Dura matter, pia matter and why it matters. The human brain and the veil. The location of the holy of holies. The philosophers stone and the elixir of life.



The mind sits like a golden capstone atop the physical body. These are ancient words.

The pyramid with the missing capstone represents the work we need to do within ourselves and as a collective.

Looking at the human brain and the veil. Throughout history there has been a Temple described as needing to be rebuilt. This temple has two parts an outer temple called the "Holy place" and an inner sanctuary called the "Holy of holies". The two separated by a thin veil. Have you ever thought about why the temples on your head are called temples. That's where this special talked about temple is located. In between the two temples is that Temple that need's to be rebuilt.

Where the mind is,There is a treasure.
~Mary magdalene

Ok, Lets look at the Human brain. Built in two parts, an outer part called the Dura matter and an inner part called the pia matter. The two parts are separated by an archnoid.A veil of weblink tissue.

During meditation or when were in a deep state of focus,The brain creates a wax like substance from the pineal gland. This substance or secretion has an incredible healing effect. It can literally regenerate cells. Now, It can only be created by a mind that is highly tuned to a deeply focused state. It contains inconceivable (Think Alchemy here) properties. This substance has so many names. Elixir of life,fountain of youth,Nectar of the god's,ojas,soma,dew,Manna from heaven,The magical substance that fell from heaven to nourish the hungry. This substance was said to heal the sick,provide everlasting life and caused no waste to those who consumed it. So this substance heals the body and creates no waste. Hmmmm, "Philosophers stone"..

"When your eye is single your body is filled with light"
Mathew 6:22

The pineal gland represents the All seeing eye of god. So this brings me back to this ancient phrase, "The mind sits like a golden capstone atop the physical body....... "The philosophers stone".

Through the stair case of the spine,energy ascends and descends circulating and connecting the heavenly mind to the physical body. The base of the spine is called the sacrum bone "Sacred bone". The spine contains 33 vertebrae. "Jacobs ladder". The pyramid with the all seeing eye at the top,represents a physical body waiting for it's shinning capstone.

The pyramid represents ignorance to enlightenment of the highest source of illumination. The structure through which man elevates himself into the realm of the gods.

The power is latent within us. Heaven is within. This is the meaning of the Ancient mysteries, scrolls and symbols.



 We are the observers and the observed.

Much love to all of you


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  • To all of you bright shinning starz. :) Thank you.



  • That are some wise Words my friend. :)
  • DA'AT


  • Comment by Steve Pitt yesterday

    Obi Wan Kenobi;

    You do me great honor.....and because of the way you asked 'They' allowed to explain to you the importantance of what you do.....

    Let's start with the basics....this is the solar system as seen on the 13th

    8113913467?profile=originalbut this is a 3-D view and the gravitational alignments tell a different story;

    Between the 12th and the 13th are these alignments

    Jupiter/Elenin/Sun....Ruler of the gods directs his lightngbolt(Elenin) at the Sun.

    This is the gravitational equivalent  a lighting up a a serious nuke!

    Pluto/Sun/Mars....this has been occurring for some time and has gathered quite the momentum The transformational and motivational amplified by the sun and time is a serious boot to the butt!

    Neptune/Elenin/Earth....hard to see in the model and not exact but close enough for gravitational fields...if it wasn't for Jupiter's show boating nature it would be Neptune on the throne.....mak no mistake the alignment is all about the new earth the dream shocked into reality....Erthe...not Earth that is a dark place...

    This give some explanation to why this is when Obi has chosen this time to complete this tower.....but let me show you a different view of what he does....

    You are all familiar with this so the is merely for visual association;

    8113913292?profile=originalNow lets put the alignments of the planets in a similar (crude) graphic;

    8113913098?profile=originalThe dark lines are the alignments energized by gravitational forces.....but what you are looking at is the base of a new tree of life where Jupiter is the 'root'.... This is the base upon which Obi wan is building your new tower! How perfect is that?!!

  • that pick you have at the bottom of your blog

    the planets and comets and sun in our system will all be lined up in this exact shape for next three days

    Abby,your timing is perfect and so is your blog

  • Wow, excellent post Abby, very good information here, that I definitely resonate with a lot!  

    The brain is a temple, of which our reality can be freed if we just use the keys to see the truth and remove the filters of this reality.  The heart opens with the mind, they are connected and are forever sacred....

    May we all experience alchemical transformation, may we see the light in the dark, and may we all know the treasures that are beyond anything physical that open us up to beauty we could have never imagined :) 

  • Awesome post Abby!  Thank you and I love you!
  • Thank you Rune,  :)  You are very welcome.
  • The chime of truth in this text.

    Thank you for posting it Abby!

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