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Entheo Genius ( Another Hemp Post)

The smoking of marijuana initiates many processes in the body, mind and even soul, depending upon the intent with which it is used. In Part 1 many of these were mentioned in passing, and will be explored in some detail in this issue. It is very important for people to understand that marijuana, like other teacher plants, is properly called an “entheogen” or “agent in God’, as a psychoactive substance with spiritual properties. This may surprise most smokers to hear, but it is true nonetheless. It is a fact that when marijuana is smoked with the right intent, (a progressive, spiritual focus) that it can raise the user up to higher levels of consciousness. Among the effects of its’ consciousness expanding properties, the following are very notable;;

1) A gaining of “chi” or energy in the physical body and aura.
2) The raising of vibration according to the potency and vibration of the buds smoked.
3) A crystallization of awareness upon itself, or put another way, greater clarity.
4) An opening of the chakras and an enhancement of personal psychic power. Not only is “ESP” increased, but so are the intuitive powers of foresight, creativity and inventiveness.
5) An aid to getting into better alignment with one’s own soul, Nature and God.
6) Provides a common high vibration when smoked by more than one person at a time, allowing enhanced, group psychic rapport, (group mind in the high).

Like all other entheogens, marijuana is properly considered a meditational and/or prayer aid, which allows the user many unique opportunities to grow and gain personal power. As a matter of fact, this herbs’ full potential cannot be fully accessed unless a serious and focused practice of meditation is employed, while both in and out of the high. I recommend using the World Mind Society’s basic “Chakra Meditation” (see the Library at in conjunction with the smoke. This fundamental inner focus will allow you much greater access to the powers and advantages listed above. It will also make the high much higher than it would normally go, while using less smoke to get there. The key factor here is what we INTEND while in the high. Intent is what we make every decision with, and it is also the key ingredient of the true self, (consciousness/soul). Before taking a puff, we should be at least basically clear about what the intention will be in the use of the smoke. I recommend two primary intentions in this regard to start. One is “energy gaining” and the other is “vibration raising”. Each of these is individually powerful, but when combined, they are extremely potent for consciousness expansion/spiritual progress. The gaining of greater energy and vibration allows the smoker to then accomplish other spiritual feats, both internally and externally. They provide the “basic building blocks” or MEANS by which other focuses can be manifest. All of this takes serious inner work, just like any other spiritual path. Please remember that although marijuana can greatly help you, it cannot do the essential inner work necessary for your spiritual growth. YOU have to decide to make that progress with dedication, and then actually LIVE OUT those changes in daily life. Remember also that any REAL shift of intent that has lasting value, is accompanied by a corresponding shift of inner state and outer action. The real challenge is not in getting extremely high, but in stabilizing such states both body-wide and socially, so that they are made PERMANENT.

The basic principle of natural law behind these words is;
The mastery of intent is the mastery of life.


1) The Gaining of Chi

In China, life energy is known as “Chi”, in Japan it is called, “Ki”, in India, “Prana” and “Kundalini” In the West it has been called, “orgone” and, “negatively charged ions”. There are other names used around the world for this universal energy, referred to frequently in various martial arts and healing systems, such as “Reiki”, “Tai chi”, “Pranayama”, “Kigong”, various yogas, and others. When marijuana is smoked, it opens the chakras and raises your vibration. This acts to increase energy flow into the users’ physical and energetic bodies.

Chi is gained normally with each in-breath that we take. It accounts largely for the degree to which we feel either vitalized or tired. Standing in running water such as an ocean surf, stream or river, and even a common shower, acts to restore a measure of one’s chi when tired, which is why doing these activities feels refreshing. The same can be done via the wind and through direct sunlight. Everything we are as physical bodies, and everything in nature is composed of subatomic particles. The flow of electrons makes all of our electronic and electrical devices work, not to mention our own nervous systems. We’re surrounded by a sea of subatomic particles, which particle physics refers to as “fields” of energy. This it ultimately calls, as a sum total, “The Unified Field”. Unified Field physics was first introduced to Western science by Albert Einstein, and yet this area of study was common knowledge in ancient India some 7-10 thousand years ago, due to their direct perception of it’s reality. We too, can directly perceive the reality of the Unified Field through meditation, reflecting the truth of such statements as “we are all one”. The flow of subatomic particles also accounts largely for our shared, felt emotions with one another, an ability commonly known as “sharing vibes” or as “mutual psychic effects”. When we smoke marijuana or take other entheogens, these psychic, energetic streams of energy are enhanced from person to person, thereby allowing us greater opportunity to “commune” with one another, even at the level of soul to soul. A “contact high” is just such an example, one that can be mutually raised for mutual benefits. There will be more on this later.

Therefore, chi can be best understood by the Western mind as the flow of particles both into and out of our being, much like that of any electrical system. There is some measure of chi in anything physical, but it’s presence is particularly marked in living things. The basis of molecules is the atom. The basis for the atom is the electron and proton. The basis of these particles are even smaller elements of matter until we reach a level of existence that is pure energy, (chi). Our own bodies are chi and vibration transceivers, just as a transceiving radio both sends and receives signals. Each part of our body in fact, sends out and receives energy from the environment, which is then received most readily by the corresponding body part(s) in other people. This fact is due to the principle of resonance, and is particularly noticeable in chakra to chakra interpersonal relations. We live as very permeable beings that are naturally sensitive to our environment, and this is primarily registered in terms of feeling. Because of our energetic permeability, we can be easily influenced by the feelings of others or by fields of energy at large. Wild places like forests and other areas where living things abound, are ideal places to restore our chi. Cities generally deplete our supply of this vital energy, especially in those areas where few trees are planted. It is wise then, to smoke marijuana in natural areas whenever possible, so as to enhance the availability of chi when it is drawn into the body during the high.

What to Do;

After taking a puff, focus on your energy level. One of the first things you’ll notice is that it increases after smoking marijuana, especially if you smoke in an environment that is filled with chi, such as woods, beach or other wild area. Stay focused on your energy level while in the high. First, observe your, “starting energy level” after the first puff. Then imagine, in terms of feeling, what “one level of energy higher” than that would be/feel like. Intend this superior level of energy body-wide by staying focused upon it, and simply “moving” your state, (of consciousness) there. INTENT is always the key in changing our consciousness, as well as doing anything in the physical realm. Experiment with your intent in the gaining of chi. Notice what works and what does not. Remember that in any inner work, self knowledge is key.

For more advanced instructions, see the WMS, ‘Chi Gaining Meditation” at

The high acts to draw environmental energy into the body like a magnet. Although this process is automatic to some degree, it can be consciously increased if we help it along, to astonishing levels of vitality. In various advanced martial arts and meditational regimens like yoga, the practitioner is taught to draw chi into themselves for the sake of greater fitness, fighting ability, alertness and spiritual realization. Many have become adept at the drawing of this energy from the environment, accounting largely for their extraordinary feats of strength, endurance and spiritual insight. The high of marijuana allows an opportunity to learn this ability at an accelerated rate.

2) The Raising of Vibration

Perhaps the most obvious of marijuanas’ effects is the vibrational quality of the smoke known as, “the high”. Remember that when we speak of “high” in this context, we literally mean “a high frequency” of being, just as the UHF radio band is of a higher frequency than is FM. The high has a literal and very relevant reality to the quality of our lives, and in fact all life on this planet. Marijuana is thus properly known as a, “priceless gift of nature” to humanity. The high is a sacred thing, and shares many properties with that state of being known as “love” as well as sexual pleasure. For this reason it has been widely used as an aphrodesiac throughout much of recorded history, but it has also been used for an even higher and more satisfying purpose…that of raising one’s entire vibrational level of consciousness.

What to Do;

Upon inhalation of a puff, focus on the feelings of the high itself throughout the body, rather than the usual stream of thoughts. This in itself will tend to amplify the vibrational level of your state of consciousness. . Learn about the high by observing the feelings of it closely, body-wide. You’ll soon realize that the high can be raised at will, by using your INTENT. Intend that the high get progressively higher by degrees. Initially observe the “starting high” after the first puff. Then imagine in terms of feeling, what “one step higher”, (in feeling) would be like. Intend this superior level of high body-wide by staying focused upon it, and simply “moving” your state, (of consciousness) there. The high, just like any other state of consciousness can be consciously shifted according to desire and ability. The high of marijuana can be made progressively higher and higher at will, and without known limits. It can therefore be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled as a matter of progressive intent. The main limit on this is our own self imposed fears which tend to say, “Should we really be this high?” and “How will I relate to others if I stay in such a state?” We’ll talk about those things later in this series.

Let’s be very clear about the fact that when the word “vibration” is used in the context of consciousness, it refers to the “pitch” of feeling we’re holding at any given moment. Low feelings are rightly understood as being of low vibration, (such as depression) while high feelings are accurately referred to as being or “higher vibration”, (such as those states such as happiness, elation, “peak” experiences”, joy, orgasm, etc.). It is not at all difficult for even the beginning smoker to clearly feel the fact that smoked marijuana is of a high vibration. In Chinese medicine, all foods and herbs are known to have their characteristic vibration, which when ingested, impart that aspect to some degree to the body. This is only part of the reason that foods and herbs are viewed by such healing systems as “medicines” and not just nutrition. Marijuana is no exception to this rule, and is a supreme spiritual, mental and physical medicine when used with the right intent.

“Vibration”, like “chi” is a term that refers to something real and concrete, not mystical and unknowable. Most things spiritual are often misperceived as mysterious, when in fact true spirituality is very real, matter of fact and practical.. In terms of a scientific understanding, physics describes vibration as the number of oscillations per second, (Hertz) that an energetic system is moving at. In essence, vibration is synonymous with frequency, and in terms of the experienced high, with “feeling pitch or level”. Therefore, the high of marijuana can be better understood as high vibration = high frequency = high feelings. The feelings we experience with the high are truly of a high vibration, and the advantages of this are more profound than just the upliftment of mood. They include better health, increased energy, higher manifest intelligence, (yes, when you feel good you can think better) greater wisdom, (since we’re more motivated to apply truth to our lives, due to the inspirational aspect of the high) greater body-mind-soul alignment, etc.

The high of marijuana is a sacred and formidably useful herbal tool, for the accomplishment of many things. Foremost among these is the expansion of consciousness. Though this may sound like an indefinable or mysterious statement to the Western mind, it is a very concrete and real thing with great advantages, for the individual who accomplishes it. Consciousness expands by degrees, and when this has happened enough times a person is said to have, “attained enlightenment”. Consciousness is expanded by raising one’s level of personal energy and vibration, (we’ve talked about these briefly) as well as through increased clarity, through right intent/right action, “right alignment”. and by what is called “expansion” by the WMS literature, (See The Perpetual Raising series in our Library as supplemental reading). There is no “ultimate” state of consciousness or degree of enlightenment however, that can be achieved. There’s always a higher state to embody. When we use entheogens and their conscious-expanding properties, we are in essence, “traveling” states of consciousness that can afford extraordinary advantages to the meditator. Among these are increased healing powers for both yourself and others, the ability to clearly perceive what is true and what is not, enhanced ESP, the ability to direct your every-day state of mind, body and even soul at will, and a host of other benefits, to be described later in this series.

By using a “progressive focus” with marijuana or other entheogens, I mean that the user, (before they ever sit down to smoke) firmly determines that the purpose of taking this sacred substance into the body is to gain personal/spiritual power. The user must also dedicate themselves in a serious and determined manner to the practice of meditation, while under the influence of any entheogen. Without these two prerequisites, the full potential of marijuana can never be realized, resulting in a degree of waste of its’ consciousness boosting properties. Marijuana should really never be used “recreationally” because it’s properties are just too powerful to play around with casually. Those who do often suffer the consequences of aggravated fear, (paranoia) confusion and even a lowered level of consciousness. Even though the Herb is a powerful spiritual tool, it must be realized by any user, that a tool, no matter how well it is made, is only as effective as the hand, (or spirit) that wields it. Play around with marijuana and you will likely accomplish little to nothing. Approach this herb with respect and a serious, focused mind, and there is little that you cannot accomplish with its’ excellent effects. Remember…Marijuana is superior, spiritual medicine.

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