Creator speaks to his children
Channeled by: Julie Miller



It pleases me greatly to talk again this way after only doing so just a few days ago with this channel.

I come to you today dear ones fo many reasons. so much has been going on lately, not just in the busy month of June but during the last few months. You can feel it in the air, an escalation of sorts. You can tell from what you have been reading that the world as you know it is changing rapidly. Not only is the surface of the Earth changing so are many of the people on Earth. They are changing their way of thinking. They are starting to break away from old ties and embracing new ones. That is part of the idea bringing in the new Earth. To shed off the old skin to prepare for the new skin, just as a snake does.

I would like let you all know, that I consider you all my children. This is concept many of you may not understand. And for some it may cause consern. I am not a merciless God or thoughtless. I know and understand those of you have different beliefs and that is what makes you unique from the next person. Some of you say "we are one with God, with me" and they too are correct. To be a child of God, of me, you are also one with me. I am aware of all that is going on in your lives even if it doesn't seem like I am there at all. I value each and every one of you to the highest degree. Through all your daily struggles and challenges, I am proud of you. Do you know why I am proud my dear children? I am proud that you have decided to follow the path of the Light. You have chosen to live the best possible way you can, an honest way and truthful way. Sometimes this honest living is difficult, when you see the ones that lie and cheat seem to get ahead. What you see in others isn't always what it is. Especially in circumstances such as those. Sometimes taking the path of Light is very difficult and very challenging. But it is also very rewarding.

I have become aware that there are some new channelers beginning that have not quite learned how to discern or tell if the spirit that has contacted them is of the highest good. This is most difficult at times, because you have to trust your intuition completely and not assume. It is okay to ask the spirit who it is. They may not come right out and give you a name. What they might do my children is give you a sign or several signs that indicate who they are. Spirits and beings of lower frequency often target new channels hoping they are not aware of this. If it is a Dark One or low frequency spirit that is with you, when you do ask them to come forward and tell you who they are, they will become more demanding, almost bully like. If you do not trust the spirit that is with you dear ones, you do not have to take their message.

I have a lot to talk about today children. It is not often I come forward and speak this way. And it is driving this one a little crazy {laugh}.

What also needs to be addressed here today is Love. Love is so important. You have probably read many messages about the importance of Love. Love really does make the world go around. Love heals, it can protect and can do so much more.

There are those my dears you probably know quite well who they are. The ones that cause you grief in some way, big or small. They are the ones that are struggling the most and have not come to terms with their own struggle with what their life path is about. For the moment they are on the side of the dark ones. But given that, they also are deserving of your love and your light. All people of earth, regardless if they work for the light or work for the dark, are all children of the divine. Most of you realize this. And the ones that do realize this will know they are the ones, you quietly send them additional love and light that is unconditional from your heart. Some of you might think, "how can this be so"? It is quite easy. Everyone of you has a role here on Earth, even the ones that appear to have a darker soul than others. In order to learn sometimes, we must have contrast and contradictions. If everything was exactly the same, the lessons would much harder to learn. They are, in their own way helping to deliver your life lessons. And we do catch up with them when they are done with the chaos they might cause, and I and other divine spiritual entities bestow upon them so much divine love and light that when we are done they have returned to the Light. Sometimes this is not the case, but eventually in another lifetime, a person's spirit does return home to us.

I will continue on this subject just a moment longer. I am sure many of you have seen many movies, TV shows, etc that portray a mother, or family losing a loved one to violence. And when the grieving family is finally in court, able to look at the one that killed their loved one, what they do is most shocking to some. They forgive the killer. Forgiveness is the biggest healer. It takes great courage to forgive someone who has wronged you. And I realize the example I gave you is extreme but it is easier to see the picture of what I mean. What I have noticed and I am sure the more sensitive ones have also, is that when the mother of the victim forgives the guilty one, she is speaking from her heart and she knows at that time, she has done the right thing.

The universe knows the pain and suffering that has goes on Earth. And Karma is very real. Some of you may have witnessed Karma. It is always a good idea to do your best to always doing things for the highest good. That is why the grieving mother can forgive, because she knows the guilty one will meet Karma either in this lifetime or another.

This one I am speaking through. Recently put out a message from your Earth Mother, Gaia. Gaia was speaking about the animals that in your life, wild and pets. They do dear ones come with messages. They do not come daily, sometimes not for several days or longer. But if you ask with your heart, "is this little sparrow here to tell me something?" because it showed up suddenly in front of you either where you are walking, in front of a window, etc., You better believe it is. They may be small, and yes they have small brains, but their messages when given and recieved are huge my dear ones.

I will depart telling you how much I love you. I am very glad to have come forward to speak with you. All the love and energy your are giving right now for all the reasons for you to do this, is helping Earth raise her vibration frequency that will in turn assist her to ascend to where she needs to be. I have much gratitude dearest ones for your efforts. Always know you are never alone and you are always loved.







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