Dear Ashtar crew Commanders,

With this writing, we like to introduce our brandnew website who is just online:

During the period 2012-2020, our solar system will travel thru a zone of galactic turbulence. Global heating and a major increase of geo-telluric movements (volcano eruptions, earthquakes) will be the consequence.

The good news is that we, as a human civilization can make this passage successful by repairing and reactivating Earth's energy lines, AND by creating a protective coat around Mother Earth.

The aim of our website is to reach worldwide the public to ask them to send us energy at certain earth-healing moments on earthquake areas.

Our team can indicate the priorities of intervention, thanks to a combination of knowledge: geo-magnetic research, seismography, solar activity, geography, prophecies, astronomy, ...

AND the team can repair the fractures and thus reduce the impact of telluric movements.

Your positive energy contribution is essential to our work.

The GIRA team can intervene with the help of many people around the globe, and we also need YOUR help, in one way or another. TOGETHER we can make the difference, TOGETHER we can offer our energetic contribution to Mother Earth in the following years and make the transition to the new Earth.

There is hope, and even more than that! With the Infinite Power that hides in each one of us, we can be the change we are dreaming of in this world.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to send positive energy for specific Earth healing interventions. See chapter “Methodology (for private persons)” for further info. In addition, you will be informed afterwards how the intervention went.

Please, do spread our newsletter to inform as much people as possible.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours Sincerely,

Gira Team :

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  • Great Site, count me in  xx

  • My Dearest Sister in Service. I join you in this quest to help Gaia birth us all in to the New World with ease and grace. Peace on Earth,

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