~Dynamics of the Search for Truth~

The end of the journey and it's beginning become easier to visualize if you understand greater where you are right now between the two. The more you can learn or are able to theorize about the contemporary reality; the more conclusions you have to draw from available data. This teaches you to acknowledge and incorporate infinite possibility and hypothetical questions which seem to be asked without proper references from this half of the quantum realities.

The unavoidable truth is that simply in stating we search for truth, we acknowledge that it is at least partway hidden to us through our and it's nature and in stating possibility rather than demanding the respect for your convictions, we approach the open mindedness said to be required of one for true supreme spiritual insight, the enlightenment.

In order to become enlightened humanity has redefined the scientific paradigm to study the bio mechanics of meditation and causality of the inter connected universe, which has widened the scope of consideration of extraterrestrial life, thereby likely improving the search for it through the law of attraction principle.

Life, like truth, has a much greater chance of finding you if you also happen to be in search of it. We now know that also draws what we desire toward us through the quantum level of reality. In this I would argue that the wave particle duality also applies. If you focus too keenly on what you want, or the desire of it, you cancel the manifestation energy by changing the brains relation to that desire from a wave nature to a particle nature of sensation.

Anything that is yours is given to you freely, try to hold too tight to anything and it shall fly from you.

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  • I'm too old to fall into the game of life.

    How many things have been taken away from me? My family, my childhood and beloved one. My trust. My faith. My body. My dreams. My love. My home.

    "Hurry up" They say "You might lose everything"

    Yet, I remain quiet. Peaceful.

    Take everything away, even my life.

  • Truth like an illusion inside myself, impeding me from watching inside, keeps me away from the only thing I've been running from.

    Hiding behind countless needs. Personalities born from desire disappear at the touch of my heart.

    I remain complete, beyond the veil of self. The truth I've been looking for. Not knowledge, not guidance, not angels, not source, not even her... what then?

    Nothingness, no one.

    No truth, no need. Everything slows down into infinity, I watch quietly as they move faster and faster, crashing into themselves.

    I don't feel anything. There's only peace here.

    Maybe there's only nothingness after all. Curious they want me to play anything but God.

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