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Crystal Magic Orchestra - Joe Barnett and Dr. Angela Barnett CREATE AND RECORD THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING MUSIC ON EARTH

Oct. 1, 2018

Crystal Magic Orchestra - Joe Barnett and Dr. Angela Barnett CREATE AND RECORD THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING MUSIC ON EARTH

About Crystal Magic Orchestra - Joe Barnett and Dr. Angela Barnett who are in Crystal Magic Orchestra

Joe Barnett, MA
Crystal Magic Orchestra

COSMIC JOE - Joe Barnett, M.A. - I know how to create and compose and record Music of the Spheres Music

Cosmic Joe is a fabulous 4th Dimensional Music Composer

Crystal Magic Orchestra composes and records 4th Dimensional Music

Dr. Angela "Crystalai" Barnett and Joe Barnett, M.A. are the Composers and Musicians that are in Crystal Magic Orchestra

Who is Dr. Angela Barnett of Crystal Magic Orchestra?

She is my wonderful wife and I am Joe Barnett, M.A.

Angela Barnett is wonderful, marvelous, great, fantastic and she does everything amazingly and powerfully through her hard work.

She approaches all that she does through love - through loving people as God's children - through always wanting things to become better through her marvelous and caring effort.

As her husband I am glad that she is a Spiritual Healer, for through her amazing healing skills and knowing how to raise the dead, she fully and completely saved my life in 2008.

In 2008, I was in a car accident on the freeway near Redding, California. I was run over when I was on foot in a freeway lane by a Mack truck and 5 cars.

The accident happened in 2008 on a freeway near Redding, California when I accidentally got into a freeway lane on foot and I was run over by a Mack truck and five cars. They took me to the Mercy Medical Center Redding - hospital in Redding, California.

When they took me to the hospital the doctors announced that I was dead and then Dr. Angela Barnett kicked the doctors and nurses out of my hospital room and raised me from the dead and completely and fully healed me through her spiritual healing work and our healing music.

Dr. Angela Barnett stayed in my hospital room for several weeks and kept our healing music playing through headphones that she put on my head.

She continued to do her spiritual healing work on me as our healing music was playing through the earphones on my head in my hospital room for those few weeks.

Dr. Angela Barnett stayed in my hospital room 24 hours a day for those few weeks.

I was dead and had thousands of broken bones.

When I left the hospital a few weeks later ALL of my bones were fully healed and back to normal through Angela's healing work.

All aspects of my body were fully back to normal. And I was alive.

I never felt any pain through the whole process.

After I left the hospital and at this time, there is nothing wrong with me at all and I am in absolutely perfect physical condition and in perfect health and I like to jog every day.

Now, I always feel great.

Dr. Angela Barnett is an extremely powerful spiritual healer and can raise the dead (me) and

Dr. Angela Barnett is a wonderful, marvelous, great and fantastic person.

Hands down truth.

I am so glad and happy that I am alive!

- Joe Barnett, M.A., Dr. Angela Barnett's husband

Crystal Magic Orchestra creates and records a very new type of music

Our music seriously heals people and can raise the dead

Joe Barnett, MA

Crystal Magic Orchestra

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