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I really wish there are no such thing like darkworkers. I really wish everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is evolving toward Light and I can hug (literally and energetically) everyone wholeheartedly with zero concern of my energetic flow. I dream of such beautiful world.

We are not there yet.

It’s true all souls came from the same one Source, as I described in my article about Light. At some point, however, some souls used their free will to go against (or away from) the Source.

I received some interesting comments to my recent article about Lightworkers and would like to clarify some points further. 


The degree of light and darkness

So all souls are either evolving toward Light or de-evolving. I call all evolving souls Lightworkers.

Now when you think of a vehicle on the road, the direction it’s moving is critical, but its speed also matters. A Lightworker soul may be moving fast toward Light or they may be so troubled that they are hardly moving. Or anywhere in between.

Likewise, I consider all de-evolving souls to be darkworkers, but there can be a terminology issue here. There are souls that are moving away from the Source big time and there are souls that are slowly going backwards. Some people may choose to call the first kind “darkworker” and not the latter. As long as we are clear about the definition, both views are valid. (I’m a linguist by training — definition is the foundation of any argument.)

So in my definition, darkworker or negative souls don’t always mean someone like Hitler. My spirit guides tell me about 13% of the population is currently going against the natural energy flow, so they are everywhere. Some lightworker souls are more prone to their attention and attack, but I don’t think anyone is free from them.

Which means it’s important to discern energy hackers in our lives. (And toward the end of this article, you will learn why the tough love approach of detachment helps not only you but the darkworkers themselves.)

The best way to tell a darkworker

The best and only true way to tell if someone is a darkworker or not is to pay attention to your energy flow. Darkworkers don’t receive vital life energy from the Source like Lightworkers do, and so they take the energy from the people around them. (By “around”, I don’t necessarily mean physical proximity. Space doesn’t matter energetically.)

So you would feel drained after talking with them. Again, the degree of drainage depends — some steal big time and some more subtly.

Well, I know this description is vague. You want a clear way to tell a darkworker so you can be sure what you are doing with them, right?

I’ve thought about this a long time, and I really cannot give you a “checklist” you can use to identify a darkworker. You know, the kind of checklist or test that you answer with yes or no, add up the scores, and boom, you know the definitive result!

No, this matter of light / darkworker doesn’t go that way. Because some signs are very subtle and confusing. A troubled lightworker may appear like a darkworker. (Having said this, I can share a few signs to help you . . . in just a moment.)

How the Akashic Records can help

If you are serious about finding the true soul-level identity of someone, please order a Snapshot Reading. Snapshot Reading is the abbreviated reading of my comprehensive Akashic Record Reading that is focused on finding out the soul characteristics of someone, not about clearing the energetic issues for them.

If that someone is going to be a critical part of your life, like if you are considering to marry him or her or going into business with them, I think this is a wise investment.

And please note this is a follow up reading for those who have had the Akashic Record Reading for themselves. I don’t see why anyone would want to dig up someone else’s soul truth before understanding themselves. (Well, negative souls would want to do that . . . but then, I don’t want to help negative souls take advantage of others.)

Signs of a darkworker

If you are the DIY soul, the first and most important thing to do is to pay attention to your energy flow. Don’t be shy to admit you feel drained after spending time with someone.

And then, here are some “signs” that raises a flag. Please keep in mind (I know I’m repeating myself here, but this is important) this is NOT a checklist. A person may exhibit all these signs and may still be a lightworker. I’m sharing these signs to help you be more sensitive to your energy flow, not to make you judgmental to others.

1. He or she present themselves as smaller or bigger than life.
Darkworkers know they cannot present themselves simply as they are. So they present themselves as someone who is (unfairly) victimized and who need help. Or they may present themselves as a great wonderful person to be idolized. (Remember Hitler was an idol for a while?) Most darkworkers I know seem to think they are the most miserable unlucky person they know OR the most wonderful dedicated soul they know.

In both cases, they explain themselves very well. Whereas lightworkers live their life, darkworkers explain and negotiate their life.

Again, just because someone is in trouble or because someone is very negative in their speech or behavior patterns doesn’t mean they are negative souls. Or just because someone is famous or working on a big project doesn’t mean they are negative souls. So here is another sign, or indication, to guide you . . .

2. He or she is constantly in the waves of dramas.
They always have a good explanation, but the bottom line is darkworkers are almost always in some kind of drama. Positive souls don’t like staying in drama — they would try to help others in need, but sooner or later there comes a point that they step back because they are so drained energetically. Negative souls, on the other hand, quietly thrive on dramas.

If someone seems to be just so wonderful at first glance, but somehow seems to be in drama all the time, don’t hesitate to listen to your gut feeling. “Wow, he won an award for the project he worked? And now he works for that prestigious company. . . But wait, then why is he always short on money? He said he got unlucky and got a traffic ticket. . . Hmm. Wasn’t he talking about another trouble before — like his GF stole from him or something. . . I felt so bad for him. . . I don’t know. I just don’t like his company so much, but is it selfish of me to think this way?”

On the other hand, it’s very hard to distinguish negative souls who present themselves as troubled, victimized souls from lightworker souls who are troubled and victimized. In a sense, they are indeed similar — they are stuck and hardly moving.

One of the subtle differences is that, with darkworker souls,

3. You feel the help you offer gets sucked up in a void.
Darkworkers souls are weird. I really don’t think I understand them well. When they come to my Akashic Record Reading, I do what I can do. They often have extremely uncomfortable energetic issues like ongoing soul shifting, which I can clear. And I hope the clearing helps them to return to Light. (Just to be clear — Hitler type don’t come to my practice. They would NOT want their soul truth known even if I pay them.)

Well, the clearing is good, but my challenge comes when they ask how they can improve their lives.

So I point out their drama tendency and suggest they start building their lives with their own power, in a small manageable way. And they say something like, “Oh, I know I give too much of myself to others.” I might try again all over saying what it is to build their life with their own power rather than relying on other people’s power, and they go, “Oh, but that’s so hard. Can you help me?”

I give up. I understand they have a right and free will to stay the way they are. As a lightworker, I must respect free will. My responsibility is to read the Akashic Records and clear the energetic issues.

How to deal with darkworkers

Again, the most important thing is to pay attention to your energy flow, or your gut feeling. It may come as a hesitant pause like, “? That just doesn’t make sense.” or “I don’t know why, but I just don’t like this feeling.”

Let me share another example to illustrate the case. Let’s say you are new to meditation. What would you do? You might read some articles or book and try sitting at home. You might join the local meditation circle or class. You might try listening to guided meditation or meditation music. All these are good approaches and I’m sure you choose the one that is best for your learning style.

A negative soul might sign up a 10 day meditation camp.

I’m not saying intensive meditation or such camps are no good. But do you see how out of sync it is for a beginner to sign up such a course? Sure, it’s impressive (think about the time and money investment!), which relates to the “bigger than life” characteristic of a negative soul. And if they didn’t achieve enlightenment in that camp, then they become the victim in the drama. They may say something like, “That meditation camp was a rip off.”

I don’t know what it’s like to be a negative soul because I’ve never been in their shoes. I guess they have a very lopsided self image that pushes them to do this kind of thing.

I feel for that. And I step back.

Yes, this is how lightworkers deal with darkworkers. Step back. Detach. Don’t try to change them. God gave everyone free will, including the will to go against the Source. Messing up with free will is by itself a dark act.

By stepping back and not offering your energy to them, you are providing them the chance to return to Light. Darkworkers cannot exist without lightworkers offering their energy, knowingly or unknowingly. So it’s more important to raise our awareness than “dealing with” darkworkers. (Needless to say, in the case of crimes, call 911.)



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  • Oh Helene, that makes me sad, I adore animals, I hope it all works out for you guys.  Personally, I believe it is the "intention" that counts.  If your family is doing their best but attracting drama, it could just be one of those things that happen when you try to do a good thing and the world seems to get in your way. 

    A "darkworker" is one who knows what they are doing most of the time but doesn't care who they hurt, do you know what I mean?  And sometimes we just get "stuck" in a bad place and need a little bit of help to get moving.  I don't believe in absolutes most of the time, we can move up or down the scale, life can be confusing ... but this information is help us identify behaviours that we see in others or ourselves. 

    Basically, the words that mean the most to me are that darkworkers can't get energy from Source. 

  • Dear Kelly,

    Ist it possible when lightworkers (like my family) always seem to get caught up in one drama after another, of course made mistakes, but are partly helped by the spirits, partly getting in more new trouble,are in the picture against their own will that maybe while thinking that we are a lightworker, maybe are darkworkers instead? Or is it still all the lessons we need to finish this year in our last traject? Somehow feel mixedup.

    Trying to do the right thing but we all find still the government and the local mayor trying to destroy what

    we built up. (Aninmal Ambulance Service, now has been placed in a bad daylight).

    Thanks , for your post, Love and Light , the dutchies.


  • There is no light, there is no dark. This is getting ridiculous. Can we move on, please? We're all the same, thank you, I love you, You love me, We all love eachother, or at least HAVE LOVE for the World. It's common sense, guys. We are together as one. Dark and Light can eat itself. We make up ourselves for our own spiritual evolution. The light is a way to shine the way of Love. Dark sees this, feels it, cuz we are IT! I make it so! I love everyone! Haha! Take that, Universe! Told ya we would make it, now we have. Anyways, God Bless, Even the Devil knows his rights to the Light. We are all one, and I just wanna meet all these Angels and Demons and Aliens and other Gods. This is flippin exciting! Get along, play nice, literally celebrate. It's easy. :) :) :) <3 Namaste    Tara

  • Oh it's okay, Drekx. He already did.... this is really not worth the drama, lol, I'm not one of those who get energy from strife. 

  • Good point, Ara, it may be time for a cup of tea.  I'm taking a break :)  Enjoy your day :)

  • Kel .... you don't need to explain yourself to anybody ... (unless you choose to) can you imagine to explain to 7 billion people what you've meant ... you will lose yourself some where in the proses. At the end what defines us is our intentions and our action, everything else is an evolution ... 

  • You mean other than the first sentence?

    Okay... no more responding to this....

  • Well its still nice Kelly chose to share it with everybody.... and sharing is caring... not all of us have to agree with it, but least it was handed  with a loving intent; so instead of attacking the one who shared a plate of knowledge, say thank you anyway! <this is the way forward> if humanity is ever gonna progress.... !

  • Sigh... Indigo Knight did you read any of my comments?  I did not write this blog, I enjoyed it and shared.  Please read the entire blog - the only part I contributed was the part where I entered her name and where to find her work. 

    Your points are politely stated so I am letting them stand on their own... please keep in mind that you are not going to express an entire idea in only a few paragraphs, the reason I always include links in my blogs is so that you can see for yourself (or not) where this thinking is coming from.  I can only share my journey, if it resonates then that's great, otherwise feel free to pick what you want and discard the rest. 


  • I'm going to say this for the last time and then I am not going to respond to any more comments, I found this blog as I was doing research on psychic protection, I thought it was apt and appropriate for this site and I enjoy the author's writing style.  The labels exist because we are still in duality and it is just a word for the type of energy transfer we have all experienced.  As Drekx said, if it bothers you so much, you may need to think about how you achieve energy. 

    My biggest enemy is ignorance, the people who throw stones and arrows of anger at me are just names on a computer screen, what is it to me if I am popular or not?  In the big picture it's just so petty and trifling, we're facing the biggest change of our world and one would think that ANY knowledge would be appreciated, especially if it helps you identify souls who aren't good for you to be around. 

    Thank you, Drekx, for understanding my intentions, and for all of you who got something out of this blog rather than an excuse to hurt me or use it to grandstand, unfortunately we all know people who use others for energy and this is just one of the articles out there, I highly suggest doing research on your own, the information is out there.  As you awaken you will find yourself faced with more of this behaviour. 

This reply was deleted.

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