Im going to tell you a story i cannot tell anyone but my close friend since this story sounds like i had a mental breakdown this is a long story so it will be very lengthy.

It all started back in the middle of last april my birthday had just past and i would constantly hear voices at work mostly of a dark being that follows me around for the last 6 years (lustful succubi) and would hear people out in the dining area while i cleaned dishes at work even heard my fellow coworkers and always told myself maybe it was there thoughts, turns out no it was not so it lead me to believe it was there higher selves or so i believed. I also hear different voices in different places like my old house which i had just been kicked out had hateful voices same with my job telling me to leave and i do not belong here and hurting me in a painful way (even physical) even cut myself onetime with a knife whn i refused to listen to a bad voice even a coworker subconsciously came to the door and said " someones about to get cut!' and walked away. Worked at a turkish restaurant, was having minor hallucinations and hearing voices but still able to work just had to put on some music and clean dishes all was well. When all the voices became god voices and "Jah" and so forth this is when i was being yelled at to leave these places even when i walked out of work for a cigarette in the alley out back i saw with my third eye a group of dark beings at the door throwing stones at me basically stoning me and even had my head twitch acouple times as if i was hit, Remember stoning was prominent in the middle east forever and this being a turkish restaurant, this is what lead me to believe i was witnessing some kind of change not Psychosis which the doctors and metal institute tell me, its way to connected.  

This all started before my birthday i heard on 610 AM coast to coast that a mans life changed when he asked to work for god and i did the same this is when all these events unfolded. To continue where i left off i asked my job to let me have a 3 day vacation or days off and its like my sub conscience knew i was going to go though something big. I would get home from work and talked to spirits in my neighbors backyard or to the dark spirit which would show itself as a reptoid or reptillian, For three days i laid under a tree and did not use the bathroom or eat nothing was formyself just laid under that tree for 3 days but slept in my bed. this is where everything went berserk. Last day i worked at my job before getting taken to a metal institute there way a large rectangular shaped ship that was coming toward my job with an emanating green light out the back which way facing away frome me when i noticed this ship, it kept messaging me that it could not land because the electromagnetic field was too stong for it to land but a small scout ufo or disc appeared out of thin air above a building to my left front and flew direcly towards the ship coming down (looked like a galatic light ship) since this ship emanated a rainbow of colors on the top of this disc before it flew toward the ship coming down (dark ship). I saw at least 5 atmospheric flashes of red under that ship as if the discs that flew toward the ship was blocking laser beams or something. i continued to head inside so i wouldn't get fired for sitting outside on the dumpster watching this :). came back out and everything was gone. 

This was the day i left work i went home meditated for 3 days and got to a point where the god voice told me alot of things had many visions, visions of the tree of life in brilliant color the colors were Blue Green Red Yellow Purple Orange and white and black, I had a vision when i was out there and i saw the only color that survived turning black was the color Blue. The god voice said Polaris was the only survivor or one that lasted, he told me polaris before had 3 blue star as if in a triangle but now polaris is only one, everything else in this tree of life had lost there color. 

After hours of talking and seeing my DNA or Double helix leaving my body into the sky as in a clear metallic cylinder in Orange liquid, a blue torch like from the Olympics flew to the top of the chain in my mind  and when it landed at its destination a medicine wheel or the wheel that spun in the river connected to a wheel house or mill cannot remember the name. it looked  like a wheel to a carriage also, The wheel became blue when the torch made its way up the chain . This happened sequence ally the two wheel that i had the most problem with was Black and White these too wheels would always lean on eachother or ram head with eachother when all was completed the wheels left there stations and moved forwards into darkness and i saw trailes of octagons of each color that went turning down the void.

I kept hearing voices say "This is it! your doing it!" i said what the hell is going on, "Your creating another reality or dimension" they said, i was absolutly flaber gasted this was in the span of an hour that night its like time had stoped for an eternity for me it felt like it was dark for 3 days and i was the only one awake i would walk inside and see my grandmother sleeping with a black fog over her face like a sleeping spell or something and i would look into neighbors houses and see there tvs flashing all the colors i released. Just televisions flashing blank images of color like Red Blue Purple Green Orange, It was the weirdest stuff i laid in the grass and started moving the moon and she stated my names not the moon its Luna and i was here with a portrait face like her face was sideways as following the rotation of night and day. She would listen to my words and kept showing me the color pink and she would constantly tell me that i would always have her love and always be cared for.

The night gets even weirder i walked into the house and had the sudden inspiration to teleport or manifest people i

know under my bed covers so i would lay the blanket with a empy space in the middle of the bed so if it had space inside it and would start blowing air into the space (They called it the breath of life) like it was some of my lifeforce and the inside of the sheets would start growing and getting bigger like something was materializing inside my bed covers! At first i had my friend as a thought and pulled the covers off and his head started coming out of the blanket it was his head and everything but somthing yelled in myhead to stop so i pushed him back in, after i pushed him back in i had a vision of him coming out with sharp teeth and black eyes so i was happy i did not let him out, who knows what would have happend since i clearly remember this a 3rd dimensional since i touched his head and hair. 

When i started gaining more powers i would see a triangular ship leaving some void in my mind and entering another place but when i got there i would be the size of a fairy or be fitting inside of the palm of somones hand and i would beg them not to hurt me, they would reply "Who are you! this is amazing your very special for getting here, Who the hell are you kid!" By this time i was calling myself The One as if i was in the matrix (Got to a point where i called myself The One and heard "the Wachowski brothers are flipping out right now" :)) 

It felt as if the whole world was with me i would hear thousands of overlapping voices inside myself like my heart chakra since it vibrated from there. I would hear my family and my friends and the one i loved and so many overlapping voices, but all of them came as if in white light and never shunned me or called me names. The next morning i was so free with myself the voice told me to take off my cloths so i spun around my tree and pace around it as if in ritual and became naked in my backyard! lol 3 minutes passed of me being naked and all and i heard "GO INSIDE NOW! IVE MADE A BIG MISTAKE" ran in butt naked though the front of my house and went inside my grandmother was calling the police on me, the voice told me "Ive made a mistake, You are free with yourself but it seems that others are not free" 10 minutes later they came and took me to a mental hospital and was watches and given anti phychosis medication if you do not know what these pills doo they take away your imagination and visions 4 days later i came out never to have these visions again or such strong voices, now they are nearly whispers. After i was free with myself the whole world was brighter everything was brilliant, it as feels they saw me ascend and shut me down... 

Just to ass to this the workers in the hospital were just people but i would be sleeping and hear "Were going to get this guy and hes not going to survive this blah blah blah" hated hearing them, would turn around and see the shadows running away just black silhouettes of people observing me at the window of the room. If i had the chance to do it all again i most definitely would it was that intense and loving. Love you all this is my story or what has occured to me which left me fragmented after only to want to do it again to fix myself. Cheers


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  • lol it was very fun thx for reading and the comments

  • Wow ! Good to know I am not alone as i too have experienced similar.

    i also made the mistake of telling my now X husband that I heard voices and I also knew what he was

    thinking and what he was going to do before he did it. He put me in the psyc ward in our local hospital, I knew I wasnt going crazy tho.

    I was also being warned by the voices to get out of places and stay away from people and it was very intense.

    If I knew then what I know now I would have honed thoes skills better, but with my own divorse and battling custody of the kids it all died down.

    Thanks for sharing yor story


  • Sounds like a beautiful story or should I say experience to me.I have experienced some of things you went thru ,Mine was not any where as detailed as yours though.

    I have had an expansion of mind ,where I felt everyone in me ,and at the same time felt that I was in everyone ,and every thing,not an easy thing to explain to others .

    Mine was through meditatation and a grueling devorce for me .what I call the worst and best thing that had happened to me at the time.

    Have also gone thru, the not eating period but mine was much longer ,do to emotional stress of the devorce and constant meditation for thirty days,I have found out that by fasting we clear the unconsciuos part of the mind and can have deeper experiences that way,

    About half way thru this 30 day period I also started to become aware of a pinkish-red color that would ingulf my body and mind that seemed to feed me.Not on a conscious level ,but I think thru a spiritual level.

    This would happen when I meditated, which was eight hours a day at that time.

    Your exeperience I feel is a really good one,that has opened you to a new understanding of life.

    My exeperience was guided thru spiritual teachers I had been accustomed to having around for a while and my most negative part was when I would meditate deeper and deeper ,I would get three little demons come up in my face to distract me and see what I was doing.

    I had a brother that spent 10 years as a monk ,that shared stories of his experiences with me and when I would encounter these guys I would simply send them love which would push them back away from me .They would back off and eventually left for good. The intension was not to get rid of them, it was to share my love them,will thats enough for a while.  Love Bob

    P.S. I did not have a time where I ran around naked but that might have been fun too

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