Dreams are the Window to the Soul

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By John Holland

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Your subconscious constantly and subtly speaks through your dreams and it’s just one of the many ways that your soul can reach out and speak to you. We all dream to some extent every night even if we’re not able to remember the dream the next morning. We remember some of our dreams with great clarity and interpretation, some we struggle to figure out, and there are others that just slip away as soon as the day starts. If you’re not working in partnership with your dreams then you’re missing out on a great resource for helpful advice, guidance, and direction. Over the years, I’ve taught myself to acknowledge and listen to my dreams. For example, just the other evening I had a dream that gave me vital information about an issue I was having with my body. I didn’t ignore this dream – and acted accordingly in resolving what my dream was telling me. I’m just thankful that I listened!

When you tap in to the power of your dreams, they can provide an unlimited resource for you. Most people don’t know that you can often acquire the answers you’re looking for from your dreams, by a process called “Dream Incubation.” In others words, it’s possible to program your dreams to help you work out problems or issues that you may be having at a certain time. I highly recommend creating your own personal “Dream Journal.” If you’ve got a major issue to resolve and you’ve tried other methods, you could look to your dreams for help.

Here’s a useful tip. Before you go to bed, write down the issue or concern in your dream journal. It’s a bit like submitting your incubation request. Read it a few times to yourself before you drift off to sleep, so it remains fresh in your sub-conscious, allowing source to give you guidance. Try to keep the question or issue as short as possible, preferably to one sentence. For instance, you might write: “What’s the next move for me in my career?” or “How can I improve my relationship?” or even, “What’s going on with my body at this time?” It helps to wake up gently, so I hope you don’t have an alarm clock that shocks you awake!

When you awake, write down in your journal everything you received in the dream, anything that stands out, symbols, feelings, emotions, even the colors before your feet touch the floor, because by the time you get back from the bathroom, the dream may have slipped away. You may not remember anything or feel as though you didn’t even dream at all. Don’t give up. Try it for a few nights as you get used to programming yourself to dream and condition yourself to start remembering them. Ask the same question for a few nights and record in your journal anything and everything you receive, even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it seems like a puzzle, the pieces will eventually fit together and you’ll see the message of guidance materialize from the pieces. When it happens for the first time, you’ll ask yourself how you didn’t see it before, as it will seem so obvious. That’s the beauty of dreams.

Remember that dreams are formed in the subconscious. They can be quite symbolic, as one symbol to you can often mean something totally different to someone else. Analyse the symbols you receive as it’s down to your own personal interpretation. If you don’t understand a symbol, then pause and ask yourself: “What does this symbol mean to me?” I found it helpful to look at some books on symbolism. That way they can be deposited in your mind for future reference for your subconscious. One great resource I recommend to everyone is the book Dream Images & Symbols by Kevin J. Todeschi. It’s available on Amazon and it’s the best book I have ever read on dreams, symbols, and their interpretation.

John’s Lesson

Anything that’s been stored in your subconscious is now part of your personal data bank that your soul can use in the future for dream work or intuitive information. It’s unlikely that you’re going to get a clear “yes” or “no” to your question. Sometimes, your dreams are your minds way of working out information stored throughout the day. It can be a sort of brain download or mind dump.

Even when they don’t seem to make any sense, it’s still worth writing down everything and anything, no matter how stupid it might seem at the time, for there could still be a small message hidden within the seemingly muddled information. As you learn to work with your dreams, you’ll recognize the patterns, symbols and be able to interpret how they’re trying to get your attention and talk to you.

I encourage you to start reading and studying as much as you can as you begin working with your dreams. It’s a resource that’s readily available to you and the more you use this soul ability, the more you’ll benefit from the guidance and messages.

Try making a commitment to keeping a “Dream Journal,” and to even try using “Dream Incubation” as a helpful tool.

Enjoy dreaming and live a Soul-Filled life!

About the Author

John Holland is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit http://www.johnholland.com

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