December 28

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I Am primarily interested in the upliftment and Ascension of Mother earth and All who reside upon and within her. My focus is on conscious awareness and expansion, spiritual growth, being a Light Bearer and Way shower. My Love for mankind and All of Creation is abundant and sincere. I Love my Human Brothers and Sisters, Mother Earth and all her Elementals and Animal Kingdom, our Galactic Families, Ascended Masters/Legions of Light. I came to be all that I can be and to fulfill my blueprint to help Gaia ascend. It is my desire, to help those who are on the path, to be all that they can be. My Love for Creator Mother/Father Source is eternal.

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  • Hi Starchild


    Thanks for your comments. And thank you, am well. Hope you are also. I see you have Deva Premal on your playlist - i have some of her (their) albums and got to see them live in Auckland earlier this year.





    merry xmas to you starchild and may mother earth be blessed with love and light and all of the positvie energys she much requires for this time of grt change


    Tracy s x

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starchild left a comment for Barron
"Barron :) Warm greetings to you dear friend and fellow starseed :) Thank you most kindly for this connection. May I have found you in High vibrations this day. ((( O ))) - Starchild"
Dec 20, 2010
starchild left a comment for Starseed
"Warm and Heart felt greetings Tracy :) Thank you sincerely for this connection. Yes, I Am here in NZ as well - in a lil ol town called Putaruru, 3 hours drive south of Auckland. What a joy to see a fellow kiwi here!! I hope I have found you well and…"
Dec 20, 2010
starchild commented on Earthanimal's blog post Earth-healing website online to REDUCE the impact of EARTHQUAKES! Send us YOUR energy, YOUR help is needed!
"My Dearest Sister in Service. I join you in this quest to help Gaia birth us all in to the New World with ease and grace. Peace on Earth,"
Dec 20, 2010
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Dec 20, 2010

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"The dark's chemtrails efforts, which started in the 1980s, have certainly failed to stop human evolution....It was all about micro-chaff distribution, into the atmosphere, in view to blocking those DNA activational cosmic rays, from being absorbed…"
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With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially as your year nears its end and the season of holy days draws nigh, it is natural to think of the many souls who are homeless, grieving, injured, hungry and…
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"In this shift you are going through a rebirth. With this rebirth comes a new mind, new body, new level of awareness, and a whole new reality. All of these changes must occur and be felt within prior to be seen and manifested in the outer world. Now…"
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"Right Drekx, that's why I post these kind of blogs, for the newly awakened, the Sleepers who are just waking up and find themselves in a world completely alien to them and there so called reality.Those of us who are already awake to some degree,…"
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