Emergency Broadcast - World Wide Revolution

Emergency Broadcast - World Wide Revolution Imminent - March 11, 2011 The Decree was officially sent ( see Metatron Message March 10, 2011 ) - It Is Time - Rise Up - Wake Up!!!

Folks, the revolution is definitely coming to you and your part of the world.   The happenings in this video ( see my most video post ) occurred just a few days ago, but you won’t hear this news on the mainstream news because it is a manipulated vehicle for the ‘Grand Deception.’

But people are getting mad. Look at Egypt and Libya. People are frustrated. People can only take so much. We’re not bottomless pits of money, strength and with no feelings. On the contrary!!! Basta! It really is time for us, as this video says, to go beyond our complacency and delusions.

The video is very interesting because it calls for people to stop paying their mortgages on 26th March 2011.

Now if you think that’s a foolish thing, then here are the facts:

Mortgages are fraudulent
Taxes are fraudulent
Loans are fraudulent

If when reading that, you have thoughts like ‘What? But you HAVE to pay your dues, you should pay what you owe’ etc, then let me suggest that that is what you have been brainwashed to believe. Noone is saying you don’t want to pay your dues, or pay for the dustbin men to clear the rubbish, etc, it isn’t about that. That comes later. First the fraudulent foundation has to be outed. It isn’t about your integrity. Ask yourself: can integrity be based upon anything but the truth? If the foundation is a lie, then how can integrity flourish there?

Anyway, let’s come back down to earth…

The Freeman movement is all about how taxes and mortgages are unlawful. What is a Freeman? Well I’m no expert, but firstly it isn’t about living outside the law, as noone is outside the law. But it IS about what laws are lawful. Common Law is there to protect human beings, but the statutory laws that are used to take money from people, ie mortgages, council tax, even loans, interest, are actually unlawful. It’s to do with what a natural person is, as to whether you are the fictional name (in the legal world) or whether in fact you are a living, breathing human being (which Common Law states) as indeed you are. It’s about the slavery of the masses under the financial con.

Maybe it’s confusing but basically statutory law makes you into a fictional person (strawman) and then forces you to do things like pay taxes. However we are not fictions, we are real people, thus the only lawful laws are those that apply to humans rather than fictions. And Common Law is actually very simple, it’s to ensure people do not harm, kill, or injure others. Simple laws like that. Common sense. In the current status quo, you can, if you know what you are doing, prove you are not that fictional identity and thus you do not permit statutory law to have jurisdiction over you.

Ok, now that’s probably explained very poorly, so I’ll just let this video below speak. This is John James Harris, a courageous man who has formally declared himself a Freeman of England within Common Law…

The ‘law’ is a Grand Deception folks (capital letters because it is HUGE)….since the laws are not in fact there to protect you but to rip you off and enslave you

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  • Hi Jon,

    Thankyou for the advice it was a thought but I would say it would have to be fought by person/s who can make a difference. There are still niggly things not sitting right but I like the style and cracked up with the affidavit being served to Her Maj. lols Gotta give him that what a ledgend and balls of steel to do that!! lols I am continuing to read more into it but this would take alot of time due and energy  of which lately Im struggling to remember where I park my car!! lols




    Susan xx

  • Thank you for this :)
  • I agree about that we shouldnt even need money but for now it is necessary as the systems which will provide our basic necessities freely are not in place. (food, clothing, shelter, power, water, communication, transportation)

    once these are in place (which are partially in place but must upgraded so as to be primarily automated) Then money will not be much of a necessity.  We will be able to trade our labor and expertises for the various other goods that are not primarily necessary.  (Better Shelter, Higher quality goods, personal venture needs(such as starting your own buisness of Trade expertise)), and other lesser known things.  This will allow people to establish themselves in a local fronting their expertise and personal production capabilities to the local populace which will be effective in reestablishing a trading economy, which will be virtually unavoidable if we are to become a interstellar entity of notable worth.  It then progresses from there so we need to focus on the primary which i listed this will get us to the first stages of heaven.

  • Wow Wow Wow, I have been reading up and need to read further into this "strawman" etc and if this is totally true holy shit! Sounds like a "skealkikw" notification requirement!!!!!
  • @Nahanni108 ...good conference call.. thnx...
  • http://tinyurl.com/4kutdv9


    conference call with "white hat", worth listening to, he addresses the mortgage issue here


    Choose LOVE! Stay strong 

  • I don't get why people are so agaisn't Taxes.  The Taxes are used to keep our infrastructure stable... Like having Bridges that don't fall apart, roads that are able to be driven on.

    Are some taxes used for things I may not agree with, yes, most definitely there needs to be alot of Tax reform, but in general I don't mind contributing back a small portion of my money to pay for a safer world...


    Generally we as Americans pay wayyyyyy less Taxes than we used to, people used to pay way more.

  • I only agree in Taxes are fraudulent. Because it is the only thing in the three (mortgage, loan ) that you cannot avoid and are force to pay - in EVERY transaction involving money! Ridiculous.


    mortgage and loan can be avoided. if you don't want it and can't pay the game, then simply don't apply for it. Why would you want a New House or Property, when you can't even pay for it? When you apply to it while knowing well the TERMS, then you're Crazy.

  • A person cannot stop paying their mortgage. Even if you do not like the mortgage, it was an agreement you entered in fairly with the lender.
  • Actually the Freeman Movement is about empowering through personal education and accepting greater responsibility for ones actions. We Freeman are not against government, but we will not tolerate deceptive, unlawful controls and the application of policy as law.



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