My most enjoyable conversation with my husband of long ago, Yeshuwa ben Joseph, was the sharing of our teaching techniques that we used in our Magdalene Mystery School and comparing the way I used to teach to how I am teaching now. Yeshuwa reminded me of how we taught the algorithims that described how perfectly our Mother Father God created all of the Universes and everything within them through absolute perfect calculations that are repeated perfectly through the Music of the Spheres.


I told him that I prefer to remember our teachings as Music more than as Math. He reminded me that they are one in the same. However, many on Earth do not know that the Music of the Spheres are created through the spin rate of these perfectly designed algorithims. Yeshuwa reminded me that our main subject was always OM, which means the Frequency of the Sun. We always taught frequencies by showing how the lower frequencies are simply densified versions of the highest frequency within the Sun.



This you tube contains My dialog with Yeshuwa ben Joseph about teaching OM when I was Mary Magdalene and we taught together at my Mystery School


These are the principles that I am still using to teach, however, I find it more far reaching to actually provide my students with the actual frequencies of consciousness that exist within the Sun and within each of the lower dimensional replications of the highest frequency. I have provided the example of the Candle representing the Sun itself. The reason the Candle can serve as a representation of the Sun is because the light of the candle itself also contains the full spectrum of light within it.

I demonstrated in the candle technique that if you imagine becoming the stem of the candle and standing within the Full spectrum of light, you would be surrounded with each of the layers of this light spectrum. You would be surrounded by the hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, gamma, plasma, x-ray and by the ultra violet blue and violet ray of transformation. These dimensional levels of light all exist within the full spectrum of light just as all of the music of the spheres exist within the Cosmic Sphere. This science of light and sound is what everything in the Universe is created from. This is how our Mother Father God designed all creation.

We have been given the power of understanding this creation, and we have been given something even greater. We have been given the ability to create the FEELING of all dimensions within this full spectrum of light and sound within the Sun, and by feeling these frequencies, we can actually raise our own Consciousness into that realm of reality where all is created. Once we have raised our consciousness into that full spectrum of light, we are in tune with or at one with the ultimate principle of co-creation. I have been given the ultimate experience of co-creation with Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika as they allow me to raise my frequencies into the highest Consciousness of the Cosmos, and then Elaika adds his Co-Creative Frequencies into mine in order to generate them into Speed of Light energy and Yeshuwa adds his Spiritual Consciousness energy into ours before they stream all of this Light and Sound Energy together into the Ascension Portals that we are creating together.

I had no idea that the actual reason that I had been learning these principles of creating a music that was as etheric as the voice of the angels most of my life was for the purpose of being able to understand and demonstrate this co-creative ability of combining all of the light and the sound of the Cosmos into a formula that could create Ascension Portals that will allow the Original Angelic Raceline Consciousness to flow back into Mother Gaia, and that will allow all 12 Universes to send Star Fleets in to these Portals in the generations to come. The questions was asked how to use the Atomic Mirror Music together with the instructions in the Transformation Kit.

First, I would like to remind my students that all of the music and training that I provide is always for the ultimate purpose of becoming at one with the OM frequencies, or the Sound of the Sun. This is the Sound of Home, and it is the Passport that allows Consciousness to move into the Frequency of that reality of living in the Sun, which is where all fifth dimensional beings attune to. The Atomic Mirror represents moving through the veil into this full spectrum of light. The Candle technique is providing a different stimulous in consciousness that also trains the mind to penatrate beyond the Frequencies or light spectrum of the Hertzian and move first into the Infra Red Light Spectrum and then beyond that light into the invisible light and then into the light of the Plasma and the pre plasma of the ultra violet light.

All of the music provides this same stimulous for the brain by filling the brain with so much plasma, that the thinking brain melts away and allows pure focus within the Plasma Brain which is the Blue Brain or Mid Brain or the Mind of God. It is called the Mind of God because all that God creates is made from Plasma. As a suggestion for using the Transformation Kit and the Atomic Mirror, I recommend just getting the general picture and idea into your head of a mirror in front of you and that you are moving through the mirror into the other side.

You just do this in your imagination until you can feel it. After you can feel this process in your mind, then listen to the music as if the music is the mirror that allows you to walk through the mirror. It is the music that sends the frequencies into your body that transforms the body into the light particles that can pass into and through the mirror. The mirror simply represents the full spectrum of light just like the candle. You merge into the mirror just like you merge into the candle. The true meaning of this process is becoming One with the SUN, or the Frequencies of the Sun. These are the Highest Frequencies or the Full Spectrum of Light Frequencies. This is what was taught as the OM vibration in my Mary Magdalene Mystery School with Jesus Christ (Yeshuwa ben Joseph).

The only real Christic teaching is the teaching of becoming full of the frequencies of light and sound particles that the Sun is made of. OM-The Sound of the Sun OM contains the Oneness of all Frequencies of Consciousness within the Cosmic Sun. The Cosmic Sun contains all of the Frequencies of the Source Creation. The listener will be soaking up all of the Love of Creation into every cell in their body. This new album, OM-The Sound of the Sun, is the first album that I have co-created with my Soul Mate, Yeshuwa ben Joseph.

The Oneness with the Cosmic Sun creates the Bliss within each Cell, transforming the body into the illuminated, glowing Christ on Earth. When you purchase the album, you will also receive the recording of Yeshuwa reminding me of how we used to teach ONENESS is our Mystery School at the City of Magdalene. Yeshuwa reminded me that the our original use of the tone OM was to establish the intention of knowing and feeling the Oneness of all Frequencies of Consciousness within the Cosmic Sun. He reminded me that when we taught together that we were allowing people to realize that they are much more than a thrid dimensional body with problems and pain. Our teachings were always to remind people that they were much much more than the tiny little beings that they thought they were.

The Cosmic Sun contains all of the Frequencies of the Source Creation, and when we move into the center, or the zero point of that entire creation, we are soaking up all of the Love of Creation into every cell in our bodies. Yeshuwa reminded me that we used the Om Feeling of standing inside of the Sun and breathing in oneness with the Sun's Frequencies in order to FEEL the Bliss and Joy and Power and Love inside of each Cell in our Bodies. The OM-Sound of the Sun has been mis-used by most people who chant and meditate on Earth because they were never taught the true meaning the Frequency Signature OM. This Frequency Signature is the Center of the Universe and the Center of the Cosmos in at one ment. If a person visualized themself standing in the center of the Sun and visualized a point from their heart center connecting with one point of the Sun's Sphere and then visualized another point from their heart center connecting to another point of the Sun's Sphere on the opposite side of the Sun on a perfect line, and then inhaled those two points into the heart, there is a magical feeling of inhaling the Sun.

Now, we add two more points of visualization creating alignment from two more points on the Sun from opposite directions. We realize that we have inhaled the Sun into our heart and we have shifted into ONENESS with the Sun. This was one technique used to Visualize or INTEND the reality of Standing in the Center of the Sun and then Feeling the Sound of OM. What is significant about the sound of OM is it allows you to hear the vibration in the Mid Brain that is actually ten thousand times the speed of light energy. This Sound is creating the Oneness with Source. However, the Oneness isn't created by just sounding the word OM, the Oneness is created by Visualizing and Feeling and Knowing that this Vibration in the etheric center of the pineal gland shifts the Brain into the Ultra Violet Blue Frequency. As many of you know, I have placed the CANDLE TECHNIQUE on my website as the first step in teaching you how to stand in the center of the Full Spectrum of Light and visualize the light turning into a blue sphere. I have also directed you to gaze at the Sun until you see it turn blue.

Whenever you are using these techniques, you are experiencing the Mystery School that Jesus and I created to teach you how to live your life living inside of the Blue Sphere of the Sun. This Ultra Violet Blue Frequency can only exist when one has taken their Consciousness into the Sun and through the Sun into the Creation Center of Source. When one has entered into the God World and then Turned around and looked back down at Earth, this is what causes the Ultra Violet Blue Frequency to appear. This means you have shifted your consciousness from the Third Dimension into the Spiritual Realm of the Fourth Dimension.

This Fourth Dimension lifts the Consciousness into a brand new reality where we see all of the things that we could never see before. The reason that Yeshuwa and I taught our students to feel the Bliss in every Cell in their Body was to allow them to become the Illuminated Ones.

It makes the Skin glow from the inside to the outside. It causes the face to light up and shine like the Sun. This is the goal of all Mystery School teachings. This is how we transform our bodies into the light and sound of the Sun.

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