss weight and of course what about all this medicine you need to regulate what this industrial consumption meat destroy in your body. Think about the quantity unwelcome grow hormones, tranquilizer,because if you didn't know, this animals need it, and a lot, to keep them quiet, and waiting for an awful death at the end of their life path. And of course I almost forget, they get also antibiotics to try to keep them free of several injurious infection provoked by the deadly bacterias of Staphylococci in the most infected meat consumption animals that grow in very unhealthy circumstances. For that reason, I let the word to the specialist Bon appetit, enjoy this unnatural meat, or will it not be better to think about to turning green. I don't want to make you feel sick, it is just that it have been a very long time a go that you probably eat a healthy meat, if you know that all the meat you by in supermarket is that way produced, not on quality and not on healthy reason. How many time are peoples contaminated with consumption meat, think an the bacterias that grow in your meat without knowing, when it happen a small defect in the cooling installation from the transport truck, they don't tell you about it, and after freezing again the meat, they produce unhealthy meat.
Have you ever think about this industrial farms, and what happen with the rain forest!
Ho! wait, what have the rain forest to do with our meat animals production for our daily consummation? You will ask me........

Do you know how many hectares of the rain forest been cut every day to make place to the biggest farms who will produce this horrible meat that our consumption society need, every day! And that is a big part of the pollution of the planet, watch it on this video.
To turn or become vegetarian have to be part of our evolution, of our awareness of our consciousness, for an healthy life in our future, to have children growing healthy and not feed with junk food. And that you believe it or not, it have been proof that Jesus also was a vegetarian, not so strange, as God messenger, he brought the message of universal love on the planet, what also included the love for every living beings human as animal. Watch this video and just turn vegetarian for a peaceful world. Who say that vegetarian food is boring, have no taste or not creative to create, I would like to recommend you this amazing book, full of magic recipe that will turn on your home kitchen to the kitchen of one of the best vegan restaurant on Earth. Are you curious and have already the water in your mouth, are you yearning to try directly this great and wonderful new way of life, a healthy life, than just go to this link and discover the best recipes in this colorful book with over 100 recipes you can serve to your friends and family.

And the best think is this best Selling Vegan Cookbooks With Rave Reviews, in your Ipad And Mobile Friendly PDF Files Download With Ease.

If you are fancy for an exotic vegan kitchen, I would like to recommend you this Vegetarian Cookbook Package. Complete Chinese Vegetarian Guide With 400 Pages.


Discover in that book the best juice easy to realize for you and your family or friends.

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Comment by Vagelis4VP on November 20, 2011 at 3:55pm

very nice article... im vegetarian myself and "spice it up" a little with an input of raw-vegan in the i do it for many reasons, most mentioned in your above article... tnx for posting.. :)

..i tried to post on your other blog also.. but they ask to be a member for to post there... and i dont want to create yet one more blog account... 


Comment by Roberto Durante on November 20, 2011 at 3:21pm

you know Marianinia,

the world is changing, and little by little our body will refuse more and more meat, because, it is part of our evolution , if we are ready for it, if we see that every living being have the same right as we do to live free. I have also not been vegan my all life, it start when I discover who I really am, and without any obligation, my body didn't give me the same pleasure as before when I was eating meat, so I follow the need of my body and little by little I became vegetarian, and now some time only vegan too. 


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