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Creative visualisation can be seen as a technique however our inner vision is the factual function by which we fashion our reality. Learning to consciously create these foundational inner visions empowers your ability to change and to choose the reality you want to experience.


To take charge of your vision and in turn your reality requires that you action just five simple steps.


  • Relax! It’s harder to see to the bottom of things in the midst of a turbulent sea so still your body and mind for a moment or more. As the waves of tension wane the waters will incrementally clear.
  • Imagine! Gather a picture in your mind as to how you would wish the world to be and dwell upon this image in ever increasing detail. Follow the story of this manifesting experience as it unfolds as though you were watching a movie.
  • Feel! Engage all your senses into this vision such that you feel now as you would as this reality occurs. Be sure to observe your emotions unfolding as they bring your vision to life.
  • Believe! Perceive your vision to be happening in current time rather than some ineffable future. This isn’t about lying to yourself rather it’s about actioning the faith you have in the fact of your creative power.
  • Detach!  Once you’ve envisioned your intention let it go. Holding it risks you becoming urgent about if and when. Detachment maintains relaxation as it keeps the fears from forming.


practise makes perfect. give your self some imaginary space and time. It can be quite a journey to get to the place where you know time and space are imaginary


enact your visions at those times between wake and sleep since this is when youre most relaxed and in a powerful place


leave the "how it will happen" up to the universe. set the scene and allow the most I to figure out the details


take inspired action. yep , god ( that you are are ) helps those who help themselves. dont get all hyperactive to do any and everything towards your desire, nor sit waiting for benefaction. rather take joyful effortless action when inspiration strikes


refuse your neediness and act in concert with joy and appreciation. accept with pleasure the gifts as they come to you.


You are already constructing your reality via the visions within. Making the powerful decision to do so consciously is the logical next step.


PS Im doing a 1.5 hour presentation on this subject in sydney this wednesday 23rd. youre welcome of course but the reason im telling you this is to perhaps inspire you to do the same . if you have the awareness why dont you share it?! people are very interested

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